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Welcome to B is for Build. A place where Chris and his friends document their life with cars. We fix cars, we break cars, we buy, sell, and trade cars all with the ultimate goal of having fun. Check it out!

  1. Bob Shearer

    Bob Shearer14 시간 전

    looks good

  2. Henry Klarman

    Henry Klarman16 시간 전

    my dream car

  3. Alley Oop

    Alley Oop16 시간 전

    So that was a $500 Mercedes and a $500 Vette huh?

  4. mOcKiNg sPoNgEbOb

    mOcKiNg sPoNgEbOb17 시간 전

    wheres the hood

  5. エドワードニューゲートやぁ〜

    エドワードニューゲートやぁ〜19 시간 전


  6. Lezly

    Lezly21 시간 전

    0:15 me all the time 😂 Australian summers are not pleasant

  7. Scotty Chainsaw

    Scotty Chainsaw일 전

    There are drivers and there are builders.

  8. Miguel Rosas

    Miguel Rosas일 전

    What color is u Lamborghini bro

  9. HazarDemon

    HazarDemon일 전

    its not a proper shop if you cant see the inside of the wall and have 0 insulation

  10. Mr T

    Mr T일 전

    Drone shots would have been better

  11. Joseph Stevens

    Joseph Stevens일 전

    I can tell you what you're doing wrong you're talking too much just work on the car

  12. Joseph Stevens

    Joseph Stevens일 전

    If they're half of the video of talking now he makes a video of taking the battery out will let's watch that

  13. Joseph Stevens

    Joseph Stevens일 전

    I don't know if I was watching a talk show or a car repair Show

  14. Paul Levy

    Paul Levy일 전

    That poor bumper.....

  15. John Smith

    John Smith일 전

    Spark Plugs on that remind me of working on Jets lol

  16. Mike Dowland

    Mike Dowland일 전

    That car was made for those roads!😜

  17. Martin Ranger

    Martin Ranger일 전

    D is for drone🥶

  18. eddyo84

    eddyo84일 전

    B is for boat

  19. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey일 전

    I took a friend to a Pick-A-Part lot and she was traumatized at all of the cars and the condition of the wreckage. LOL

  20. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey일 전

    Any kind of business license?? If i have a business (and business license) as a barber...is that a business license?

  21. Riki Clark

    Riki Clark일 전

    I can see that you guys are having fun

  22. Marc G

    Marc G일 전

    anyone feels like the engine doesn't sound as much subaru as we know it?

  23. Raul Melendes

    Raul Melendes일 전

    Fuck how much did you pay for the boat

  24. MrAznRonin

    MrAznRonin일 전

    Didn't you mention this STi came from Texas? Then it's def. got some overall sun spots/burned damage unless it was garage kept the whole time by the previous owner(s)...

  25. Chris B

    Chris B일 전

    Subaru really got the styling right with this car. Boy is that one beautiful car and so distinctive too.

  26. Brandon Ennis

    Brandon Ennis일 전

    My lil sister could do a better hairpin turn than these nerds

  27. MrJaiimez

    MrJaiimez일 전

    Are these the Mexican snowy mountains?

  28. Sneaky Foz

    Sneaky Foz일 전

    Why wasn’t the hood scoop removed and painted separately for a better result? Half a dozen bolts is all that holds it there.

  29. Kelvin Knudson

    Kelvin Knudson일 전

    thats a little ripper!! Love it!

  30. elconcret tv

    elconcret tv일 전

    Waaooo just in my dreams

  31. AcesWILD93

    AcesWILD932 일 전

    The multi colored Lambo will get MORE looks than one single color. Should've kept it multi colored. Hahahaha

  32. AcesWILD93

    AcesWILD932 일 전

    Maybe just leave the multi colored Huracan as is. Would attract even MORE attention. LOL

  33. AcesWILD93

    AcesWILD932 일 전

    @12:08 With that battery issue.. That's an incredibly DUMB design. Lol. It's like they called over the Chrysler manufacturer to design that for them.

  34. Dcstar5

    Dcstar52 일 전

    Why not just spray the entire hood

  35. Curtis Grisdale

    Curtis Grisdale2 일 전

    You gonna do a dyno video?

