We Left Our Mark! - Bringing The 240Z To SEMA 2018

In todays episode im bringing you behind the scenes showing you what it was like bringing my V10 240z to SEMA 2018.
Thanks to speedhunters for letting me use their image, check out the feature they did here: www.speedhunters.com/2018/11/thats-not-v8-bmw-v10-powered-240z/
And Check out Kyle here!: kckuhnhausen
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  1. WDMtea

    WDMtea개월 전

    All those young guns cars were nice. I would suck as a judge.

  2. Nesta M

    Nesta M2 개월 전

    This tumbnail looks so insane. No clue how this got so little views.

  3. Tony Trumble

    Tony Trumble4 개월 전

    B is for build you have some crazy talent there!! That 240Z is a freaking beast!!! I had a 72 vega wagon with a 632 BBC, and that 240Z looks way more fun to drive!!

  4. Tyququa

    Tyququa4 개월 전

    Was that Saabkyle?? The pioneer

  5. crimp creep

    crimp creep4 개월 전

    Why not Dry Sump?

  6. Mahdi Ali

    Mahdi Ali4 개월 전

    12:10 you can clearly see Chris fix face there

  7. Thomas

    Thomas4 개월 전

    Just saw myself at 07:07 ^^ Love the car

  8. Andrew Daniels

    Andrew Daniels5 개월 전

    Why can’t you show Chris Fix’s face?

  9. James Groves

    James Groves5 개월 전

    First videos I watched the 240Z on your channel could not stop watching! Looking forward to watching more builds! Thanks for the great videos! Where did get the red bandsaw and would you buy it again?

  10. Fredrik Lundgren

    Fredrik Lundgren5 개월 전

    This car is the most awesome and badass car of the year!

  11. Ivor

    Ivor5 개월 전

    Next build....A Datsun 280 Z with a Hemi. Lmao

  12. Diane Price

    Diane Price5 개월 전

    nice ride you did great job . im so happy for you &what do motivate people that thay can do it to . thank you for your Channel on youtube .

  13. KillerKlown690

    KillerKlown6906 개월 전

    I havnt been following this build does anyone know what v10 he used?

  14. James Tiso

    James Tiso6 개월 전

    Cool stuff

  15. Roberta Christeen

    Roberta Christeen7 개월 전

    ive not see nothing yet but the dude talking

  16. Ben Binder

    Ben Binder8 개월 전

    Is the build a gtr

  17. Ben Binder

    Ben Binder8 개월 전

    Is the build a grr

  18. Glen Skyers

    Glen Skyers9 개월 전


  19. positiverossman

    positiverossman10 개월 전

    @bisforbuild Thank you so much for the inspiration. I know that sometime in the future, I will be building on cars and someday bringing them to sema. 🤙

  20. majcrash

    majcrash10 개월 전

    If you take that stupid looking cheap ass backward hat off, someone might take you seriously.

  21. Alan Wallace

    Alan Wallace10 개월 전

    What a fantastic job by you all car looks fabulous well done

  22. bamble

    bamble11 개월 전

    @6:54 Americans do not know the meaning of the word sleeper....

  23. CCS_ AINZ

    CCS_ AINZ11 개월 전

    What do you do for a living jeezus

  24. Gian Garnace

    Gian Garnace11 개월 전

    ms emelia ftw

  25. Chris Sylvestre

    Chris Sylvestre11 개월 전

    After binge watching the entire series for the last few days I just want to say that you guys do amazing work! Love the channel and love the content you are putting out, thanks for showing all the details that every car builder wanna be loves to see!

  26. Dishán Mooreman

    Dishán Mooreman년 전

    "Bill Cosby's favorite soft drink"😂😂😂😭😭

  27. Johnathan Giles

    Johnathan Giles년 전

    2003 WRX

  28. Adan Arceo

    Adan Arceo년 전

    man you are crazy, that's and unbelieveble built whith good stuff ,good job.



    Great job looks like everyone had a great time and that's what I love seeing. If you guys are ever in Japan neck of the woods give me a ring

  30. Brandon Sanford

    Brandon Sanford년 전

    Maybe I missed it, but why cant he show chris fix? lol

  31. Donald Clout

    Donald Clout년 전


  32. FueledFilmz

    FueledFilmz년 전

    nice job on the Z hope to interview u in 2019 at SEMA

  33. Jordan Yarbrough

    Jordan Yarbrough년 전

    What kind of job do you have to support your income for your builds? I’d like to restore and build cars like such.

  34. Xurinio

    Xurinio년 전

    At least 100k worth of labour on that 240z

  35. John Caprai

    John Caprai년 전

    Who is the Hot Red-Head ??

  36. scouse man

    scouse man년 전

    What’s happened to B is for build there was vids everyday and now nothing lol

  37. Boggy Many

    Boggy Many년 전

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a project car I could get under 5k? I am just starting.

  38. Κapa Τaf

    Κapa Τaf년 전

    We need new video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. chris devine

    chris devine년 전

    Everyone has already seen Chris fix’s face. I don’t get why he doesn’t want to be “seen”. He isn’t the stig and there are loads of videos and pictures of his face out there.

  40. Samuel Parshall

    Samuel Parshall년 전

    I wanna be friends with these people. All of them :)