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I got her pregnant...
  1. Esme Tafoya

    Esme Tafoya40 초 전

    Imagine that pain on level 10 for like hours not just a few minutes, u should do it for like an actual labor length it would be interesting....🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Tarelle Hoskins

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  3. 573 Slime

    573 Slime3 분 전

    Zias and b.lou

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    Maura Jimenez3 분 전

    Yo Faze Rug your song is epic cool bro i love 1 to 10 i will give u a 10

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    Isaacballen Is the name5 분 전

    Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider because there to smart and girls go to. College to get more knowledge because there stupid

  6. Shaun 101

    Shaun 1018 분 전

    who gives a shit


    JADYN GSW9 분 전

    0 times straitface gang💪💪💪💪💪to EZ😤😤

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    In 2019 his room color is orange and purple

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    F34Rxrbats11 분 전

    ummm mrbeast much

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    dominick garcia11 분 전

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    Peter Playz12 분 전

    I am not a mom but I have one so is that close enough?

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    Matthew Robinson13 분 전

    Sherman the man

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    Ems Life In Makeup13 분 전

    Am I the only one who noticed he fucked the spelling of guaranteed up?

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    Karra’s Minecraft and Roblox14 분 전

    When I was little I remember that the pizza was perfect and delicious!

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    rogue sycko14 분 전

    your amazing already subbed

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    Minecraft15 분 전

    ur kinda similar to bills Except instead of giving they take 100$

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    bionette rojas17 분 전

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    Moon Dash18 분 전

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    keithruels2420 분 전

    Grils do not suck

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    Angela García20 분 전

    Happy Early BIRTHDAY RUG!🎂🎁

  24. AvorGaming

    AvorGaming21 분 전

    If this is blue u love (Adam) I’m gifting my 100th subscriber

  25. Janne Mora

    Janne Mora22 분 전

    Can u giv me a ton of shoes too plz

  26. Malak Musa

    Malak Musa22 분 전

    Brian: no one was hurt in the making of this video. Everyone seconds later: AHHHHHHHHHHH OMG

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    big boy buzz22 분 전

    You look like fucking draco mowfoy crossed with fucking Justin Bieber

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    Narcy Castaneda22 분 전

    Honestly it’s really good for a first time

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    Adrian so dope22 분 전

    Me and mike love dr. Pepper

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    Sophia Valentina23 분 전

    Randomly clicked this video...Tomorrow is November 19th lol 2019 tho

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    Noel Rivera25 분 전

    I like folded

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    MizeryGames25 분 전

    Men. Can’t handle it lol shit last so long and pain don’t stop till end sooooo

  33. TatianaBoychenko

    TatianaBoychenko25 분 전

    Wait technically for all of these challenges the camera man is actually the winner he has to stay the whole time

  34. Froxsty YT

    Froxsty YT25 분 전

    1:20 I swear I actually did pause and the person that is paused right now is my brother I’m using his phone to comment lol

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    Michael Rodriguez27 분 전

    Ayy i can help you i make beats for rappers and im ten yrs old.😄 If u want hit me up on discord. My discord: karate #4080

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    It’s ur a day on the 19th YAY 8m excited for the next vlog

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    ghosts like him.

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    The1nOnlyyy MizzJoJo36 분 전

    I'm a mom 🙂 & I'm so happy you did this video

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    Squeakers5ever /ItsIr¡s51 분 전

    FINALLY MEN FEEL THE PAIN OF WOMAN >:) Actually I’m 11 so I’m still scared....

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