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The East Family

Hey guys, welcome to The East Family!!
If this is your fist time on our channel, WELCOME!! We are so happy to have you join us on our journey. We promise to bring you with us on all of our crazy adventures. As many of you may know, our family just grew by one! Our little baby girl, Drew Hazel East, has opened our eyes to an entirely different kind of love -- one we thought wasn't even possible. We are so thankful for the support that we've received from each of you and are excited to have her with us as we embark on this new journey.
We hope this channel puts a smile on your face and in some way, shape, or form, brightens you day :). We're so happy to have you join the fam, this is gonna be fun!!
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emergency room

emergency room

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Meeting Shawn's Parents


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  1. Katswild

    Katswild6 분 전

    Oops. They forgot to turn off comments lol 😝 but the baby is adorable indeed. ! looks like her l moma!

  2. Tammy Wood

    Tammy Wood17 분 전

    Love y’all hope it is the best journey

  3. Sherri Fewell

    Sherri Fewell40 분 전

    I’m crying at my desk... so precious

  4. MrStevo411

    MrStevo41159 분 전

    THISS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats y'all <3

  5. marcicanp

    marcicanp시간 전

    Baby videos are SO CUTE

  6. Robert Corey

    Robert Corey시간 전

    So happy for you guys🎉🎉🎉

  7. Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore시간 전

    I had to unsubscribe from your texts- my mom died last night- I haven’t slept in 3 days -just as I finally got home from airport and collapsed into my bed, I got a text from you at 7am!!!!!! Wishing me a good day! Please consider 7am is NOT AN APPROPRIATE TO EVER CONTACT ANYONE.

  8. CarilynnSuzanne

    CarilynnSuzanne시간 전


  9. Jerrica Goodwin

    Jerrica Goodwin시간 전

    so envious of how good your in-laws are to y'all. What an absolute blessing.

  10. Katy Nowicki

    Katy Nowicki시간 전

    I cried so many times during this, such a beautiful family inside and out! Congrats ❤

  11. Kerryn Simmons

    Kerryn Simmons시간 전


  12. Nikola B

    Nikola B2 시간 전 Bardzo bym była wdzięczna za jaka kolwiek pomoc. Jest to dla mnie dość ważna sprawa

  13. Krista Roll

    Krista Roll2 시간 전

    Jimmy Johns! :D That was my first sandwich after I had my little guy :D SOOO happy for you both!! <3

  14. Linda Coveleski

    Linda Coveleski2 시간 전


  15. JustJera

    JustJera2 시간 전

    I love this family. So many trials have been thrown their way and they trusted God completely and their little blessing is absolutely perfect. Glory to God. Congrats, East Fam.❤️

  16. madison elizabeth smith

    madison elizabeth smith2 시간 전

    i had tears the entire video. the photos are beautiful. congratulations! she is precious!

  17. Sally Stout

    Sally Stout2 시간 전

    😍 beautiful family

  18. Nerseh Kindermah

    Nerseh Kindermah2 시간 전

    baby Tydus Andrew East. My Baby is Here !!! Thank You to the East Family for My Baby Boy [email protected] @WhiteHouse

  19. Andrea C.

    Andrea C.3 시간 전

    When newborns get kissed by people I get so nervous 😭

  20. Christine Incardona

    Christine Incardona3 시간 전

    Oh my gosh I am SO happy for you guys. I've watched your journey since you announced you were pregnant again. She is beautiful and so lucky to have you guys as parents. Congrats and welcome to parenthood!

  21. Beatrice Hayhurst

    Beatrice Hayhurst3 시간 전

    Omg she is absolutely perfect! This video brought tears of joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. ❤💕🍾

  22. kricord1

    kricord13 시간 전

    Congrats! Thank you for sharing all her firsts!

  23. mskalaebray

    mskalaebray3 시간 전

    Congratulations!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!❤❤❤

  24. Mrs. Felton

    Mrs. Felton3 시간 전

    Congratulations East Family!

