First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

  1. shireen priya meghe

    shireen priya meghe3 분 전

    We need to get Tom Hardy so he can confirm the "beating him up" story. And also because Tom Hardy is a great guy and I want to see him cry eating these wings.

  2. Unplayed Piano

    Unplayed Piano4 분 전

    Self Hug Says It All.

  3. Larry G.

    Larry G.5 분 전

    Kristen loves Shia ! (and I love it )

  4. Alisa Spear

    Alisa Spear5 분 전

    Love how she didn’t even bother answering the question about the San Fernando valley being stereotyped as the epicenter of the porn industry lol

  5. Robert Linocln

    Robert Linocln6 분 전

    Artie def looks like he has jaundice. Super yellow. Maybe it's the capsaicin... Love ya Artie

  6. kurt taylor

    kurt taylor8 분 전

    Is that Johnny Knoxville?

  7. Chris Thompson

    Chris Thompson8 분 전

    Why would you go on this show, knowing the interview style involves hot sauce, when you can't handle even a little hot?! What an idiot...

  8. Weston Harvey

    Weston Harvey9 분 전

    DaBaby has mad respect and proper manners he wiping his mouth every wing like a gentlemen never seen a black superstar with such go Manners his mom was really good

  9. Payton Tuer

    Payton Tuer10 분 전

    You should fly out a fan for one of your shows 😉

  10. Batman Jeph

    Batman Jeph10 분 전

    I want to know what's she wearing and where can I get it?

  11. Tony Girgis

    Tony Girgis11 분 전

    21:07 I know Sean is attractive but take some viagra or something shaq

  12. フ ㄖ フ 丨

    フ ㄖ フ 丨11 분 전

    *I ' M S T I L L H U N G R Y T H O* ME

  13. Athena Vae

    Athena Vae12 분 전

    You should get Gary vaynerchuck aka Gary vee love your show

  14. I Love you

    I Love you13 분 전


  15. Carrisa Grace

    Carrisa Grace14 분 전

    Geez girl sorry some of us weren’t born in the industry and have to claw our way to the top 😑

  16. Justin S.

    Justin S.14 분 전

    Lmao best episode ever

  17. Ivan Cervantes

    Ivan Cervantes14 분 전

    Get the Hodge Twins

  18. Ivan Cervantes

    Ivan Cervantes14 분 전

    Get the Hodge Twins

  19. Ivan Cervantes

    Ivan Cervantes15 분 전

    Get the Hodge Twins

  20. Ivan Cervantes

    Ivan Cervantes15 분 전

    Get the Hodge Twins

  21. Hoodwink36

    Hoodwink3615 분 전

    Gonna give this video a like simply because Jack eats the whole chicken off the bone every time.

  22. 621norby

    621norby17 분 전

    Really Hot Ones, kristen Stewart? I thought you had more class.

  23. tekashi kanales

    tekashi kanales17 분 전

    macauly culkin?

  24. Heather Rodriguez

    Heather Rodriguez18 분 전

    Miami has the best cuban sandwiches, not Tampa lol

  25. Carmen Escobedo

    Carmen Escobedo18 분 전

    Time to binge watch the season been with u for mre then 3 yrs

  26. Yegeta Samuel

    Yegeta Samuel20 분 전

    21:49 “fuckin hell, shit, fuckin hell, shit, shit”😅 “this is not normal, in fact this fucking program is not normal.”😂 “have you ever killed anybody.”🤣🤣

  27. Jo Cunanan

    Jo Cunanan20 분 전

    Still waiting for a comment with curse words counts hahaha


    TINA ARABIA20 분 전

    I am soooo in love with Shia LaBeouf he is the true definition of manly men and hunk. he is so down to earth !!!

  29. Sean Dupree

    Sean Dupree20 분 전

    22:56 The Kristan Tounge Wag and Moan has me in love!!!

  30. Ross Moutell

    Ross Moutell23 분 전

    The Lord Nelson in Southwark.

  31. TsiniWeeny

    TsiniWeeny25 분 전

    Big Claire fan here. Can we stop with the weird "die for you" messages. So fucking creepy... lol



    Pewdiepie LA Beast And literally your mom

  33. Unplayed Piano

    Unplayed Piano29 분 전

    🌬Jennifer Lawrence

  34. Dawoud Almathrahi

    Dawoud Almathrahi30 분 전

    bro this nigga yg funny as fuck

  35. Gerardina Duarte

    Gerardina Duarte31 분 전

    Such a great guy .. always been a fan

  36. Christine S.

    Christine S.31 분 전

    A guest that has zero interest or clue about food isn't ideal but okay then. Go to McDonald's instead.

  37. Joshie Toosaucie

    Joshie Toosaucie32 분 전

    Yg and Rihanna

  38. Joan Of ark

    Joan Of ark32 분 전

    When you are enjoying your first class breakfast meal and then 5 Middle Eastern men rise from their seats and storm the cockpit on a cloudless September morning 19:27

  39. AhloIAmDutch

    AhloIAmDutch33 분 전

    I want to see some ufc fighters on here, let's get the ball rolling.

  40. Unplayed Piano

    Unplayed Piano33 분 전

    Little Hot Dog Braids

  41. Andrew Arbogast

    Andrew Arbogast33 분 전

    Damn, even hot ones couldn't make people interested in their dumb movie!

