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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
We're Getting Married
  1. Maria Baig

    Maria Baig5 분 전

    This was posted when I turned 11 😂

  2. Willie Monroee

    Willie Monroee12 분 전

    I literally love your personality and videos so much I just subbed sad I just found your channel even wilder I found you by the video going to like Japanese vending machines or something lol

  3. pumpkin 99997

    pumpkin 9999716 분 전

    I saw the thumbnail and thought: “Tidepods!” 😂

  4. Crabby Piper

    Crabby Piper18 분 전

    Potential Names: "You Look Mauve-elous", "Mauvelous Mystery Tour", "Franken Mauve"

  5. Eva Beauchamp

    Eva Beauchamp23 분 전

    however many likes this gets is how many times that stylist touched saf's ass i mean jeez that would make me uncomfortable!!

  6. David Gray

    David Gray23 분 전

    Your closet is bigger than my room not the walk in one

  7. Cici

    Cici24 분 전

    “Mauve-y star”

  8. Ina Bntt

    Ina Bntt35 분 전

    Sry for my English, what means bazongas?😅 did she mean her titties? By the way she’s cute

  9. Mir Ben

    Mir Ben39 분 전

    How can it be 62% with 291 and 38% with 291???

  10. Impossibly Pink

    Impossibly Pink50 분 전

    I like to mauve it mauve it

  11. Areeba Rehman

    Areeba Rehman51 분 전

    Did anyone think she meant 7- 11 HOURS of wearing the make-up? Nope, just me then?

  12. Fabian Gonzalez

    Fabian Gonzalez51 분 전

    Usually when safiya does experiments it's more of a learn from your mistakes type thing but having a whole team and a fully fledged blueprint really saved a lot of time lol 😂

  13. Angels relax

    Angels relax52 분 전

    Frankin polish

  14. Glory and Deathbringer

    Glory and Deathbringer53 분 전

    hi saf

  15. Rais PLAYZ

    Rais PLAYZ시간 전

    Am I the only who thought of candy corn when I saw cristines had orange yellow and white

  16. Dj Missy31

    Dj Missy31시간 전

    OMG I WAS BORN IN 2007 UWU❤️❤️🤪

  17. Beth Abdelahad

    Beth Abdelahad시간 전

    Simply frankin mauve

  18. AB Palmer

    AB Palmer시간 전

    *she didnt pardon the drop*

  19. •NightyGacha• ÙwÚ

    •NightyGacha• ÙwÚ시간 전

    I think that shirt that said anti social social club was originally by Natalies Outlet

  20. Georgia Roberts

    Georgia Roberts시간 전

    I think Saf really likes fancy trash cans

  21. Ayla Harmon

    Ayla Harmon시간 전

    Safiya : I think I'm going to look gross in all of the outfits When she looked at all of them : oh I actually love these outfits 🤣🤯😋😎

  22. •NightyGacha• ÙwÚ

    •NightyGacha• ÙwÚ시간 전

    The name shall be Mauve to the disco dance (get it the shine is the disco ball)

  23. StarzGirlz

    StarzGirlz시간 전

    Me: *Virgo* Thing: Ladylike Me: Acts exactly like a 2 year old

  24. Jess Moore

    Jess Moore2 시간 전

    2:09 ben in the corner

  25. Laura Kluger

    Laura Kluger2 시간 전

    My favorite part was Tyler modeling the hair in the end 😂👌

  26. Miso Mama

    Miso Mama2 시간 전

    water is drying to your skin. no benefits of any of the products because you are just exfoliating, hydrating and immediately dehydrating with the rinse/washes in succession. thats a scam theres no real moisturizing going on here. all you're doing is exfoliating, hydrating, and dehydrating your skin.

  27. Ruby Theberge

    Ruby Theberge2 시간 전

    Where’s ben

  28. Mokki

    Mokki2 시간 전

    My 1 makeup DRAWER that contains ALL of my makeup is a joke next to Safiya"s makeup collection. Especially next to her lipstick DRESSER. I would want her collection, but then again I don't need that many makeup products, I can glam myself with what I have.l and I don't wear makeup everyday. :3

  29. Shooting StarVlogzx

    Shooting StarVlogzx2 시간 전

    You should call it Emotionally Mauved

  30. Gillimar Alves

    Gillimar Alves2 시간 전


  31. Zeta Zimmer Barnes

    Zeta Zimmer Barnes2 시간 전

    I'm loving her Morticia choker

  32. Sketchy Animations

    Sketchy Animations2 시간 전

    420 hong Kong dollars? 420 sounds familiar...

  33. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix2 시간 전

    In Philadelphia, I also saw that exhibit the day before. We almost would have met.

