Tearing down my Salvaged Raptor to find all the DAMAGE

In today's episode were tearing the damaged parts off the Raptor.
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  1. Bob C

    Bob C5 일 전

    What makes you think waving your hand in front of the camera does anything. Have you ever seen a professional do that? Just stop it. Slow down and stop waving the camera around. If you can afford a Raptor you can afford a tripod. Great video though. Another note. You need to slow down. You sound like you have had 8 cups of coffee. You are not going to make it to 40.

  2. The Savior

    The Savior7 일 전

    the thing you think is a wheel speed censor is the locking hub

  3. The Savior

    The Savior7 일 전

    my blower will build boost in N ...

  4. Marfoir0303

    Marfoir03039 일 전

    Do you need a dealers license to buy vehicles from the auction; thank you love the show 😎

  5. Big GoODLIFE

    Big GoODLIFE13 일 전

    You can drive around with balls hangin. And people can say ya got bluballs

  6. Cole Abney

    Cole Abney14 일 전

    You she to hit it the lock button twice then double tap the 2x button

  7. Yisroel Birnhack

    Yisroel Birnhack27 일 전

    Press the lock button 2 times and the press the remote start

  8. Samasoni Faatiliga

    Samasoni Faatiliga개월 전

    click lock then 2 times

  9. On Time Services

    On Time Services개월 전

    lock then double press

  10. RONALD B.

    RONALD B.2 개월 전




    Sounds awesome!

  12. Edwin Storz

    Edwin Storz3 개월 전

    That Tie Rod Fracture is the very reason why we need to get away from China.....Trump 2020

  13. UploaderNine

    UploaderNine3 개월 전

    LOck and double tap

  14. Thor Thunder

    Thor Thunder3 개월 전

    You can see a forging defect in the metal on the break.

  15. VINMAD666

    VINMAD6663 개월 전

    Glad to see jack stands.........lots auto channels DON'T use them..... STAY SAFE.....NEVER STOP........new sub ......thanks bro

  16. richranchernot

    richranchernot3 개월 전

    Gonna crab down the highway!

  17. Gus Catarino

    Gus Catarino4 개월 전

    B is for Blue

  18. jack DagnelsTWO

    jack DagnelsTWO4 개월 전

    That big thing that came off the axle is the vacuum engage for 4x4. the small one is the abs and speed sensor.

  19. Nicholas Ross

    Nicholas Ross4 개월 전

    13:31 ..... dude I'm pretty sure the fj was blue until it got raptor lined lolol

  20. Dylan McCraw

    Dylan McCraw4 개월 전

    hit the lock button once the hit the other button twice and itll start

  21. Ed West

    Ed West4 개월 전

    Why not wrap the back of it in dinosaur skin. Do what want to the front half of the TRUCK. From the rear half of the body roof, sides and bed wrap it in dinosaur skin. After all, it is a beast. Isn't it?

  22. Alex S

    Alex S4 개월 전

    This is why you don't try to jump the damned things

  23. Gunner Roberts

    Gunner Roberts4 개월 전

    You have to lock the truck then remote start it

  24. Ben Revitt

    Ben Revitt4 개월 전

    Even though it would ruin the truck raptor liner would look pretty sick

  25. Astref

    Astref4 개월 전

    3:09 For those of us that likes to go "grocery shopping" 😏

  26. jonthus1

    jonthus14 개월 전

    Hi do you source your cars / trucks from Copart ? what's your experience with them if it is .

  27. Andrew Locke

    Andrew Locke4 개월 전

    what make and model is the detector

  28. PopulistMonk

    PopulistMonk4 개월 전

    The small sensor is a wheel speed sensor for the abs and traction control systems. The much bigger "sensor" is actually the 4X4 actuator that "locks" the front hubs to the front differential in 4WD. It's a vacuum operated actuator. Check to make sure the housing isnt cracked or it will keep the hub "locked" in 4WD effectively lowering fuel mileage.

  29. Damian Garcia

    Damian Garcia4 개월 전

    The line is vacuum actuated hub to engage the 4x4

  30. Lucas Savage

    Lucas Savage4 개월 전

    You half to lock the truck and then double tap the power start

  31. Busa_rdr

    Busa_rdr4 개월 전

    Hit lock button first then press the start twice.

  32. Willville

    Willville4 개월 전

    stop ads

  33. Willville

    Willville4 개월 전

    no ads

  34. David McLean

    David McLean4 개월 전

    Places that sell parts often loan tools.. the ball joint press in particular.. its easy to do with an impact hammer.

  35. Christopher Moore Jr

    Christopher Moore Jr4 개월 전

    You have to lock it before you 2× press

  36. dirtshower250

    dirtshower2504 개월 전

    Boy thinks a f150 is big 😂, take a look at any 3/4 Tom truck and realize how much heavier they are built

  37. Alphatrion 001

    Alphatrion 0014 개월 전

    No! Leave it blue.

  38. brucenoneyabusness

    brucenoneyabusness4 개월 전

    Frame shop! The lower control arm mounts should be in tolerance

  39. dylan lenc

    dylan lenc4 개월 전

    You have to have the truck locked yo use the remote start

  40. Kactapuss

    Kactapuss5 개월 전

    No Raptor liner - I think it looks like boogers.