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G.C.F in Helsinki

G.C.F in Helsinki

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  1. Yakult Dionysus

    Yakult Dionysus시간 전

    jungkooks coconut head b dancing too

  2. Déborah Yasmin

    Déborah Yasmin시간 전

    Mais que crianças lindas😅❤

  3. Nik Nurdanisha Sofea Nik Mohd Hakim

    Nik Nurdanisha Sofea Nik Mohd Hakim시간 전

    J-hope and jungkook: *i could’ve done better* Me: Excuse me! Take back what you just said right now!

  4. __جِوِګر أّلَتّحٌريِّر__

    __جِوِګر أّلَتّحٌريِّر__시간 전

    احلا جو

  5. Noemi Bagoly

    Noemi Bagoly시간 전

    [ENG subtitles] S: Why are you acting cute... 'Flower petal' pose... like this... acting cute... I was really shocked to see the 'Flower petals'... J: Let's not be like this in our own team. JK: Water water water... V: Flower petals ~~~~

  6. buket kılıç

    buket kılıç시간 전

    ödülleri bts dağıtsın bence

  7. TheHybridChiledofc

    TheHybridChiledofc시간 전

    Stay Healthy! :D Please Taehyung smile 😣

  8. nuggetnougat

    nuggetnougat시간 전

    Jimin: Fakeu Laa Jungkook: Fake Luh Jin: Fakeu Lub

  9. mimi_12 Garcia

    mimi_12 Garcia시간 전

    Jimins remains cute and lovable eventhough funny😁😂 Ilove all the BTS members but this vid is so fun to watch. Jimin being talkative is lovable😚😍😘

  10. Yoongi Oppa

    Yoongi Oppa시간 전

    *sees VMIN with a hair tie* Me: 911, i need an ambulance, i might have a heart atta-

  11. Bich Tung Lu

    Bich Tung Lu시간 전

    BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. Andreanne Enano

    Andreanne Enano시간 전

    I hope one day ryujin can show us this dance, maybe on vlive or something hehehehe

  13. mỹ võ

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  14. محمد إحمد

    محمد إحمد시간 전

    انا بحب فرقة بي تي اس يلي يحب فرقة بي تي اس يحط لايك

  15. Déborah Yasmin

    Déborah Yasmin시간 전

    São muito fofos😍

  16. Infires, man!

    Infires, man!시간 전

    i love how they're blurring out the sprite and coke bottles like we don't know what they are already 😂

  17. Hamide Berna Tunç

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  18. Widya Ramadhani

    Widya Ramadhani시간 전

    Borahae 💜

  19. 송정곤

    송정곤시간 전

    한국인 찾기 어렵네요;;

  20. Liza Elias

    Liza Elias시간 전

    I thought he is wearing a muslim cup..l also thought he have became muslim..😥😖

  21. Reem Yasser

    Reem Yasser시간 전

    اتمنى ان تكونوا سعداء دائما I'm egyption army.

  22. nurzat serikbaev

    nurzat serikbaev시간 전

    жарас лох

  23. tata사마르kim살와

    tata사마르kim살와시간 전

    BTS 💜💜💜💜 for ever v v V TEAHUNG 💜💙

  24. Nicole Navarro

    Nicole Navarro시간 전

    Los amoooooo a todos mí bebé e JIMIN

  25. Yumnam Megha

    Yumnam Megha시간 전

    I think the people like jungkook no more in the world

  26. Noemi Bagoly

    Noemi Bagoly시간 전

    [ENG subtitles] -v- 2013 10th July. V's first solo log!!!!!!!! _I'm so happy OMG ;;;-;;;_ Today, as much as this is my first log, I'll be talking about the time before I was revealed, before the debut. Everyone's curious about the period before I was actually introduced... I... Firstly, I've been together with the members for a long time. Also, we spent Christmas together, I also went to Rap Mon hyung's graduation, Jungkook's graduation... I was back at the dorm, sleeping... And in our song 'BTS graduation', Jimin was wearing my uniform. Jimin took it out secretly while I was sleeping. Also, Jiminie... Before I was revealed, Jimin and my back profile, the two of us took a selca like that and uploaded it. Our fans thought it was Jungkook's back but it was me actually. (_master of deception_) And also, only 6 members were on the group log when it was filmed, right? I was there too actually. I was just standing where the camera couldn't film me, by the wall, watching the hyungs (_the poor baby, that must have been hard ;;;-;;;_). I'll say it again... I've been together with the members the whole time~~~ Definitely!! Really! Being a trainee for so long, all the moments spent with the members, I want to show it to you. I practiced filming logs a lot as well. Firstly... Firstly, I kept filming... Filming filming filming filming. I chose the best one, but I couldn't upload it (_AAAAAAAAH ;;;;-;;;;_). And right when my jacket photos were revealed, I got responses that I didn't expect to get so I was really happy. It was way better than I thought. Bangtan, the group that was formed by 6 members turned out to be 7... 7 member group (_we were only seveeeen_). I think many were surprised.. As bis as the surprise was, the fans response made me really happy. From now on, I'll be BTS's V who will be showing a lot more sides of himself. 2013, 10th July. BTS's V's solo log end! Bye~~ THAT"S IT! Enjoy ^^



