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  1. Cbo The Second

    Cbo The Second25 초 전

    Given I have never even heard of this show I guess it worked as a promotion, shame it didn't work as an event...

  2. Avarice21

    Avarice212 분 전

    Great show, not sure about transferring it into the game though.

  3. Ashara Z

    Ashara Z3 분 전

    Nothing special about this game mode what so ever, this is just a quick money grab to force people to spend rng bullshit packs, nice try

  4. SpazzD

    SpazzD4 분 전

    my favorite show mad my favorite game just a bad event

  5. Shadowcp

    Shadowcp4 분 전

    I see them disks and i think of the pacifier starring vin diesel

  6. Seul

    Seul6 분 전

    im so glad that the people in charge of changing this game play like bots

  7. RC_Swift

    RC_Swift6 분 전

    We don't want map reworks they work great the way they are. We want completely new maps.

  8. Oerwout10

    Oerwout107 분 전

    1:44 i am a little confused by this explaination. letting the player decide if it is safe to go retrieve one of those throwables seems perfectly reasonable to me. i have a feeling the true reason why they didnt go through with this feature is something else.

  9. Brayan Cedeno

    Brayan Cedeno7 분 전


  10. Jackson Arreola

    Jackson Arreola7 분 전

    Nokk mp7 acog

  11. Jeevan sidhu

    Jeevan sidhu8 분 전

    So basically jager is for people like me that make 10 iq plays... I’m fine with that.

  12. the casual warrior.r6

    the casual warrior.r68 분 전

    This dude has a 0.73 kd

  13. Unitaire

    Unitaire11 분 전

    omfg another Chinese map.. Why are you trying so hard for China to join your community? I'm gonna vomit cuz it's WAY TOO MUCH CHINEESE MAPS IN THIS FU**ING GAME

  14. Moony

    Moony11 분 전

    Keep talking how fun she is and other bullshit. But that its broken for other team noone cares about. Its now gonna be just spray and pray. No more roaming windows

  15. Alban Mehmeti

    Alban Mehmeti11 분 전

    RIP theme park 😞

  16. Iz_elvis

    Iz_elvis11 분 전

    Imagine if they made the map a aqua map, damn what a chance they lost for a worst remake

  17. Dmonkeyboy

    Dmonkeyboy12 분 전

    its wack

  18. Moony

    Moony13 분 전

    Totaly broken sniping trash. Remove that

  19. seldom gamers

    seldom gamers13 분 전


  20. Isaiah

    Isaiah13 분 전

    i love all the italian references when the guys wearing a south Korean flag on his arm....

  21. Pedro Perrotti

    Pedro Perrotti14 분 전

    Worst event ever made!

  22. Joseph Valle

    Joseph Valle14 분 전

    I’d love it if the ranked/unranked system stayed in place (banning, 3 round rotation, etc.), but hostage and secure area were worked in. Nonstop bomb is great for pro-league where it’s 12 round straight, game after game, but I honestly need some competitive mix up than just bomb. It’s been years since I’ve played hostage and certain maps that I enjoyed a lot like Bartlett U. Bring all maps and modes back into unranked would be fantastic imo.

  23. Marko Juric

    Marko Juric15 분 전

    She feels like 2 operators in 1

  24. Nerdguy56

    Nerdguy5615 분 전

    4:30 This could have a nice back story GET IT BECAUSE THE BULLET IS ON HER BACK😂😂😂

  25. Vloodz !

    Vloodz !16 분 전

    Payday: *am i a joke to you ?*

  26. Despon

    Despon18 분 전

    This event could have been so so much more than a simple hostage reskin. Worst event to date.

  27. Da Ultimate gamerZ

    Da Ultimate gamerZ18 분 전

    This game mode is just a giant ad for a show not that many people watch on Netflix

  28. Geovany Santos

    Geovany Santos21 분 전

    i’m banned for 7 days i can’t play this

  29. TruthSeeker 1453

    TruthSeeker 145322 분 전

    Release turkish and pakistani operators already!!! Its about damn time, if next season doesn’t get one, i once again wont buy the Season pass.

  30. tvAndoryuu uu

    tvAndoryuu uu25 분 전

    Ubi, when are we getting server-side debris :^( Tired of dying because of planks of wood only I see

  31. Gonçalo Amaral

    Gonçalo Amaral26 분 전

    Love all of you guys, thanks for the hardwork, underrated

  32. Bing Bong

    Bing Bong27 분 전

    Thatcher and glad just got replaced

  33. Moonlight_Howl

    Moonlight_Howl27 분 전


  34. itz ShadowRain

    itz ShadowRain27 분 전

    Why are people so mad? This is a small event! They would have to do alot more work to rework the map and make a new gamemode right after the holloween event. Also there is probably gonna be a christmas event where you get a free operator. Stop overreacting, this isnt a major event for a holiday. Edit:Speleng erroors

  35. Acu Pncture

    Acu Pncture28 분 전

    Idk why everyone was expecting so much more from this event, they announced it 2 days before release and it’s literally just a Netflix promo. Not to mention we just had Doktor’s Curse 3 weeks ago, they need a lot more time in between special events to make a full reskin of a map.