  36. Jeremy Hill

    Jeremy Hill2 일 전

    I wonder who owns the apocalyptic G35 you used to own 👀

  37. Trevon Spencer

    Trevon Spencer2 일 전

    Bunch of dumbasses in the comments here. NO THE RAPTORS DID NOT COME SUPERCHARGED UNLESS THEY HAD AN AFTERMARKET PACKAGE. THEY HAD 2.5 INCH SHOCKS NOT 3”. Ive owned one for 4 years now.

  38. Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes2 일 전

    damn dude.....looks good but how bout a full shield mask?........maybe a paint suit, you're eyes had to be burnin

  39. Manuel Reyes

    Manuel Reyes2 일 전

    What design software are you using?

  40. Robin Lobe

    Robin Lobe2 일 전

    'B"cause I Can

  41. meffy

    meffy2 일 전

    Probably would have had better luck using a clutch kick and a good Scandinavian flick to get her rotating properly. I don't have much experience in dirt and mud, more in snow lol

  42. Yazan Sawaged

    Yazan Sawaged2 일 전

    What Happened to the boat

  43. Gscalenut

    Gscalenut2 일 전

    This car has too much power. 12 months later he builds a 1500 HP Hurracan

  44. Brandon Barber

    Brandon Barber2 일 전

    Just turn traction control off and turn into it to rip a turn in the snow, no e-brake needed.

  45. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey2 일 전

    8:57 close your eyes and just listen (with mind in gutter)

  46. PR_Alex990

    PR_Alex9902 일 전

    I am ready for the challenge

  47. Dee Duncker

    Dee Duncker2 일 전

    This proves that money doesn’t buy happiness. i.e. buying an expensive Lamborghini to keep in the garage vs buying an cheap STI to rip in the snow and mud

  48. Marko Polo

    Marko Polo2 일 전

    Great repair paint job Chris, looks great! That footage at the end with the forest trails and snow looked like a rally stage!

  49. Dale Halvorson

    Dale Halvorson2 일 전

    Chris: Use a block so you don't sand through your basecoat Also Chris: Doesn't use a block and sands through basecoat Looks way better with some fresh base anyway! Almost makes me like a Subaru. Can't wait for the engine rebuild.

  50. r. grambo

    r. grambo2 일 전

    How to repair your clearcoat.. new paint job.

  51. AcesWILD93

    AcesWILD932 일 전

    This STi had an STi. Watching you guys drain that oil was Sooooo satisfying 😂👍

  52. Dakota Dial

    Dakota Dial2 일 전

    Next time you have a roof rack or something like that, try rerack brother. They helped me get keys for my yakima kit so I didn't have to drill out the cores.

  53. Sandra Carter

    Sandra Carter2 일 전


  54. Travis Hill

    Travis Hill2 일 전

    My old Subaru had the ebrake on the front

  55. Random Guy

    Random Guy2 일 전

    It's weird people like these cars.lol

  56. Saionara4610

    Saionara46102 일 전

    Hello guys, someone knows song name at 9:17?:D

  57. Paul Aspen

    Paul Aspen2 일 전

    The lights turn off when you pull the hand brake lol

  58. McGdRblxStormy

    McGdRblxStormy2 일 전

    wow even when chrisfix doesnt film he still wears that helmet

  59. chad .tencer

    chad .tencer2 일 전

    B is for bloopers. Blooper outtakes

  60. Rune

    Rune2 일 전

    You need to get a Skydio drone so you don’t need to worry about your drone crashing.

  61. Sketchy Guy Nevada

    Sketchy Guy Nevada2 일 전

    We want more videos of this beast

  62. Andy Ralph

    Andy Ralph2 일 전

    That's awesome, some one will really enjoy that car

  63. Aaron Caines

    Aaron Caines2 일 전

    Is it just coz I'm a stoned or did anyone else see the time on the dash

  64. Michael Rangel

    Michael Rangel2 일 전

    Dude, 2020 now and I’m so happy to have seen the channel grow since then. Round of applause 👏

  65. Amir Pomen

    Amir Pomen2 일 전

    1 tip: clutch fully pressed in during handbrake pull

  66. Rev. David Willerup

    Rev. David Willerup2 일 전

    I don’t even know what the competition will be, but my money’s on Chelsea.

  67. Evans Banks

    Evans Banks2 일 전

    Just give it to Oscar!

