We Built The Car Everyone Said Was Impossible - Last Day Of The 240z Build Before SEMA!

In today's episode we're in a mad dash to finish the build and have it on the truck in time for SEMA 2018.
Huge thanks to the companies that supported this build.
Downstar Hardware - downstarinc.com/
Street Banditos - kogos.info/tv-ACpqvHISBbfy7hD4oQzpbA
Canyon Sport Wraps - canyonsportwraps
Takata - www.speedhunters.com/2017/12/think-you-know-everything-about-racing-harnesses/
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  1. B is for Build

    B is for Build년 전

    i just want to point out that this is the final day of the build before SEMA, but after SEMA we will return for more small modifications and testing.

  2. Jack Nadolski

    Jack Nadolski개월 전

    Where’s the hood

  3. just 4 kicks

    just 4 kicks7 개월 전

    AWESOME 🔥🔥🔥beautiful Ride ! Sorry I was late to the party 😃 truly a masterpiece 👏👏👏 for the Team.

  4. uhavemooface

    uhavemooface10 개월 전

    Is Takata the same company who had a recall on all of their airbags? Or does this company have the same name.

  5. shayne wilkes

    shayne wilkes년 전

    Take the car to RDM

  6. Carmelo Jones Jr.

    Carmelo Jones Jr.년 전

    Would have liked to have seen a "B Is For BUILD" logo on the black of the SPOILER! The car is the fok FOK'n AMAZING! Great VIDEO!

  7. Jack Nadolski

    Jack Nadolski개월 전

    Where is the hood

  8. Shawn Breen

    Shawn Breen2 개월 전

    Daaaaaaayym How many hours did I just watch and those moth57fs#&$FN!n rocket bunny fenders looking dumb as all get out is all I can see. I'm bailing out, hope you had fun at trivia. (PS... Chelsea pretended to be sick because she couldn't look at the vomit bunny fenders any longer) (PSS... rahrahbunnyfendersequalstotalfail) (PSSS... the blue and black is jammin)

  9. KudosG

    KudosG2 개월 전

    Cut the fenders way too high or didn't put kit low enough looks like crap lowered beside being amazing still 😂🔥

  10. Francis Ouellette

    Francis Ouellette3 개월 전

    Again, l'm late to the party, but this is f*****g unbelievable... It is a shame you had to rush it at the end, but do you realise what you guys have done? This is a 10 cylinder 240 Z with a BMW interior.... Amazing.

  11. Joe F

    Joe F3 개월 전

    i usually don't like body kits but this looks super clean and you guys killed it!

  12. Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Lean Mean Green Bean Machine4 개월 전

    But what about the three gauges in the middle of the dash? That shit’s heritage.

  13. Bobbyjoe Haskins

    Bobbyjoe Haskins4 개월 전

    I remember when that 240 went through the grage Dior

  14. Bobbyjoe Haskins

    Bobbyjoe Haskins4 개월 전

    I used to liive in portland for 20 years


    MOTOR RAJ4 개월 전

    worst car on the planet besides a civic..or porsche.

  16. Pono Fortune

    Pono Fortune4 개월 전

    11:50 when he says crazy drug looking bag do you remember when he found weed in the m5 cause I do😂

  17. crimp creep

    crimp creep4 개월 전

    Paint would have been cool if like Paul Newman's race 510 Datsun!

  18. Richard Cabral

    Richard Cabral4 개월 전

    Easy fix for fast blinkers with led. Wire a 1156-57 in parallel and wrap the bulb in tape and hid it in fender or elsewhere

  19. Bose de-Nage

    Bose de-Nage4 개월 전

    Hate that horny gibbon music

  20. Sandler23

    Sandler234 개월 전

    Its all about SEMA. The Kona of custom auto shows.

  21. jamewakk

    jamewakk4 개월 전

    F-ing impressive seeing how you built that car.

