The Burntacan gets INSANE 14 inch Wide Wheels and Tires!!

In today's episode we're test fitting our Rotiform HUR wheels, our Nitto Invo tires, and doing some body work while the engine is pulled.
Huge thanks to today's sponsor be sure to go there first for all your metal needs.
Thanks to Rotiform for the hookup on the wheels, check them out at
Thanks to Nitto Tires for the tires you can find them at
And thanks to for coming out to the shop and mounting the tires on the wheels.
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  1. kristopher herbst

    kristopher herbst16 일 전

    Damn, those wheels are HOT !!! Sweet choice...

  2. Gaita Ponto

    Gaita Ponto23 일 전

    These wheels are insane...very nice.

  3. Whayne Padden

    Whayne Padden29 일 전

    245 on a 10" wheel is a big no no, no legit shop would even do that. 285 would be more appropriate.

  4. Ryan Lopez

    Ryan Lopez개월 전

    Wheels are crazy cool!!!

  5. ProjectZGarage

    ProjectZGarage개월 전

    Wow!!! Love the wheels really sets the car off good luck with finishing the Car looking forward to the finish product.

  6. Darkness

    Darkness개월 전

    New wheels are sick.

  7. IdealSound & Performance

    IdealSound & Performance개월 전

    "I dont understand half this machinery here" *sees tire machine, tire balancer, some dude*

  8. Patrick W

    Patrick W개월 전

    The Rotiform link does work.

  9. Patrick W

    Patrick W개월 전

    Doesn't ****

  10. goodluckwithallthat

    goodluckwithallthat개월 전

    waiting for a new episode got me like a cracked out nancy pelosi after trump wins back to back elections

  11. Brian B

    Brian B개월 전

    This is inspirational repurpose at its best 🤘🏻👏🏻


    THE REPOST개월 전

    Those rims.just wow

  13. bxzzl pp

    bxzzl pp개월 전

    No quema cuh

  14. ValladolidArde

    ValladolidArde개월 전

    Oscar is killing it, turbos still the wrong way around. cris is recording dumbass work and not filming the good usual...

  15. Zarko Pecanac

    Zarko Pecanac개월 전

    It is insane the amount of talent you have and it's crazy that you are doing all this from your small shop. I salute you brother. Keep rockin.

  16. Brandon9thGen

    Brandon9thGen개월 전

    I think Murican is a better name

  17. simon fawcett

    simon fawcett개월 전

    Those wheels look sik it's going to make that Lambo look so good

  18. less kiss

    less kiss개월 전

    "Thats a fender" lmao

  19. InherentPaper11

    InherentPaper11개월 전

    I’m new here after SEMA are you going to take the wrap off and actually paint it ? Because that would be some good content to that I would definitely watch so far I think this is the best build I’ve seen on KOgos

  20. Fawaz Abdulhamedd

    Fawaz Abdulhamedd개월 전

    Sick rims👌

  21. less kiss

    less kiss개월 전

    Paint The Wheels Black More Aggressive 😈

  22. Vodkacannon

    Vodkacannon개월 전

    You're a good man.

  23. MyMoparsToo

    MyMoparsToo개월 전

    Wow, really cutting it close to Sema! I'm freaking out and It's not even mine.

  24. itrpower

    itrpower개월 전

    #Muracan 🇺🇸🦅

  25. love is my religion

    love is my religion개월 전

    B is for build 😒 get a car, take parts off and put different parts on it😊

  26. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo개월 전

    "Thats a fender" lmao

  27. Chris Dragan

    Chris Dragan개월 전

    Love the tear down music. Perfect background.

  28. Tobias Føste

    Tobias Føste개월 전

    Perfect wheels Chris 😍👌🏼 I really like your build and your channel. - By the way i'm watching from denmark (europe)

  29. JAY3 CASH

    JAY3 CASH개월 전

    This piece of art is going to be ONE OF A KIND!!💯🔥

  30. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo개월 전

    Where is B for Boat? You bought it July, and after the 6th, no more.

  31. Côme Thiburs

    Côme Thiburs개월 전

    this fender will allow gravel to hit the side windows when you turn. lip should continue on the door, but that's just me.

  32. Rev

    Rev개월 전

    Coming a long nicely

  33. VINMAD666

    VINMAD666개월 전

    #HATER I'm a hater once upon a time my mom told me if I got nothing nice to say don't say it ----- So

  34. VINMAD666

    VINMAD666개월 전

    Still like n watch ur videos....... u sir r very talented........ be safe ...... keep doin what you do........ ~~~ PEACE

  35. Nelson Ocasio

    Nelson Ocasio개월 전

    Wow the wheels look awesome

  36. Mc- Dev

    Mc- Dev개월 전

    THAT'S called a fender...

  37. Slider68

    Slider68개월 전

    I love almost everything about this build but have always hated features that, for the sake of looks, take away from performance and safety, especially if I also don't personally think they look good. I prefer features that look like crap but that provide gains in performance and functionality. Major stretching of tires to fit on ultra-wide wheels has got to be one of the worst things anyone can do to their vehicle. Not only do stretched tires perform and ride poorly but they also, IMO, don't look very good. To make matters worse (probably the main reason I don't like them) stretched tires are dangerous. A guy at my previous work had modded Honda Civic and installed ultra-wide rims. Instead of buying appropriate tires, he stretched the tires to fit. He thought those stretched tires were ultra-cool and kept boasting about haw much stretch his rear tires had. He had gone to several tire dealerships before finally finding one willing to install the tires on the ultra-wide wheels. I rode in his car with the stretched tires and the car wouldn't go straight (kept wandering left then right) and every little bump was a loud bang. About a month after installing the wheels, while cruising on the highway at 75 mph, a rear tire suddenly deflated and came off the rim. He lost control, spun the car, and bounced off the highway barriers. Every single fender, bumper and door was damaged and his insurance wrote the car off. I don't really know how far these tires have been pushed (stretched), but I'd be either finding some wider tires to fit those rims or I'd get rims that fit the tires.

  38. toxicbond

    toxicbond개월 전

    How much do you think those tyres and wheels cost 💀

  39. ThaRealJules

    ThaRealJules개월 전

    Paint The Wheels Black More Aggressive 😈

  40. Killa Subie

    Killa Subie개월 전

    #37 on trending🤯 (11-1-19 @ 8:38 am EST)

  41. Rise Only

    Rise Only개월 전

    What bog ( body filler) did you use all the big I’ve seen and used goes Green when you at the Hardner?

  42. Bin hajib

    Bin hajib개월 전

    Very nice clip I hope to subscribe to my channel

  43. Mann Domo

    Mann Domo개월 전

    make it happen men, sema is coming💪🏻

  44. FrederikRS4

    FrederikRS4개월 전

    Those wheels are actually a design copy of the original Huracan upgraded wheels.