    Everybody working and Dancing *camera comes up to SUGA* Suga: *when do we get off of work?*

  28. forever_ bullet_proof

    forever_ bullet_proof시간 전

    Idol:do my thang love myself Black swan: do your thang with me now Thang and lalala are main content bts songs So good 💜💜✨

  29. Yoongi Oppa

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  30. stephanie villarreal

    stephanie villarreal시간 전

    I loved how V was hugging J-hope from behind. 😍❤️

  31. Kristel joy Deal Rosa

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  32. Khaled Saada

    Khaled Saada시간 전

    فن العرب😭😭

  33. Jillian Grancapal

    Jillian Grancapal시간 전

    It's already 2020 I'm still watching this

  34. Yuki Kimochi

    Yuki Kimochi시간 전

    2020 ? :v

  35. neji and sasuke tecsome

    neji and sasuke tecsome시간 전

    I love you bts I want to meet you this is my dream and I love your songs to like fake love you get the best of me and DNA and not today and save me did you sing mic drop and dope

  36. 김영서

    김영서시간 전

    Okay Namjoon now u r the 173829th member of MiNions😂🤣

  37. Maria Eduarda Mariano Araújo

    Maria Eduarda Mariano Araújo시간 전

    Eu Estou com Saudades de vocês 😭😭

  38. Khaled Saada

    Khaled Saada시간 전

    فن العرب😭😭

  39. ephemeral komorebi

    ephemeral komorebi시간 전

    I love how rm brings his all even when rehearsing, like the rest of them are dead and he's there acting as if the show's already begun

  40. Sur Poenya

    Sur Poenya시간 전

    Looks like bighit staff forget that Charlie Chaplin was a comedian, not the main role of horror thing.. LOL

  41. Carolina Rosa

    Carolina Rosa시간 전

    This is the definition of DOPE


    TAEHEE KIM시간 전

    선물할 수 있는 할시도 영광일건데 석진이 신기해하는 그게 더 신기해^^~

  43. Sara Di Valerio

    Sara Di Valerio시간 전

    JK and Jimin being a couple

  44. Khaled Saada

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  45. Jamless Army

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  46. Shelan Slemany

    Shelan Slemany시간 전

    Love bts love jung kook

  47. syupdengi

    syupdengi시간 전

    11:28 jinie's "you first, beach" sweater made an appearance again omg kshsmjsjs

  48. kim tete

    kim tete시간 전

    minhas vidas :(

  49. 별홍시

    별홍시시간 전

    zㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ끝나구 아렘은 왜 안아요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ?

  50. itscarilolololol

    itscarilolololol시간 전

    jin: uwu joon: RaP mOnStA meow: sweg

  51. Théa

    Théa시간 전

    3:07 just a personal reminder

  52. Rahat Zaheer

    Rahat Zaheer시간 전

    Jimins mochi face i love it 🤩🤩❤❤

  53. Leuny Ferreira

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  54. tamara rodriguez

    tamara rodriguez시간 전

    Quien recuerda esta hermosa cancion 😍😍😄😄

  55. kpop lover

    kpop lover시간 전

    1:02 & 1:45 Jungkookie, did you just swear?

  56. Strawberry Princess

    Strawberry Princess시간 전

    I broke my earphones

  57. •Mah- Chan•

    •Mah- Chan•시간 전

    tae was super cute snow white

  58. Billy Langmoir

    Billy Langmoir시간 전

    Jin so cool

  59. Alijan Alijan

    Alijan Alijan시간 전

    I😍 I l😍 I lo😍 I lov😍 I love😍 I love bts😍😍😍😍

  60. Strawberry Princess

    Strawberry Princess시간 전

    4:54 this voice of yoongi is creeping me during midnight

  61. Jamless Army

    Jamless Army시간 전

    2020 and I still cry seeing this

  62. forever_ bullet_proof

    forever_ bullet_proof시간 전

    They are really perfect boys But namjoon oppa and heard his rap on end why he don't dance but it was so good 💜✨✨

  63. Ta Ta kim

    Ta Ta kim시간 전

    Idol ❤idol ❤idol ❤

  64. The Tran

    The Tran시간 전

    Love jungkook

  65. ulfa aqlima

    ulfa aqlima시간 전

    You are the best

  66. Sur Poenya

    Sur Poenya시간 전

    They were really having fun in this era, so happy to see them like this.. youth power

  67. Miss Sarra

    Miss Sarra시간 전

    I'm learning Korean so I can understand them 😂 I think the language is so attractive

  68. Jackie Casol

    Jackie Casol시간 전

    V !!!!!!