  36. Guilherme Brito

    Guilherme Brito29 분 전

    worse event of all

  37. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Afro Pharaoh's Medjays32 분 전

    Can you Really Do Bank Jobs on Here Should be able too that's why it's Called Rainbow six Siege Do Bank Jobs that would be Cool an Epic if they added it

  38. Raaj Kapoor Singh

    Raaj Kapoor Singh32 분 전

    good work i like this work my dear 🙂

  39. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Afro Pharaoh's Medjays33 분 전

    Can you Really Do Bank Jobs on Here Should be able too that's why it's Called Rainbow six Siege Do Bank Jobs that would be Cool an Epic if they added it

  40. Big Chungas

    Big Chungas35 분 전

    I like the fact they start to fight an sas operator

  41. Golimand 137

    Golimand 13738 분 전

    Ubisoft employee: uses red dot sight R6 community: *shame*

  42. Nightmare 95

    Nightmare 9538 분 전

    no actual new maps like a offshore oil rig or a cargo ship

  43. Samuel  Moffen

    Samuel Moffen39 분 전

    Thanks to the train who helped me trick people. Alibi. (They took the bait!)

  44. Brandon

    Brandon40 분 전

    "special outfit for the money heist event" what event? it's literally just outfits and hostage

  45. Lefroy

    Lefroy40 분 전

    Why only hibana and vigil?

  46. Toe Thlef

    Toe Thlef40 분 전

    $30 for 2 skins? Yeh no thank you

  47. Tetanus

    Tetanus40 분 전

    so theme park ain’t even a theme park anymore?

  48. stardust 932

    stardust 93241 분 전

    u wanna know what is apparently not easy to make.... NEW WEAPONS....... (except the sniper)

  49. Louis Wells

    Louis Wells42 분 전

    if i don’t experience the professor as the announcer and one of the hostages being arturo i will be very disappointed

  50. Dirty Cupcake

    Dirty Cupcake43 분 전

    4:17 tHiCc !1!1

  51. Vben02

    Vben0243 분 전

    How do you get the skins

  52. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Afro Pharaoh's Medjays43 분 전

    Also Wamai Kenya Outfit has a Hood on it Can he Flip it on Or Off In Battle

  53. Robert Noznip zelazong

    Robert Noznip zelazong43 분 전

    It's so funny that La casa de papel is a Spanish Netflix show. But Ubisoft decided to put the skins on Asian operators instead of the ACTUAL SPANISH OPERATORS! gosh...that is dumb.

  54. Robert Noznip zelazong

    Robert Noznip zelazong43 분 전

    It's so funny that La casa de papel is a Spanish Netflix show. But Ubisoft decided to put the skins on Asian operators instead of the ACTUAL SPANISH OPERATORS! gosh...that is dumb.

  55. Robert Noznip zelazong

    Robert Noznip zelazong43 분 전

    It's so funny that La casa de papel is a Spanish Netflix show. But Ubisoft decided to put the skins on Asian operators instead of the ACTUAL SPANISH OPERATORS! gosh...that is dumb.

  56. Guap Grabber

    Guap Grabber44 분 전

    "OH NO I MELEED". Good, now the devs know our pain. Now fix it...

  57. Daniel R

    Daniel R46 분 전

    People complaining about a free 4 day event. How much more entitled can u be

  58. max eff

    max eff48 분 전

    Can u like bring out TTS on consoles, I don't want to have to wait another month after reveal to be able to play it

  59. Todd

    Todd49 분 전


  60. ShinyXChanman

    ShinyXChanman49 분 전

    Ain’t tryna sound like a modern warfare 2 fanboy but add a character with an acr

  61. Donny boi06

    Donny boi0649 분 전

    I forgot what the name of the song that starts at 3:23 is can someone tell me plz?

  62. venzo9988

    venzo998850 분 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 4:18

  63. Hoo Hoo Coach

    Hoo Hoo Coach50 분 전

    How come it can’t catch bullets

  64. Addison Wong

    Addison Wong51 분 전

    nothing special but atleast ubi got that Netflix money

  65. Steve S

    Steve S51 분 전

    Yeah even though this is extremely mediocre it's alot better than playing Outback and Favela.. in ways it's kind of like newcomer.

  66. Todd

    Todd51 분 전

    wamai still CANCELS GAME PLAY THO!

  67. pivo

    pivo52 분 전

    Надеюсь они добавят razormind.