  25. Amanda Schumacher

    Amanda Schumacher3 시간 전

    I work for Pediatrix and do the Newborn Hearing Screens. Seeing you include her hearing screen certificate made me so excited!!! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl!! 🖤🖤

  26. Iris Garcia

    Iris Garcia3 시간 전

    All the feels!!! 🥺🥰💜

  27. Sarah Wells

    Sarah Wells4 시간 전

    So happy for you guys and so proud of you Shawn! I had my first c section in 2017 which was an emergency c section at 27 weeks and it was so scary! You did a great job! 💕

  28. Erica Walker

    Erica Walker4 시간 전

    She’s just beautiful💖 I remember that after birth glow where mommy and daddy are just floating on ⛅️

  29. ashley salden

    ashley salden4 시간 전

    Not sure if it’s because I’m 37weeks Pregnant... but I cried the whole time I was watching this! Yalls are the sweetest people! Drew has an amazing life ahead of her for you two being her parents! Good luck and Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!!!

  30. Elissa Ousey

    Elissa Ousey4 시간 전

    Congratulations! So happy for you and the beautiful new edition to your family!!

  31. Lauren .name.

    Lauren .name.4 시간 전

    Congrats Shawn and Andrew she is beautiful and I hope you enjoy the rest of your life with her well done Shawn

  32. The Hampton House

    The Hampton House4 시간 전

    Wow thanks. Not even a minute in and I’m crying. 😭♥️

  33. Jennyanydots 85

    Jennyanydots 854 시간 전

    This is silly, but when Shawn handed the baby to the doctor, the baby started to cry..... I totally started shaking/rocking my phone like I was going to soothe the baby that way..... 😂😂 Such a beautiful baby! Congratulations Shawn Andrew! 🎉🎉

  34. Becka McGinn

    Becka McGinn4 시간 전

    I love how your mom gives you a kiss even before laying eyes on the baby. My mom passed away two months ago. One of my fondest memories is of her meeting my daughters for the first time.

  35. Kellee R

    Kellee R4 시간 전

    Sweetest video ever! Congratulations 🙂

  36. Joanne Howell

    Joanne Howell5 시간 전

    Beautiful Gods Gift - Bless you 3 - Drew has Daddy's eyes for sure! 100% ....The rest Shawn : ) Either way she is going to be beautiful!

  37. Erika Bareiss

    Erika Bareiss5 시간 전

    OMG the picture of the sneeze at the end! So freaking cute!

  38. Robin Kelly

    Robin Kelly5 시간 전

    This just gives you all the feels!

  39. sydney mcclain

    sydney mcclain5 시간 전

    She’s adorable

  40. Amanda Nunez

    Amanda Nunez6 시간 전

    That is totally what I am going to after I am done giving birth having hearty deli meat sandwich. She is so beautiful. Congratulations. You guys are awesome.

  41. Monique Broady

    Monique Broady6 시간 전


  42. Athena Watkins

    Athena Watkins6 시간 전

    Guys, I am so happy for you all!!! Thank you for allowing us to see your most precious moments.

  43. sarahwithstars

    sarahwithstars6 시간 전

    8lb8 what a trooper Shaun is!!! Crikey Aww you champ Andrew getting your wonderful wife Sushi within 48hr of giving birth!! Xxx

  44. Hedi Breshears

    Hedi Breshears6 시간 전

    Becoming a mom is amazing! But I cringe when people kiss a brand new baby on the face/lips! She’s a beautiful baby girl and congrats to you both!

  45. Becky H

    Becky H6 시간 전

    Comments and 1 million subscribers. Congratulations again! She’s beautiful. I love you guys!!

  46. Andrea Rose

    Andrea Rose7 시간 전

    Congratulations, sweet East family! :) May God richly bless the future of this baby girl, and anoint you both with wisdom and understanding. :)

  47. Jennifee Kennedy

    Jennifee Kennedy7 시간 전

    This had me in tears! So happy for Shawn and Andrew as well as the new grandparents!!

  48. Ryan Flack

    Ryan Flack7 시간 전

    She's beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your experiences :)

  49. Debbie Peters

    Debbie Peters7 시간 전

    How did you're dog react to the new baby when you brought her home?