  34. WyNonnA _xx

    WyNonnA _xx2 시간 전

    i cried they're so cute

  35. littlenavybrat

    littlenavybrat2 시간 전

    Just found this and this was the closest anyone has come to ACCURATELY portray what we wore in 1987. Just needed bigger hair. 😁 But, to achieve the hair took MINUTES, not hours! And you also needed much bigger earrings. But honestly! Loved this!

  36. Cookie latte

    Cookie latte2 시간 전

    Omggg my birthday is also at the 16th of july

  37. Monish Kumar

    Monish Kumar2 시간 전

    Marvellous Job, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , you might like :)

  38. Marlene Kaden

    Marlene Kaden2 시간 전

    if ur here watching this in november.. im crying too <3

  39. K and L Studios

    K and L Studios2 시간 전

    The name should be crunchie, for crusty and menchie!

  40. Milk in a Mug

    Milk in a Mug2 시간 전

    and sadly things have only escalated

  41. ああああああ

    ああああああ3 시간 전


  42. Sharp family Sharp

    Sharp family Sharp3 시간 전

    um mm yeah

  43. Elliesötnos

    Elliesötnos3 시간 전

    Up datera mer snälla

  44. manja cafuta

    manja cafuta3 시간 전

    "the tea pool" SiMplY NaiLoGiCaL EnTeRD ThE chAt

  45. Anna Moor

    Anna Moor3 시간 전

    i would have made a coffin out of lipstick

  46. Carlee McAfee

    Carlee McAfee3 시간 전


  47. David-McCormick

    David-McCormick3 시간 전

    Name it "Frank En Mauve"

  48. A And K Gaming

    A And K Gaming3 시간 전

    I used to use those makeup wipes to take off a full face of stage makeup in one rag

  49. Jumana Arif

    Jumana Arif3 시간 전

    I saw the Donald Duck shirt Only OG fans will know

  50. KizuRai

    KizuRai3 시간 전

    Tyler: "Lotta good memories in here." Joni: "Awww, we can tell you're gonna be a sentimental client." I don't know why, but months later this still makes me laugh

  51. Patricia Wilkinson-Forde

    Patricia Wilkinson-Forde3 시간 전

    So we’re not gonna talk about how amazing Safiya looks on her photoshoot with her new lipstick 💄

  52. Lexi Kitty

    Lexi Kitty3 시간 전

    This makes me want to go shopping through Amazon and try and find similar products and possibly buy a few. I love the foot spa idea, hopefully i can find one that actually has motorized rollers. Love the jacuzzi idea but may be too much work but seems to be a cheaper option to a normal hard side one. Love the massager, seems to have worked well for you

  53. Omar Almubayd

    Omar Almubayd3 시간 전

    When you realize that this lipstick is cleaner and safer to use than the Jaclyn Hill's ones 😂😂😂

  54. Taisha_49

    Taisha_493 시간 전

    First of all, you have banging legs. Second, the outfits on Fashion Nova are made for a very specific body type. If you have a flat abdomen, a healthy waist to hip ratio and C+ boobs, chances are they'll be perfect on you. On women with a bit more meat on them bones, they just don't look as flattering.

  55. hailey Boiano

    hailey Boiano3 시간 전


  56. Kenzi Graves

    Kenzi Graves4 시간 전

    *much much love Safiya... love your videos!! and I’m sure someone else has commented what I’m about to say.... “ADRIENNE” is pronounced: Ayyyyy-drienne. (So you got the last half of her name correct....) but you were more so saying “ahhh!” (Like screaming) Ahhhh-drienne. When it’s “Ayyy!” (Like “Ayyy what’s up?”).* *So: Ayyyy-drienne.* *Not: Ahhh-drienne.*

  57. Nasrin Nasir

    Nasrin Nasir4 시간 전

    so is no one wondering how much it all cost .....?

  58. Adelė P

    Adelė P4 시간 전

    where is James Charles palette?...

  59. That_Rainbow_Hufflepuff_Girl

    That_Rainbow_Hufflepuff_Girl4 시간 전

    Safiya had 117 candles, each containing 20 scoops of wax, except for one candle that contained 11 scoops. She took one scoop from each candle and melted them together. A new candle containing 20 scoops lasts for 30 days. How long will the new candle last? How long will all of the candles last together before scooping them? How many candles is the right amount to last for exactly 187 days? You can mix the small and the big size. Why did I do this and why does it sound like an actual maths thing you'd find in a school maths book???? lmao

  60. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy4 시간 전


  61. Aliza Tariq

    Aliza Tariq4 시간 전

    They look kinda like cat anti flea medicine syringes (I do have a cat)

  62. Emma Madsen

    Emma Madsen4 시간 전

    Where do you buy the pants Trisha had on? Cause DAYUM they're awesome

  63. aesthetics Disney lover

    aesthetics Disney lover4 시간 전

    I love your vids and your channel but I want to like and unlike at the same time as I'm a big TOM HOLLAND fan