  42. Melanie Ruggiero

    Melanie Ruggiero33 분 전


  43. purple1 star

    purple1 star33 분 전

    Boy..she really went downhill! She hit rock bottom bad. Eww Kristen

  44. rakesh ragavendra

    rakesh ragavendra35 분 전

    The hottest sauce she tried is what we call less spicy in Indian

  45. Thai nguyen

    Thai nguyen35 분 전

    What you laughing at?

  46. Nellie love

    Nellie love36 분 전

    I wanna see Kevin gates on this 🤣

  47. rick sanchez

    rick sanchez37 분 전

    Matty sort of looks like an old fat Justin beiber in this episode

  48. S.Perry

    S.Perry37 분 전

    I love marshawn. If he came to mine for dinner I’d get us Burger King and a crate of 40oz beers. We live it up.

  49. Michael McCartney

    Michael McCartney37 분 전

    That's probably one of the best I've seen

  50. Jackson Sniff

    Jackson Sniff39 분 전

    This makes me want to re-watch parks and rec for the 6th time

  51. Grant Smiley

    Grant Smiley39 분 전

    ||: Fuck me.... Shit.... Fuckin hell... shit. :|| repeat indefinitely

  52. Samantha Krafton

    Samantha Krafton40 분 전

    who here didn't know liza had another account and then went to hunt for the account

  53. soul55555

    soul5555540 분 전 Idris Elba live set Radar Radio

  54. Ernest Dauplaise

    Ernest Dauplaise40 분 전


  55. dilly24k

    dilly24k43 분 전

    finally a celeb who doesnt lie, stay true and keep it real beast mode!

  56. Filthy Ogre

    Filthy Ogre48 분 전

    More people watched this than Charlie’s angels

  57. Andre Gelias

    Andre Gelias52 분 전

    this aint no blueberry muffin? lool

  58. Mila's Universe

    Mila's Universe53 분 전

    "you look like a nigga that likes to get slapped" Lmaooo. This was one of the best ones.

  59. Tortuga510

    Tortuga51055 분 전

    Y’all need to get beast mode on here

  60. Steve Delcarlo

    Steve Delcarlo55 분 전

    I need to get ahold of this man I have the best punked idea ever

  61. Killer Brobot

    Killer Brobot56 분 전

    Isn't he the guy from transformers 1 2 and 3

  62. johnny rainey

    johnny rainey57 분 전

    The second bite on that beast burger was NFL sponsored like a muthafucka

  63. Brulan Exantus

    Brulan Exantus57 분 전

    Yo Shaq makes the chicken wing look like an ant 💀💀💀 like he’s that colossal 🤣

  64. Alex Carrillo

    Alex Carrillo58 분 전

    Houston Jones next would be great

  65. Silas Richmann

    Silas Richmann58 분 전

    fuckin hell.. shit.. fuckin hell.. shit.. fuckin hell.. shit.. fuckin hell.. shit

  66. Elisa K.

    Elisa K.시간 전

    💕💖Love Reina’s emotional expressiveness💖💕❣️ Everyone else looks so reserved compared to her. I can relate😅…😂~

  67. SpecRB

    SpecRB시간 전

    Hard not to like her

  68. Bolshoi Booze

    Bolshoi Booze시간 전

    astray soul..

  69. Hayley Quinn

    Hayley Quinn시간 전

    Is anyone else not fed up with all these PC remakes of things...

  70. wesley gray

    wesley gray시간 전

    i'm watching this because we don't have any food at home :'(

  71. Alex Hayden

    Alex Hayden시간 전

    I'd think that you would have said the Bobby Lee episode was one of your favorites. That one was hilarious. He's always yelling in pain.

  72. Sally Viloria

    Sally Viloria시간 전

    22:56 your welcome ;)

  73. Alisia Jones

    Alisia Jones시간 전

    All around fine ..that smile, those lips , the dimples , the skin , the personality, Oooooou 😫😂😂 lawd hydrate me .

  74. Shane Bryson

    Shane Bryson시간 전

    I really don't understand the appeal to her.

  75. D Hager

    D Hager시간 전

    I belong to her crossover fan club... though i watched the movies & sequels i wasn't a fan of Kristen's during her seemingly rebellious & hollow Twilight daze. She's much more likable now! :)

  76. Nenad K

    Nenad K시간 전

    Shaq needs to watch this on how not to puss out on the last one :) ... impressive Charlize.

  77. LibratheGod

    LibratheGod시간 전

    Quick glance I thought it was Justin Bieber! I was like he came out?! Lol! Why is he wearing eyeliner. But it's just a dike! I love her movies!

  78. jazzpip1

    jazzpip1시간 전

    I guess im the only one who thinks shes cringe

  79. Sara Chen

    Sara Chen시간 전

    I’m so glad I get to watch all these videos from the comfort of my bed eating the most bland chicken nuggets with ketchup



    He is the golden god!

  81. Vimbai Taylor

    Vimbai Taylor시간 전

    Some could say... I have very strong feelings towards Kristen Stewart

  82. Sara Chen

    Sara Chen시간 전

    Kristen Stewart sounds like Jessica day from new girl and it’s so comforting

  83. guacamole6000

    guacamole6000시간 전

    Wow he looks so young, can’t believe he’s only 162.