  22. Marcelo Velarde

    Marcelo Velarde4 개월 전

    Wow this is soo cool, I could stand all night sleepless helping you in one build...

  23. Henry Higgins

    Henry Higgins4 개월 전

    thats impossible said the keyboard warrior who lives at their parents house . What was impossible part ?

  24. don't Care

    don't Care4 개월 전

    Yup, just pour in cash.

  25. Nonya Bizness

    Nonya Bizness4 개월 전

    Those bolt hole flares make the build look like shit! Damn!!

  26. Mr. Nightmare

    Mr. Nightmare4 개월 전

    the wheels and the center console is not sema material

  27. fatbuddycat

    fatbuddycat4 개월 전

    Great. A sweet car with absolutely everything.... except a hood.

  28. raz gaz

    raz gaz4 개월 전

    nothing is impossible with the right amount of money. except the devil 16 car.

  29. Aaron Dugan

    Aaron Dugan5 개월 전

    Inspiring man congrats!

  30. Jerry Lynch

    Jerry Lynch5 개월 전

    What's with the funky cutouts on the front fenders? The first time you drive through dirt or sand it will look like a mess.

  31. Jerry Lynch

    Jerry Lynch5 개월 전

    Wrap Schmap...why not PAINT?

  32. Peter Portelance

    Peter Portelance5 개월 전


  33. Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    Daniel Smedegaard Buus5 개월 전

    But, but... The gunk going into the engine bay via the front wheels? 🤔

  34. Ivor

    Ivor5 개월 전

    Just for the record. This is a Datsun 240.

  35. Cam Bryan

    Cam Bryan5 개월 전

    Yeah most impossible car, I've seen multiple with 350s 4.8 and 6.0s shoved in them and thrown on a drag strip nicely done

  36. Phillip Harris

    Phillip Harris5 개월 전

    Nice. Phillipharris6988 instagram. I just did a Hot Wheel looks similar.. Or Phils Custom Wheels on you tube...

  37. Erick Guerra

    Erick Guerra5 개월 전

    Just binge watched this whole build since 3am

  38. Sunny's Custom's Diy Garage

    Sunny's Custom's Diy Garage5 개월 전

    Bro she looks great man great color it looks crazy cool bro you came a long way last year it was jus a cab lol now wow 💯💯💯✔🇺🇸

  39. Wayne Miller

    Wayne Miller5 개월 전

    Is that chassis mounted the rear air duct

  40. Wayne Miller

    Wayne Miller5 개월 전

    you do know that the custom one off rocket bunny fenders or any body parts usually have to be cut you can't just install them and they're ready to go cuz it looks like the front one might have some clearance issues

  41. Wayne Miller

    Wayne Miller5 개월 전

    Your intakes literally sucking air right below the hood line you need to put some holes in your hood so we can get fresh cool air the hood has to be maybe one in above that you don't have a regular intake that runs to an air filter just thought I'd let you know cuz it's going to have to kill performance

  42. Craig Facey

    Craig Facey5 개월 전

    The way you say "peace" at the end of every episode is so silly and annoying that it makes me want to unsubscribe... Your much cooler than some homeboy fool... So don't bother hey...

  43. Holt Henson

    Holt Henson5 개월 전

    Theres a car on Facebook marketplace around me that looks just like it other than it being a 280zx

  44. Chuck Pringle

    Chuck Pringle5 개월 전

    Could have been a GREAT car and not just a good car. The wheels are the "jewelry" of any car and you just ruined it with those stupid black wheels.

  45. Wrenchman Tooly

    Wrenchman Tooly5 개월 전

    Well each man to his own , but there's nothing I detest more than black rims. But then I'm not a car builder. Just a mechanic that doesn't have time to fix his own stuff!😂

  46. Mads Gordon

    Mads Gordon5 개월 전

    mich ravnsbæk toft told me to go watch. Good vid 10/10 :)

  47. Amano Yuuji

    Amano Yuuji5 개월 전

    V10?!? Really?!?!?