  64. That_Rainbow_Hufflepuff_Girl

    That_Rainbow_Hufflepuff_Girl4 시간 전

    No one: Absolutely no one: Safiya: "Sparkling woods just came for my wig"

  65. PolishWierdo 523

    PolishWierdo 5234 시간 전


  66. Spooked

    Spooked4 시간 전

    Safiya is like MrBeast, and Buzzfeed is like Morgz, stealing her ideas, yet doing them crappier

  67. Gülenay Koşan

    Gülenay Koşan4 시간 전

    I think 3 and 6 fits you good and you are like an angel when you wear dresses

  68. S Mmmm

    S Mmmm4 시간 전

    You should do a morning routine with tyler

  69. soupisnotonfire

    soupisnotonfire4 시간 전

    how many candles have you gone through this year saf?

  70. Libby Miles

    Libby Miles5 시간 전

    *haha* clamity clam

  71. Carly Boyd

    Carly Boyd5 시간 전

    "posting every monday wednesday and friday" hahahahhahaa would be nice, those were the days sad I missed them

  72. Nikki Moore

    Nikki Moore5 시간 전

    Can we just appreciate her boyfriends maturity. 🙏🏼😇

  73. Carly Boyd

    Carly Boyd5 시간 전

    Can you view her old videos from her old channel?

  74. Horseylover 1239

    Horseylover 12395 시간 전

    Are you wearing your nails from the fancy salon that you went to with simplynailogical!?!?

  75. mixcuvanita

    mixcuvanita5 시간 전

    I admire u .I being fallowing few day I ready like you 😉I told my boyfriend i fallow u he just smile 😃I even told my sister too fallow you % ❤️ your additud

  76. sara lucchesi

    sara lucchesi5 시간 전

    Franken Mauve ?

  77. Alexis Shank

    Alexis Shank5 시간 전

    anyone else just wondering why the nutcracker is playing no one................just me................ ok

  78. Alina tandara

    Alina tandara5 시간 전

    Franken- mauve

  79. Ruby Jackson

    Ruby Jackson5 시간 전

    Mauve over

  80. Lissy London

    Lissy London6 시간 전

    You massively overpayed for the jacket and mac book case... And probably the rest lol.

  81. Winter Angel

    Winter Angel6 시간 전

    Cristine these need to be turned into holos and sold for us all

  82. Charly Barnes

    Charly Barnes6 시간 전

    Just re-binge watching all of Saf’s videos but WHY WASNT TYLER ALSO TRANSFORMED that would have been the perfect time for the “meet me at walmart” hair 😂

  83. just elyza

    just elyza6 시간 전

    Di you work for buzz feed befor youtube


    『JACKAL TIME』6 시간 전

    PePpA, wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg In SaF’s ViDeO??~~~

  85. x Blueberry x

    x Blueberry x6 시간 전

    Frankin. Or Franklin.

  86. monicaluc100

    monicaluc1006 시간 전

    i liv in portland

  87. Michelle Hesske

    Michelle Hesske6 시간 전

    For what video did safia need that white shirt?

  88. Carolina Salinas

    Carolina Salinas7 시간 전

    simply saf frank polish

  89. giulia Italy

    giulia Italy7 시간 전

    The second KOgosr looks as the Iene show in Italy , really

  90. Chilli Pepper

    Chilli Pepper7 시간 전

    Franken Polish

  91. giulia Italy

    giulia Italy7 시간 전

    Genius hack

  92. Kirsty Pass

    Kirsty Pass7 시간 전

    Saf: lets give the other candles to our friends Safs friends: AWWW Thx saf let me smell it -- ..uhh saf why is there big holes in three of our candles Saf: hahaha ...bout..that...long story

  93. Kirsty Pass

    Kirsty Pass7 시간 전

    Saf : eats candle Me : MOOOOM are candles edible Mom : wha- no why u asking that Me : no reason ...btw saf are u gonna be ok

  94. Kirsty Pass

    Kirsty Pass7 시간 전

    Saf : what will be the wig of 2019 Tea: I’m I joke to you

  95. Kaitlyn Rose

    Kaitlyn Rose7 시간 전

    How much did it cost

  96. preeti chopra

    preeti chopra7 시간 전

    Hi tyler. My real name is ruth. But i was born in 1994 😅

  97. Julie Silva

    Julie Silva7 시간 전

    Safiya, Monster High dolls suck now. When I use to play with them, they were really articulated and way better. (In like 2014)

  98. johnny’s personal plushie carer

    johnny’s personal plushie carer7 시간 전

    A Little Bit Of Mauve-rything

  99. giulia Italy

    giulia Italy7 시간 전


  100. you_know its_me

    you_know its_me7 시간 전

    They should make a coffee candle