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  1. Sev Production’s

    Sev Production’s2 시간 전

    I’m so excited for you guys 😘

  2. Zohar Gorny

    Zohar Gorny3 시간 전


  3. Dina Craner

    Dina Craner5 시간 전

    Say hi if you see this I have no friends so no one has ever said it to me

  4. Ashley Bailey

    Ashley Bailey6 시간 전

    I have the same vacuum, it's so satisfying😂

  5. Rennell WELCH

    Rennell WELCH7 시간 전

    What in the world is going on

  6. parker bear

    parker bear11 시간 전

    its so good wish u guys the best luck

  7. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou15 시간 전

    Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

  8. _.Martha_.

    _.Martha_.15 시간 전

    Katie please do a pantry and fridge tour eventually !!! ❤️

  9. aslife 2345

    aslife 234519 시간 전

    Btw you guys moved in 10 days after me and my fam

  10. Taylor Vermillion

    Taylor Vermillion일 전

    Instead of Katie I put KaSh

  11. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou15 시간 전

    Good luck for your new house have fun can't wait to see the video in your new house

  12. Shivum Thatte

    Shivum Thatte일 전

    You about to get the corona virus

  13. Just have Fun

    Just have Fun일 전

    Jatie Amazing Talented Incredible Excellent KOgosrs

  14. Kayla Marie christine

    Kayla Marie christine일 전

    Put the foto in your bed room

  15. Khloe Anderson

    Khloe Anderson일 전

    Really so In the last two videos you said “were not moving in together” oh okay well the This is ending, well I guess not... I’m taking a month break bye...

  16. Dorleta Prince-Wells

    Dorleta Prince-Wells일 전

    watch next week the bed is going to be broken and Katie is going to be pregnant just wait

  17. Ivanna Zambrana

    Ivanna Zambrana일 전

    Are you married yet??!!

  18. Shantelle Herzog

    Shantelle Herzog일 전

    You should put the picture either in the living room or the mud room so other people can see it

  19. Silas Konrad

    Silas Konrad일 전

    I'm so fucking happy for u two!!! 😍😍

  20. The Pop- tart

    The Pop- tart일 전

    Seeing this pop up I got so happy I think my parents are worried bout me now ❤️❤️



    Can you do a house tour pls

  22. Mara Miller

    Mara Miller일 전

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> Josh on his phone😂😂😂😂

  23. Laya Charan

    Laya Charan일 전

    How do we give you guys fan mail if we don't know where you live ? It's a genuine question

  24. Mye Alambra

    Mye Alambra일 전

    pls tell me the title of the intro

  25. Kayden Johnson

    Kayden Johnson일 전

    What happened to the break up

  26. gracie coppell

    gracie coppell일 전

    Good luck for your new house have fun can't wait to see the video in your new house



    The break up had me in tears

  28. Demy Kym

    Demy Kym일 전

    #jatie journey

  29. Angelina Esposito

    Angelina Esposito일 전

    When you finish with decorating the house and moving in you should do a new finished house tour

  30. Mona Elfar

    Mona Elfar일 전

    I'm so happy for them💓

  31. Deep hug

    Deep hug일 전

    Wait we were pranked

  32. Tatiana Cajina

    Tatiana Cajina2 일 전

    my name is Tatianna !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Deep hug

    Deep hug일 전

    Title of the intro song ?

  34. Laura Valdez

    Laura Valdez2 일 전

    I am so happy you guys are so happy

  35. Najah Jbara

    Najah Jbara2 일 전

    So happy for u guys😊

  36. Aysha Roblox

    Aysha Roblox2 일 전


  37. Demi Hayes

    Demi Hayes2 일 전

    if someone would of found out were ur house is u just showed the keys all they have to do is take a screenshot of the key and go to a 3D printer and make a copy of the key and then they can get in your house. not to worry you or anything but u might wanna change your keys and locks

  38. CyberTingz

    CyberTingz2 일 전

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="597">9:57</a>

  39. Deep hug

    Deep hug2 일 전

    Hey y'all I'm Alaia and I'm 13 I'm in year 8 and I'm TEAM Katie All day everyday x

  40. Audreyland Channel

    Audreyland Channel2 일 전

    You should put the picture In The living room

  41. Mandy good job McKinney

    Mandy good job McKinney2 일 전

    Truck named Tatiana: TV named Tatiana:

  42. Sara Rahman

    Sara Rahman2 일 전

    Pls do more of these vids xxxx Ps .....love yous

  43. Kaitlyn 46

    Kaitlyn 462 일 전

    So are they together or no




  45. Ravon Ranallo

    Ravon Ranallo2 일 전

    @weirdwolfie no I am changing my ways


    THE GOOD SON2 일 전

    Title of the intro song ?

