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  1. Landon G

    Landon G44 분 전

    Do another car trek

  2. That same guy

    That same guy45 분 전

    10:43 someone takes a picture of Tavarish's car.

  3. William Z

    William Z46 분 전


  4. Kentucky Colonel

    Kentucky Colonel47 분 전

    Viewers...1st episode: 1.4 Mil ...2nd episode: 1.5 Mil.... 3rd episode:1.2 Mil.... 4th episode: 1 Mil... 5th episode: Half Mil (So Far)... HMMMM... Maybe it's time for a rethink.. and fix your AUDIO!!!!

  5. Aditya Panda

    Aditya Panda47 분 전

    I don’t know what happened but Ed’s beard went white after the lambo problems

  6. Casey Pannell

    Casey Pannell48 분 전

    This is badass man!!!

  7. Coleman G

    Coleman G48 분 전

    Throw back to when jearmy called them golf bats

  8. EnglishTurbines

    EnglishTurbines49 분 전

    You cant compare an Aston Martin with one of those cheap, tacky Corvette C8s.....Nope.

  9. Clay Lennon

    Clay Lennon49 분 전

    Dudes you are ?ucking kidding. A decades apart the 365 wins hands down ? Talk about click bait. The Hooptie wins no doubt about it. 365 V Aston V VW no contest ? Try some real Aussie Muscle , show what a sleeper can do. Against these ageing soo called super cars. Even a G8 would flog these overpriced ? Shitboxes.

  10. Ryan Hettenbach

    Ryan Hettenbach50 분 전

    The best thing about these episodes.....No. Tanner. Foust.

  11. thomas parkhouse

    thomas parkhouse52 분 전

    Cant wait for the next show and challenge you 3 set up. 👍

  12. Derailed

    Derailed52 분 전

    great series keep them coming

  13. lion Sova

    lion Sova52 분 전

    Не занаю о чем говорит автор , но я бы смог его починить

  14. firebythewater

    firebythewater55 분 전

    Give West Coast Customs a ring...they'll finish it.

  15. Yazan Sakran

    Yazan Sakran58 분 전

    "Golf is just a sport played by people who wanna get drunk" LMAO

  16. grlmgor

    grlmgor시간 전

    9:33 wtf was that?

  17. JC

    JC시간 전

    The axle having so much wrap and hop that it looks like it's in slow motion is hardly amazing 🤣 ChrisFix > that guy for drifting

  18. Tomasz Budnik

    Tomasz Budnik시간 전

    I like it! Even if similarity to Top Gear and current The Grand Tour is obvious...

  19. Lutha

    Lutha시간 전

    i know nothing about lambos, cant you burp the system to get rid of the airpockets ?

  20. Brian M

    Brian M시간 전

    Another great video 👍🏼

  21. John Hazlewood

    John Hazlewood시간 전

    You guys have to do another one of these trips.

  22. Brian M

    Brian M시간 전

    I get the auto tempest texts are supposed to be funny and comparing the cars to the C8, but they just end up being annoying pessimists

  23. Ramon Leyton-Stone

    Ramon Leyton-Stone시간 전

    Pure love when I say this the badass Top Gear Challenge Vibe is strong I think it's cool

  24. firebythewater

    firebythewater시간 전

    You should've held a viewer give-away kinda drawing and given it to one of them. That being said, I enjoy your videos...keep em' comin'!

  25. notime4name

    notime4name시간 전

    19:20 Black BMW with german export plates? Hmm..

  26. crushbent

    crushbent시간 전

    I live 10 minutes away from that ferry. That road to Fernandina is amazing.



    Hoovie don't like to go fast......... So as well as being a topgear-esc kinda video you also have a captain slow! Fire his ass!!! Ferrari's are built to go fast!!!!!

  28. nairblooc

    nairblooc시간 전

    That 'China Shipping' cargo container in the background is so cringey to look at right now with what's going on in the world. It was probably full of covid-19.

  29. nsn876

    nsn876시간 전

    At this point this is just drugs. We got to have it. If you stop I'm calling the cops.

  30. Gazz Gaspay

    Gazz Gaspay시간 전

    Am I the only one who thinks that that car is beautiful? Just a little repair will do the trick

  31. David Popkov

    David Popkov시간 전

    Someone should have picked a BMW i8

  32. Jons Joy

    Jons Joy시간 전

    One of you should've driven a c8 Corvette for live results ...

