We Fixed the Salvage Lamborghini Huracan Soft Top!

In todays episode we finally get that damn soft top to go up.
Big thanks to ross-tech.com for the diagnostic tool that helped us make it happen.
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  1. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey16 일 전

    11:40 seems like there needs to be a backup place to put LiPo rechargable D batteries somewhere

  2. jonathan murray

    jonathan murray3 개월 전

    Theresa tool called a power proben you can get one cool ck and put power to test light or ck

  3. jonathan murray

    jonathan murray3 개월 전

    Also ck for neg ground but great tool for electric system you'll see

  4. Flying V

    Flying V3 개월 전

    Click 4:24 for Lambo

  5. Louis Machado

    Louis Machado4 개월 전

    " F is for Frunk " haha

  6. Adam Kelley

    Adam Kelley5 개월 전

    You gotta buy a truck man😂

  7. luke bartley

    luke bartley5 개월 전

    anyone else die laughing at 1:05 😂?

  8. Abraham Alonso

    Abraham Alonso5 개월 전

    Lessen your talking and more building.

  9. Andrew Depuy

    Andrew Depuy6 개월 전

    Would a 3D printer help you in small body parts you may need like the black bumper mount bracket for the Lamborghini and for any other parts.

  10. Sabastyan Stivers

    Sabastyan Stivers6 개월 전

    These guys came into my station today with the raptor and lambo. I love the green of it rock on bros🤘🤘



    Chris: the bumper is as wide as a Subaru is long! My brain: PORSCHE

  12. Ryan Ashford

    Ryan Ashford7 개월 전

    You're da Mann dude.. lots of love from Malaysia ;)

  13. Raggar Svinet

    Raggar Svinet7 개월 전

    You should buy a 3D printer. If you need a bracket or something. Just print it.


    REDMANKLAN7 개월 전

    Hahaha working on a vehicle worth more then I make in 2.5 years and using a harbor freight volt meter love it!! We can relate and not at the same time!

  15. ColdBoltz

    ColdBoltz7 개월 전


  16. C H

    C H7 개월 전

    portland... meth capital..

  17. CeeStyleDj

    CeeStyleDj7 개월 전

    I've been learning that low batteries can cause all sorts of strange problems.

  18. Bluecrayon 007

    Bluecrayon 0077 개월 전

    I noticed that the door is not a made for the Convertible and same with the window but you can change that just don’t forget!!!!

  19. Ed

    Ed8 개월 전

    working on a $250000 car using a FREE harbor freight multimeter. BADASS

  20. Ayman Al-Akbary

    Ayman Al-Akbary8 개월 전

    You can talk with goonzguad gays they have door for Lamborghini convertible.

  21. Eddie Diederich

    Eddie Diederich8 개월 전

    idk, but maybe you could 3D print your random plastics you need until you get the actual replacements.

  22. Jack Potsos

    Jack Potsos8 개월 전

    You don’t actually have to take off the front bumper to access the cord

  23. Nz Nation Xtra

    Nz Nation Xtra8 개월 전

    Tavarish has joined the chat.

  24. Petteri Aittola

    Petteri Aittola8 개월 전

    The Harlekin Huracan looks awwwesome!

  25. Tom TheBig Lebowski

    Tom TheBig Lebowski8 개월 전

    It would be a 10$ part that would be the kicker on a big 💸 build! I think a green leather door would be hilariously tacky looking! The car would really scream trying to hard to be a pimpwagon with more green leather interiors!

  26. Steven Wechter

    Steven Wechter8 개월 전

    hummers are very wide hmmm

  27. Dylan Whyte

    Dylan Whyte8 개월 전

    the hood opens now because you plugged the door back in


    SLR HARDY8 개월 전

    3D print the bracket

  29. Psyge

    Psyge8 개월 전

    This must be first harlequin Huracan ever made :D (Google Harlequin Vw Golf)

  30. Pedro Venda

    Pedro Venda8 개월 전

    911s are like that, battery is at the front, bonnet is on an electric latch. If it won't unlatch, can be opened on the inside with a 12V source or there's a latch behind the wheel liner.

  31. Chalks October

    Chalks October8 개월 전

    Tire separation

  32. Jacob Austin

    Jacob Austin8 개월 전

    What happened to the give away

  33. Patrick Baitman

    Patrick Baitman8 개월 전

    Where's Eric?

  34. E Swain

    E Swain8 개월 전

    sounds like you might have a sticky switch/solenoid for your frunk. If the rear opens fine with the battery at its regular voltage and you have to get extra volts to get the frunk to open, then its probably a switch that is starting to burn out on the contacts

  35. Vegas The Trucker

    Vegas The Trucker8 개월 전

    Y not scan & 3d print that bumper bracket

  36. Todd Weber

    Todd Weber8 개월 전

    one of the best multi meter self powered circuit tester. you can activate switches and relays with no battery needed.. It is self powered.You're welcome! www.amazon.com/Power-Probe-PP3LS01-Diagnostic-Continuity/dp/B007QV0R7W/ref=sr_1_3?crid=E5OW4VG09YF4&keywords=automotive+circuit+tester&qid=1554237622&s=gateway&sprefix=automotive+circuit%2Caps%2C191&sr=8-3

  37. Cody Mccrae

    Cody Mccrae8 개월 전

    run a little brake cable off a bike to a secret spot in the fender that you can get at for the frunk

  38. Darkknight _704

    Darkknight _7048 개월 전

    I just realized I can afford a salvaged Lamborghini also!!

  39. Darkknight _704

    Darkknight _7048 개월 전

    @Tauseef Ghafar check out Co part.com

  40. Tauseef Ghafar

    Tauseef Ghafar8 개월 전

    How much

  41. Cavender Andrews

    Cavender Andrews8 개월 전

    i wouldn't #D print it, i'd get it billet machined out of aluminum. a good machinist could probably make that on a "conversational" mill. no need to model it.

  42. Henrik Sörensen

    Henrik Sörensen8 개월 전


  43. punkgar101

    punkgar1018 개월 전

    Battery solution, add remote terminals that can be accessed if the battery dies