  47. Ag dolly Girl123

    Ag dolly Girl1232 일 전

    Wait we were pranked

  48. Mody2K

    Mody2K2 일 전

    The hate in this vid🤣

  49. Athena Hardie

    Athena Hardie2 일 전

    Beside your bed

  50. aurora kadwell

    aurora kadwell2 일 전

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="279">4:39</a> jeez i neerly cried

  51. aurora kadwell

    aurora kadwell2 일 전

    u guys scared me so bad omg

  52. May_ThisBe

    May_ThisBe2 일 전

    Do you have like, a front door ? I remember in the empty house tour you went in through the garage as well, so I was wondering about a classic front door you might not have shown us ? ☺️

  53. Mira Manzeck

    Mira Manzeck2 일 전

    Who is here after the breakup vid?

  54. Luna Magallon

    Luna Magallon2 일 전

    I liked all your vids you guys should play fortnite together like it would be so cute "couple goals"

  55. Elisha Foster

    Elisha Foster2 일 전

    Hey y'all I'm Alaia and I'm 13 I'm in year 8 and I'm TEAM Katie All day everyday x

  56. Rose Cardenas

    Rose Cardenas2 일 전


  57. Sadria Moore

    Sadria Moore3 일 전

    You guy should make merch with that photo when josh had his fight

  58. Serenity Amos

    Serenity Amos3 일 전

    Omg I fell for it I was crying well you guys got me

  59. Tazzzee

    Tazzzee3 일 전


  60. Sophia Greig

    Sophia Greig3 일 전

    U guys should do a house tour?

  61. Sophia Greig

    Sophia Greig3 일 전

    I’m so happy for u guys ❤️❤️

  62. Jadan Christensen

    Jadan Christensen3 일 전

    Remember when they first just hit 1M in like October?

  63. Zahraa Alramadan

    Zahraa Alramadan3 일 전

    Josh having a red nose : corona virus

  64. BlackMamba24831 KB

    BlackMamba24831 KB3 일 전

    Yo if you guys have a kid you should name it jatie 😱😱😱that would be coool who agrees😁

  65. Stephanie McAlpine

    Stephanie McAlpine3 일 전

    Above your Bed

  66. Lucia Friedman

    Lucia Friedman3 일 전

    You should put the picture near the closet

  67. Papaya Films

    Papaya Films3 일 전

    Mr Kate please

  68. Simon Kiflom

    Simon Kiflom3 일 전

    I’m not gonna lie it’s a bad time to buy a house. If the recession proceeds then your house is gonna be half the value of what you brought it for in 18-24 months. However, congratulations it’s a very nice house.

  69. Lexi Meyers

    Lexi Meyers3 일 전

    You should use the extra room into a gym

  70. Sadie Hall

    Sadie Hall3 일 전

    I am actually so confused, first they break up, then they get back together, then they move in together???

  71. Leah LoSasso

    Leah LoSasso3 일 전

    Congratulations Josh and Katie I’m so happy for you both!!!!!

  72. Brave Gem

    Brave Gem3 일 전


  73. Mia Best

    Mia Best3 일 전

    You have to do a video of your house organizer Like how you you guys going to decorate the house

  74. Miran Miran

    Miran Miran3 일 전

    Are you guys foling your subscribers what is happening guys jaite vlogs.?

  75. Riker Johnson

    Riker Johnson3 일 전

    R.i.p bed

  76. Alice Orbell

    Alice Orbell3 일 전

    i got soo scared i thought you guys broke up on that last video and i was just watching it the i went onto ur channel and then OMG u did brake up!! love u guys

  77. Nicole Weber

    Nicole Weber3 일 전

    Are you going to sell the pink and white water jugs again?

  78. Emma Duchateau

    Emma Duchateau3 일 전

    No one: Literally nobody: Josh and Katie: Let’s move in together even if there’s the Corona virus 🦠

  79. Tatiana Ives

    Tatiana Ives3 일 전

    Congrats ❤️❤️❤️

  80. Tatiana Ives

    Tatiana Ives3 일 전

    I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  81. Joshabel Sierra

    Joshabel Sierra3 일 전

    When they said the were breaking up I was crying cause they are my favorite couple but now that I found out it is a prank I am unsubscribing cause they played with my emotions

  82. Joshabel Sierra

    Joshabel Sierra3 일 전


  83. Melody

    Melody3 일 전

    OMG perfect couple! you guys are so adorable together, love the house, couple goals.


    CHEER IS LIT3 일 전

    Weren’t they taking a break

  85. Charlie H

    Charlie H3 일 전

    nope it was a prank

  86. Isamar

    Isamar3 일 전

    Do any of these youtube girls get married first? They just become this experiment so the guy can kick them the curve when they're done.