  33. William Mitchell

    William Mitchell시간 전

    Tonite! Ed loses his balls, I get a dipstick in my ear, and Hoovie throws an umbrella

  34. Dommo 4rmD757

    Dommo 4rmD757시간 전

    I just recently went to Autotempest in search for a used BMW and just noticed you three exotics pictured. Nice

  35. Mark Temperley

    Mark Temperley시간 전

    I'm not sure which is worse - the fragile "supercars" or the people who can't fit golf clubs in a car. Within 2 seconds it was clear it would be on the passenger seat for 2 of them. Just buy a Jaguar xk8 which is what the Aston is based on. Or if you must a 911

  36. Josh Woods

    Josh Woods시간 전

    Nice series! Homage to TG! Well done.

  37. Jeff Kakashi

    Jeff Kakashi시간 전

    Ok I think someone has to say it, so I be that guy brother put the autopilot on, it seems your trying too many projects at ones and even though I love watching your channel i want to see you focusing on one project at a time get it good and them jump to the next just a though keep up the great work , dont get burned out.

  38. Michael N

    Michael N시간 전

    The format is identical to Top Gear and they are trying hard to be James, Richard, and Jeremy. I really wanted to like this but wish they came up with an original idea.

  39. Dr. Julia

    Dr. Julia시간 전

    Ed Bolian is not a drug dealer, he has the face of a ponzi scheme operator 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁

  40. 3oHe1

    3oHe1시간 전

    that c8 is so ugly dont konw why peoples like it so much

  41. Sebastian Pryor

    Sebastian Pryor시간 전

    i love eds content, but the other fellas do a bad impersonation of Top Gear usa doing an impersonation of Top Gear Uk

  42. JakeSnake07

    JakeSnake07시간 전

    19:08 And now let's play a casual game of "Spot the Protag."

  43. Xeonerable

    Xeonerable시간 전

    Lol the guys in their pickup trucks and mustangs that you know are trying to pass them to feel cool.

  44. JANEMBA9000

    JANEMBA90002 시간 전

    Could just put them in the passenger seat ya know

  45. newsgetsold

    newsgetsold2 시간 전

    4:50 Ed's balls dropped. 🤭

  46. Ryan Hettenbach

    Ryan Hettenbach2 시간 전

    Fancy supercar mechanic....needs to use phone for a flashlight. +1 for the Car Wizard

  47. Triggersnob

    Triggersnob2 시간 전

    All chevy did was take The McLaren and threw a Chevy badge on it...... I would take any one of these rides (well not the lambo) over the c8.

  48. Nikodem Germanista

    Nikodem Germanista2 시간 전

    ... Still better than new Top Gear

  49. JC

    JC2 시간 전

    Turn around, don't drown! 🤷‍♂️👍😁

  50. David Campos

    David Campos2 시간 전

    You guys have a real good thing going with this you should do the next one with older cheaper cars if well ever be allowed to drive on public roads again

  51. Squirrel_McNuts

    Squirrel_McNuts2 시간 전

    This series was flipping incredible.

  52. Josh Hudson

    Josh Hudson2 시간 전

    Ok this was a great series. But all it did was tell me it's a waste of money to buy a salvage car, meaning I wouldn't use autotempest

  53. Vikas KUSHWAHA

    Vikas KUSHWAHA2 시간 전

    Other humans have brain in skull Tavarish: Nuts.

  54. electrolinks

    electrolinks2 시간 전

    22:38 - She's an actress or celebrity... Help me out...

  55. Suspicious Citrus

    Suspicious Citrus2 시간 전

    It's hard to say if a new Corvette would be better, unless there was a c8 in the challenge.

  56. Bilal Almasoudi

    Bilal Almasoudi2 시간 전

    Im glad they did this

  57. Petra J.

    Petra J.2 시간 전

    I want the Aston to win.

  58. Alex's Flight Channel

    Alex's Flight Channel2 시간 전

    This could arguably be the new TopGear

  59. Angel Bank's Lopez

    Angel Bank's Lopez2 시간 전

    Love C8

  60. AyoOrich are

    AyoOrich are2 시간 전

    This is the better top gear

  61. kirisute silvermane

    kirisute silvermane2 시간 전

    really impressed with what youve done here: alot like classic Top Gear and just as enjoyable to watch. great job and i hope you guys have a future producing this as a show full time!

  62. 5UPEROWL

    5UPEROWL2 시간 전

    Is that a corvette at 4:04?

  63. T M

    T M2 시간 전

    Thats a really nice example, clean!