  68. I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t

    I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t52 분 전

    So Kali twitch and nomad are all rich kids and we god jackal and lion with being sad bois

  69. Anime Dimension

    Anime Dimension54 분 전

    Lmao this is the worst event you guys have ever come up with. Shouldn’t even be called an event. How do you go from the best event to a trash one.

  70. Kill3r 06

    Kill3r 0654 분 전

    Nice back story Glaz: sorry friendly fire Kali: ; _ ;

  71. C.B.

    C.B.54 분 전

    All of this effort and focus but yet, no new map. Would have been awesome to get some type of map involving water.

  72. hofaho

    hofaho55 분 전

    Isn’t just same mode? Why you guys do a special stream for it but not do it for zombie mode? Ubisoft logic

  73. keiran devonshire

    keiran devonshire55 분 전

    Did Netflix give u guys $20 or something?

  74. Panara

    Panara58 분 전

    Awful event imo

  75. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow58 분 전

    Hey Ubi. When will we get Operators that actually look like they’re part of the most elite special forces in the world? Feels weird seeing characters that look like they just got back from vacation in a tactical shooter.

  76. Matthieu Lassus

    Matthieu Lassus58 분 전

    Can't call this an event.

  77. Damn Smoothskin

    Damn Smoothskin59 분 전

    Should’ve put a Spanish song 😐

  78. Plz dont talk to me

    Plz dont talk to me시간 전

    Fishman we need a rename for this

  79. kilsgb

    kilsgb시간 전

    Everyone: finally another Jager! Me: finally another proper black guy!

  80. csongor cselédes

    csongor cselédes시간 전

    When will the BF end?

  81. Joseph Hernandez

    Joseph Hernandez시간 전

    Haters incoming

  82. The legit gyro Zeppeli

    The legit gyro Zeppeli시간 전

    Ya another rework map not some sea related map which would’ve probably looked really cool I thought it would be cool to be either on a pirated boat or a small oil rig but nah

  83. shaneclone15

    shaneclone15시간 전

    Add new maps!!


    STRYDER시간 전

    When the season releases

  85. Napoleon Ellison

    Napoleon Ellison시간 전

    When does it come out

  86. SnipSnipingAllDemNoobsXD

    SnipSnipingAllDemNoobsXD시간 전

    Will the Aug have acog?

  87. thomas the dank engine

    thomas the dank engine시간 전

    No offense ubi but wamai looks gay

  88. Laura Garcia

    Laura Garcia시간 전

    Netflex R6S show, every operator and every map, fighting the white nask and other terror groups

  89. EggerR

    EggerR시간 전

    A guy: We should add an operator from Kenia Ubisoft: Why? A guy: I dunno Ubisoft: ok

  90. Kevin Sqout

    Kevin Sqout시간 전

    Is the update out

  91. COGGZI

    COGGZI시간 전

    This isn't a game mode nor is it bonus DLC. It's an advert.

  92. M r C h i l l

    M r C h i l l시간 전

    Next years operators have masks please !!

  93. swatbot2611

    swatbot2611시간 전

    Money Heist is just such a dumb name

  94. Vovancheg31

    Vovancheg31시간 전

    4:14 THICC

  95. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Afro Pharaoh's Medjays시간 전

    Also Wamai Should have Full Black Panther Outfit and Black Panther Helmet Definitely As Legendary Outfit Inspired By Rainbow six Siege And The Resistance Kenya African Operationers Or Wamai should have A Small Shield that can Deflect Oncoming Bullets from enemies Or They should gave him Tear Gas instead of Bar Wire but they Epic and Are Gone Add Black African Female Operationer there only one in Game that's Clash and Next Operationer Should have Mini Rocket Launcher Or One Handed Garnade Launcher that can shoot Garnade I forget name of one Garnade Launcher Or Next Operationer that can Disable The Lights in the Room One Single Room Great Stuff Guys So Epic and Great Ideals Amazing Work I'm so Looking forward to This And Next Operationers So Epic

  96. Reynaldo Gutierrez

    Reynaldo Gutierrez시간 전

    When the new season coming out

  97. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Afro Pharaoh's Medjays시간 전

    So Amazing There Background is Amazing they Both Are Great I think Operationer I haven't played with them yet but they look cool also they should gave Wamai Battle Scanner instead of Wire everyone has Wire because Kali has Rocket

  98. Mohamed El Marzguioui

    Mohamed El Marzguioui시간 전

    4:07 didn't know jeff kaplan worked on siege XD

  99. Vespergiant

    Vespergiant시간 전

    You should have made wamai MAGnet system to grab grenades and hold them until an enemy walks by then detonating the device

  100. Ayyaz khan

    Ayyaz khan시간 전

    Being a stun and grapple amaru main, wamaii is going to make my life a living hell.