  50. Ashley Bishop

    Ashley Bishop7 시간 전

    Beautiful Family and Beautiful moments to look back on. Welcome to the world Drew Hazel East <3

  51. Kay ANT43:19

    Kay ANT43:198 시간 전

    She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  52. Emily Maher

    Emily Maher8 시간 전

    literally cried this entire video so freaking cute

  53. Libby Granigan

    Libby Granigan8 시간 전

    She really is perfect! Congratulations!

  54. Amanda Ober

    Amanda Ober8 시간 전

    Shawn and Andrew congratulations! Cherish every moment, my little girl is turning one soon and the time flies! She's beautiful! 😘 God bless you and your family!

  55. Lexas Berthoud

    Lexas Berthoud8 시간 전

    She is just precious❤️

  56. Angela Gutierrez

    Angela Gutierrez9 시간 전

    This video made me smile so so much seeing the joy of dad telling the family, and seeing the smile on moms face. True happiness.

  57. Amie Jones

    Amie Jones9 시간 전

    I bawl the biggest happy tears every time I watch your videos. I’ve been along for the journey since tour very first video and to experience tour journey along with you is so special. Congratulations again she’s so beautiful

  58. Jennifer Shafer

    Jennifer Shafer9 시간 전

    I'm 36 weeks and 1 day! This makes me even more excited to meet my little boy soon 💙 Congratulations! I have loved following your journey!

  59. muststephie45

    muststephie459 시간 전

    Congrats! Love her name. My grandmother’s name was Hazel. She’s so precious. Sending prayers hugs and lots of love!💗🙏🚼

  60. Alexa Cabello

    Alexa Cabello10 시간 전

    Even tho I lost it since the beginning I lost it even more when they started meeting gym aunties

  61. Alexa Cabello

    Alexa Cabello10 시간 전

    Finally she was born!! Literally this was the largest pregnancy ever!!

  62. Ava Ray

    Ava Ray10 시간 전

    the photos of when she was meeting everyone we’re just so pure 😭❤️

  63. 2 mnedogs

    2 mnedogs10 시간 전

    I cried happy tears the whole way through that one.

  64. captrock H

    captrock H10 시간 전

    Life now begins kids, congrats on the beautiful new baby. As long as All is healthy, all else doesn't matter. Relax and get your strength back Momma, your gonna need it. God bless your family and loved ones. All The Best.

  65. Alex Lowery

    Alex Lowery11 시간 전

    Go Bucks!

  66. Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson12 시간 전


  67. Yaretzi Muro

    Yaretzi Muro13 시간 전

    Sorry but how is this not trending?!

  68. Chris Bordoni

    Chris Bordoni14 시간 전

    Congratulations Shawn & Andrew - the two of you are the cutest couple ever! Drew Hazel is gorgeous & will have such a great life with such great parents💕. 2035 Olympics here we come🤸🏼‍♀️🤸‍♂️! Enjoy every second with her, I can’t wait to watch her grow.

  69. Christina Feigner

    Christina Feigner14 시간 전

    Many congratulations to you two. She is a little cutie.

  70. Carrie Adams

    Carrie Adams14 시간 전

    Best family - congratulations to everyone!!

  71. Carly Elizabeth

    Carly Elizabeth15 시간 전

    Omg your family is literally so beautiful!!! This video made me cry with joy for all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. Vickie Swearingen

    Vickie Swearingen15 시간 전

    Congratulations guys! Drew is just perfect! Gotta say, I was hoping for a girl too! Love ur clogs, this by far is the best! You both already are the cutest parents ever! God Bless!

  73. Amber Holliday

    Amber Holliday15 시간 전

    Who?!?! I mean who???? Who would ever dislike such a wonderful joyess video! Either 100+ people accidentally pressed the wrong button or they are the most hateful people known to mankind! Or jealous but still hateful! Congrats Guys! Proud parents just radiate from you guys! Enjoy it because you really do blink and they are grown! Any advice I can give is PATIENCES! Be patience! Nicely edited vlog too! I enjoyed it! Once again congrats! There is no other like having a innocent sweet beautiful baby!