  68. Steven Mmadi

    Steven Mmadi2 일 전

    Nobody: do we let the clear dry/cure all the way? Chris: no just send it

  69. Mohit JP

    Mohit JP2 일 전

    saw a spark under the car @4:36

  70. Christopher Java Jr.

    Christopher Java Jr.2 일 전

    Skydio 2 is the answer!

  71. Chathuranga Adikari

    Chathuranga Adikari2 일 전

    hey what is that body design tool you used to merge the 2 pictures.

  72. Wilson Filho

    Wilson Filho2 일 전

    Build is for B

  73. diggleboy

    diggleboy2 일 전

    Ken Block: *face palm* Looks like so much fun! Congratulations on another great build!

  74. iddemannen22

    iddemannen222 일 전

    The best thing about an STI is the engine sound, so please don't add music over it.

  75. Hayden Reinisch

    Hayden Reinisch2 일 전

    you can buy new key tumblers for those usually

  76. Signs

    Signs2 일 전

    Good jib. It was awesome watching you build this car. She's beautiful.

  77. Mathew Kendell

    Mathew Kendell2 일 전

    Spends $500 on headlights and bulbs but $1000 dollars for a nice do it yourself respray is not affordable on a "budget build".

  78. Mathew Kendell

    Mathew Kendell2 일 전

    Why didn"t you have time to order the bulbs online? Seems irresponsible to me. If you can seriously get these for as little as $20 a pair online why would you pay 10 times as much to get the same thing for a car that is just a project. Run the car without a bulb.

  79. Signs

    Signs2 일 전

    I watched every one of these from start to finish in 2 days. Brother you did so good! I love the car and huge compliments to your team and sweet woman.

  80. Mathew Kendell

    Mathew Kendell2 일 전

    ONLY $300!!!!!

  81. volkan akdamar

    volkan akdamar2 일 전

    Speak slow... Please

  82. dive popo

    dive popo2 일 전

    Why didn't you repair the hood scoop ? It is 1h fiberglass work..... and it would look much much better. It is thumb down from me this time.... Also a lot of trash in the clear, you should have cleaned the room before painting

  83. kyjoe9

    kyjoe92 일 전

    Someone actually having fun with a wrx

  84. Havoc eSports

    Havoc eSports2 일 전

    I see that check engine light at 12:51 you scoundrels.

  85. aho4fun

    aho4fun2 일 전

    ... let me guess ... no winter tires ? You don't know how to drive sti proper.... shame...

  86. Nathan Mackenzie

    Nathan Mackenzie2 일 전

    I'm sorry but where the hell can I buy a 2jz for $3500???

  87. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko2 일 전

    part 5 of wrx sti budget build repairing the accident damage from snow fun lol

  88. Throttle Grotto

    Throttle Grotto2 일 전

    "world rally blue"

  89. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko2 일 전

    have u met the lazy staff in co-part, they give zero fucks about anything other than videos being taken

  90. Mathew Kendell

    Mathew Kendell2 일 전

    How many subscribers until you don't need the videos to be "sponsored"? So many other channels on the Tube that don't have these advertisements. Just curious how much it actually helps the channel?

  91. illegalToyz509

    illegalToyz5092 일 전

    I hope Subaru stays in the pnw or in my front yard lol

  92. blobeye_dylann

    blobeye_dylann2 일 전

    What grit sandpaper did you use? I'm planning on do it myself. Lol

  93. s0frito

    s0frito2 일 전

    Send me all your broken drones... I will Frankenstein them together = )

  94. Joseph Wrasse

    Joseph Wrasse3 일 전

    Chris let me buy that smart controller off you.

  95. lsbharadwaj

    lsbharadwaj3 일 전

    I want to see a Hummer plugin hybrid.

  96. mr300tdi

    mr300tdi3 일 전

    How to clear coat your forearms

  97. Omar A

    Omar A3 일 전

    Those roof racks are hideous please take them off

  98. Jon Gilbert

    Jon Gilbert3 일 전

    Needed a jack stand

  99. Cody Adams

    Cody Adams3 일 전

    The doughnuts made me sad; Adjust the DCCD.

  100. Justin blunt

    Justin blunt3 일 전

    Yoo Chris I think you should wrap the top black, it would even save the roof from fading again