  64. K5 Daily

    K5 Daily2 시간 전


  65. wavey kyerin

    wavey kyerin2 시간 전

    Hey fun fact you can get a supra for as low as $26,000 on auto tempest

  66. motorgearhead

    motorgearhead2 시간 전

    You guys should be proud of yourselves. You put together and entertaining video series and proves that the fondest memories you’ll have of a road trip are of the trials & tribulations you successfully endure with friends. This is akin to taking a motorcycle trip with a group of friends and it rains every day. It’s cold, you’re uncomfortable and you look forward to reaching every day’s final destination like its a reward for your suffering. Now sell the 2 loosing cars and buy three C5 Z06s’ and repeat your test. I bet the C5s will best your budget supercars. Just without the hype and recognition of driving an exotic. But you will get a lot of love from the Corvette community. Now that would be interesting to see.

  67. Mason

    Mason2 시간 전

    these guys out here really trying to be top gear lol I'll give it to them

  68. paulfinney

    paulfinney2 시간 전

    Am I the only one who can't work out why Ed is putting water and not coolant in the radiator might be the overheating issue?

  69. R13AAD

    R13AAD2 시간 전

    I would have any of the 3 cars over the corvette any day! The Gallardo would be my first choice 😜

  70. Claim Speed Now

    Claim Speed Now3 시간 전

    They are waiting for DougScore

  71. David McDougall

    David McDougall3 시간 전

    Good job boys your story reminds me of Top Gear of old well done.

  72. Aaron Verrett

    Aaron Verrett3 시간 전

    Lol Yeehaw Junction.

  73. HighwayTrooper

    HighwayTrooper3 시간 전

    10:40 no one notice a guy rock up take a picture and dip

  74. Tyrano Fire

    Tyrano Fire3 시간 전

    Your Aston Martin is not a 2015 one ,because the back lights are red and 2010 plus are white .unless that's just America because England has white

  75. Jordan Hoffman

    Jordan Hoffman3 시간 전

    This has made me so unbelievably happy

  76. Scott Pinto

    Scott Pinto3 시간 전

    It would have been awesome to have Doug DeMuro show up and give the cars a Doug score.

  77. Dirceu Martins

    Dirceu Martins3 시간 전

    You Guys are the new TOP GEAR. SUUUUUPER!!!!

  78. Shaney Boi

    Shaney Boi3 시간 전

    Top gear called ! They want their idea back!

  79. Farmer Lamb

    Farmer Lamb3 시간 전

    Ed's balls are so low they're rolling away! 😂

  80. kegomoditswe molemane

    kegomoditswe molemane3 시간 전

    Go for it man and good luck on the project.

  81. kegomoditswe molemane

    kegomoditswe molemane3 시간 전

    Well Bros and everyone commenting here I say I prefer the Mercedes Benz W211 E63 my best favorite car ever bros and everyone. How about you guys? What do you prefer?

  82. hipatrykk

    hipatrykk3 시간 전

    This is really enjoyable. Hope we will see more.

  83. Stephen Savage

    Stephen Savage3 시간 전

    Can you guys do another season of episodes like thi please 😊

  84. YoloMolo polo

    YoloMolo polo3 시간 전

    This is like watching elementary school kids playing Top Gear

  85. Old Bloke

    Old Bloke3 시간 전

    Is it just me or is this channel turning into an ad fest and trying to be a bad knock off of top gear? I get that these guys are trying to make a living from this stuff but I turned off commercial television for just this reason.

  86. JC

    JC3 시간 전

    Ed needs to shorten his torso or get longer shirts. Just sayin'.

  87. White1sox LA c.p.t

    White1sox LA c.p.t3 시간 전

    i love this ... maybe a new kind of top gear special show this i love it do this more guys ! 💪👍🔥🔥🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  88. Follow The Grow

    Follow The Grow3 시간 전

    Way too many ads. I stopped after the 4th one in 8 minutes

  89. nelsonjyspd

    nelsonjyspd3 시간 전

    Up at 5am watching this episode....great series guys 👊😎👍

  90. Fredo391

    Fredo3913 시간 전

    19:23, dafak is a car doing with german temporary plates on a boat in Florida ?

  91. Ian Norton

    Ian Norton3 시간 전

    Bloody brilliant guys,, so what if its a bit of a rip off.. Who cares. Fantastic idea and you guys work so well together. Brilliant idea you will go far. Keep it up. All the best from England. ✌️👍😁

  92. MyCars

    MyCars4 시간 전

    Can Ed stop driving with both his hands waving around off the wheel.

  93. Tom Dwyer

    Tom Dwyer4 시간 전

    Guys this is becoming the essence of the early uk top gear and we all love this keeping going all three of you and making great content 🙏👍😃

  94. loreighter888

    loreighter8884 시간 전

    This show is so good