  69. Damien

    Damien시간 전

    even tho bst is one of my favorite eras, it hurts to see how skinny the boys were in 2016 i'm so happy that they look healthier in 2020 💜

  70. crazygirl lala

    crazygirl lala시간 전


  71. Bonhwa Lee

    Bonhwa Lee시간 전

    Yo al ver a jimin dándole masajes en la entrepierna a Yoongi: Más gay no pudiste verte.jpg

  72. 웅아니얌ᄒ

    웅아니얌ᄒ시간 전

    탄아 나랑 자리 바꾸자

  73. 유혜지

    유혜지시간 전

    방탄소년단 영상에서 이러면 안돼는걸 알지만 연준이 넘 착하다ㅠ 방탄 이름불릴때마다 벌떡벌떡 일어나서 웃으면서 박수쳐주는 거에 심장폭행ㅠ 오늘부터 모아미

  74. we are jungkook

    we are jungkook시간 전

    #we love you jungkook#

  75. kpop lover

    kpop lover시간 전

    1:10 imma just leave this here

  76. we are jungkook

    we are jungkook시간 전

    We are jung kook

  77. EatJin 24/7

    EatJin 24/7시간 전

    Guys 1.5x the dancing is the cleanest thing ever.

  78. Elliya Firdaus

    Elliya Firdaus시간 전

    Oh my god why i'm crying watching this.. surely he's so happy on his vacation 😭 other boys also..

  79. Miren Fdez

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  80. Jill Jasmine Dela Pena

    Jill Jasmine Dela Pena시간 전

    I really love bts

  81. حسين الملك

    حسين الملك시간 전

    اين اصدقائي الارمي العرب انا لا أراهم اثبتو وجودكم😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🥰

  82. Daiana With Luv

    Daiana With Luv시간 전

    My baby he was born talented :( <3

  83. Berli Kim

    Berli Kim시간 전

    1:27 omgg whyy?? 😭😭

  84. Charlie Lamphere

    Charlie Lamphere시간 전

    Yeontan literally just wanted to see his dad but no one would let him

  85. Axen Butron

    Axen Butron시간 전

    I love you mylove Jungkook..😘😘😘

  86. 잔디

    잔디시간 전

    백설공주가 사이다 먹는데 왜 웃기지?ㅋㅋ

  87. farha K

    farha K시간 전

    0:22 so no one is gonna talk about jungkook's dimple?🥺😍

  88. Berli Kim

    Berli Kim시간 전

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jiminnnnnn

  89. Moonlight Shine

    Moonlight Shine시간 전

    I always end up coming back to this video, I don't know how, but I do.

  90. 러블리박지민

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    우리 지민이 오빠는요....칭찬이 고파요..칭찬을 받지않으며 칭찬을 듣고십어 형들에게 물어봐요...하지만 형들은 무시를 해요...우리 지민이오빠 한테 칭찬을 많이 해주세요..안그럼 삐질수 있으니까요..!

  91. Dina V

    Dina V시간 전

    Что это было?😂

  92. Elisha Jimz

    Elisha Jimz시간 전

    Jiminie so cute

  93. vyjayanthimala alagesan

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    Me: if I'm off the eng sub Again me : saw Korea auto generated 😭😭 Big hit pls put eng sub 🙏🙏

  94. 희희

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    아 뭔가 저 쪼그만 드론 날아다니는 거 보면서 일하는 모습 멋있지만 귀엽네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  95. Hisac TheTigerEntertainment

    Hisac TheTigerEntertainment시간 전

    Guys you are awesome ❣️ i love it . Your vedio gave me goosebumps. I am upcoming artist from ireland.if you want to collaborate please mail me.

  96. itscarilolololol

    itscarilolololol시간 전

    2013: only 4 so don't know what youtube is 2014: still don't know 2015: no 2016: no 2017: nope 2018: still no 2019: just became army 2020: army for almost a year

  97. Амина Цицкиева

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  98. sweetandswirlypop

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