  74. Claire Inspiros

    Claire Inspiros15 시간 전

    What an emotional and gorgeous family moment to witness x

  75. Lindsay Cameron

    Lindsay Cameron15 시간 전

    Got me crying before I gotta go to work 😭😍

  76. Jen E

    Jen E15 시간 전

    Congratulations! She's BEAUTIFUL!💖💕💖💕💖

  77. itchy711

    itchy71115 시간 전

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

  78. Gi L

    Gi L15 시간 전

    the sneeze at the end was so adorable. she's just the perfect blend between the two of you. can't wait to see what the future holds for the East Fam. i anticipate a big personality and lots of energy

  79. Boss Chic Entertainment

    Boss Chic Entertainment15 시간 전


  80. ramaziliveslife

    ramaziliveslife16 시간 전

    Congratulations! My heart is so happy for you both. I remember being heartbroken for you when you miscarried. I'm so, so happy that you have a beautiful baby girl now.

  81. will billingham

    will billingham16 시간 전

    Congrats she's beautiful

  82. Pj Jama

    Pj Jama16 시간 전


  83. L Seabury

    L Seabury16 시간 전

    Aww, I was so praying & hoping a boy (Son) for Andrew & his Dad, both whom been through SO much past yr. Disappointing heartache is totally seen through & understandable. Good that mum & baby are ok though. Ty KOgos for recovery.

  84. Samantha Ginsberg

    Samantha Ginsberg16 시간 전

    Your moms right! I had 2 babies look sooo much like that. Big beautiful lips and just a perfect face. Nobody could believe how beautiful. Drew looks exactly like that. Exceptional beauty for sure. Enjoy her. Bless the whole family!! Good job mama!

  85. Penny Lester

    Penny Lester16 시간 전

    What a beautiful experience and video. Thank you Shawn and Andrew for allowing us to come along. Your photographer did a wonderful job.

  86. Darcy Halfpenny

    Darcy Halfpenny16 시간 전

    Congratulations on the BABY GIRL it's going to be a wild ride

  87. Jessica Davis

    Jessica Davis16 시간 전

    So happy for you guys!!!!! Drew is so perfect

  88. Belinda L

    Belinda L16 시간 전

    She is so beautiful, congrats to you both !!!!!

  89. Mrs. PuppySaver For life

    Mrs. PuppySaver For life17 시간 전

    You have that mommy glow, Shawn. Congratulations you two! You made a beautiful little girl

  90. Kelly Wagner

    Kelly Wagner17 시간 전

    She is beautiful congratulations to you all ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  91. lulu2lalas

    lulu2lalas17 시간 전

    I need to stop watching this, I'm getting baby fever and my baby is barely 9 months!

  92. Angelia Cowart

    Angelia Cowart17 시간 전

    Omgosh, you guys!! 🥰 I am BEYOND happy for y'all! I, too, went through something similar. She's sooooo beautiful and I couldn't be more touched by the absolute perfection and pure love💕💕💕

  93. Alexis Lomeli

    Alexis Lomeli17 시간 전

    Perfect little nugget!! ❤️ wow shawn was up and about right after her c section. Go girl! Lol... I had such a hard time walking and standing after mine.

  94. Courtney Jackson

    Courtney Jackson17 시간 전

    this is everything. Shawn and Andrew are glowing! and drew is the most perfect baby!

  95. Tessa Bessa Stradford

    Tessa Bessa Stradford18 시간 전

    Me and your little baby girl have the same birthday!!

  96. Trish Radloff

    Trish Radloff18 시간 전

    Also heads up to your Editor, for doing such a great job with this video.

  97. Carla May

    Carla May18 시간 전

    Congrats from Iowa! She is beautiful!!

  98. Madison Jackson

    Madison Jackson18 시간 전

    definitely cried watching every baby video 😭❤️

  99. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Jeffrey A. Smith18 시간 전

    Looks like we have another gymnast on our hands. Not saying professional. Just a potentially talented gymnast is all, CONGRATS GUYS!!

  100. Holly J.

    Holly J.18 시간 전

    What a perfect baby indeed! Thanks for sharing so sweeet so many sweet memories