Z4 Finale - Tavarish and I Built the Cheapest Z4 In THE WORLD

In todays episode we install our new Konig wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05 Tires along with our Burger Tuner.
Big Thanks to our sponsors, check them out for the products used on this build.
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  1. NeoLowdown

    NeoLowdown개월 전

    Where did you get the body kit from?

  2. dncrra

    dncrra개월 전

    Tavarish need to rebuild that haircut

  3. wolfmanking18

    wolfmanking18개월 전

    These videos need a to be put in playlist

  4. Phil Razzi

    Phil Razzi3 개월 전

    What a hack job. Not sure what this channel is about, but not going to waste anymore time here. Panel gaps, underhood looked like sh!t and the greasy handprints on the headliner. Should change the name of the channel to H IS FOR HACK. 1 M subs??? I should start a halfass channel too.

  5. Jean Gao Racine

    Jean Gao Racine3 개월 전

    also what year is that car

  6. Jean Gao Racine

    Jean Gao Racine3 개월 전

    thinking about buying one.... Im in high school.

  7. สัจจะ ธัญญเจริญ

    สัจจะ ธัญญเจริญ3 개월 전

    Any cars had black colour wheel.It was look nice and look so fierce.

  8. FattusCat

    FattusCat3 개월 전

    Needs an M sport steering wheel.

  9. Eugene Ti m

    Eugene Ti m3 개월 전

    Please provide tire offsets if you don’t mind

  10. Rudeboy

    Rudeboy4 개월 전

    Nice video! Only thing is that the wheels don't compliment the car because they look sort of cheap. The wheels on the other Z4 you seen in the carpark where perfect for this car 🔥

  11. Jacob Budusky

    Jacob Budusky4 개월 전

    Do you talk with gum in you mouth or food when you don't have the camera point at you and your just narrating. I hear it in a lot of your videos and I must say it is really annoying whenever you do it lol just saying still love the videos just one thing I wouldn't do

  12. Burgess Willis

    Burgess Willis4 개월 전

    What body kit are they using?🤔 front bumper and rear doesn’t look stock or am I mistaken?

  13. EcoBoost_Matt

    EcoBoost_Matt4 개월 전

    I had those nt05 tires for awhile, and loved them. I couldn't help but to notice, that the driver side rear tire and passenger side front tire, both need to be flipped, as the direction was backwards. During the last time lapse Tavarish had the proper wheel for the driverside rear, but switched it at the last second it looked like? Anyways i'm sure you guys got that figured out later. Good work on the Supra :-P

  14. Brian Phillips

    Brian Phillips4 개월 전

    nasty build

  15. Maros V

    Maros V5 개월 전

    Should still use clear with flattening agent. Cant leave just base coat on....

  16. peter Adams

    peter Adams5 개월 전

    Would love to see a motorbike engined car. Maybe a classic mini hayabusa?

  17. sunny Dayys

    sunny Dayys5 개월 전

    little bit tiger stripping . jajaja . should have drop coated it . spread out fan .

  18. Wilhelm Kluck

    Wilhelm Kluck5 개월 전

    the steringwhehl

  19. Wilhelm Kluck

    Wilhelm Kluck5 개월 전


  20. Peiming David

    Peiming David5 개월 전

    wide body kit fit for z4 e89 :kogos.info/bidio/jnqUg6iY1Zq6a6Y.html

  21. bon jour

    bon jour6 개월 전

    B is for Broke Ass, everything is broke ass, from the booth to the paint, the beard, the video, the personalities.

  22. DaLaw

    DaLaw7 개월 전

    Dont know why people point out the red under the hood and in the doors. It was done in 4 days and the car looks great. Maybe if they had a crew of people and a big budget things would be perfect but yeah. I really like watching B is for Build. Pretty inspired after watching this channel. Keep on killing it and saving the lives of these cars you build. Props from Canada.

  23. Zangeef Fangsteen

    Zangeef Fangsteen7 개월 전

    This was so horrible I couldn't watch. The panel gaps were shameful

  24. Rc Fun

    Rc Fun7 개월 전

    Nice supra

  25. ace boogie

    ace boogie8 개월 전

    Everyone saying how crappy ajob they did did you forget that from the start of this build it was supposed to be a cheap build that was one of the points of the build

  26. Jermaine J

    Jermaine J8 개월 전

    Does anyone else hear rattling when they go over bumps, I'm not sure if that is the camera making that sound of loose parts.

  27. Phil Burns

    Phil Burns8 개월 전

    Love your builds, but, opening the doors and hood and see the Red, kinda missed the mark, but it is super awesome restore and looks nice

  28. Rick S

    Rick S8 개월 전

    Everyone is so butthurt on the paint job

  29. Halex CAsH

    Halex CAsH8 개월 전

    everyone is talking crap about how this paint job is bad and ghetto could u have did better in 3-4 days? exactly stfu I'm sure it's going to get painted under the hood, engine bay and stuff I think the color is awesome and it was great to get that far in 3-4 days

  30. André FB

    André FB9 개월 전

    Show brother. Yes Yes. Quero 1

  31. Life and Times of Jarrod

    Life and Times of Jarrod9 개월 전

    Dude you’re crazy love the build

  32. TommaHawk79 Games

    TommaHawk79 Games9 개월 전

    i dont like the colour but awesome job on he build still lads

  33. Benji Franks

    Benji Franks9 개월 전

    This shits trash why am I even subscribed to either Chanel and U is for U is for Unsubscribe

  34. NeoLowdown

    NeoLowdown9 개월 전

    Where can I buy body kit ?

  35. Abraham Barros

    Abraham Barros9 개월 전


  36. Timmi

    Timmi9 개월 전

    I hate the overpaint! Like on the fender liner, passenger side mirror, and rear tub......

  37. Dexter Alexander

    Dexter Alexander9 개월 전

    After u guys finish built that car..do u sell those car or keep it?

  38. dylan goddard

    dylan goddard9 개월 전

    I like the paint choice :) Gotta agree with others about the engine bay and door jams, but even with a rattle can of that black paint can be a quick fix for the time crunch. Don't let the haters get you down man though, it looks good! People don't realize you cut down hours of work into a minute or 2. Keep up the great work!

  39. STI_Clone

    STI_Clone9 개월 전

    LOl everyone tearing into the car about hjow bad this and that is...guys they did it in 3-4 fkn days jeez put down the pitch forks!

  40. hua Hua

    hua Hua9 개월 전

    Hope the new owner likes red scratch marks.

  41. Max M

    Max M9 개월 전

    seriously? these builds are waste of everything, i cannot believe somebody will buy this glued undone car