So You Want an Acura TL

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Comfort, style, and looks. But it wasn't always this way. The Acura TL first and second generations are often forgotten, along with the 4th. The 3rd gen is the one we often see at car shows, but why is that? Today Alex goes through some of the history of the TL along with some things to watch out for. Reliable daily, or show car? You're the judge.
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So You Want is a series dedicated to talking about all things automotive. From engine swaps to cars such as the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Honda S2000, Subaru WRX, and many more. Strap in as Alex gives you the lowdown on what to expect if you are looking at owning, working on, or modifying any of these cars.
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  1. Fitment Industries

    Fitment Industries개월 전

    What's your thoughts on the 4th gen TL? Comment below! Also, pick up your hoodie to get entered to win a free set of wheels, tires, and suspension!

  2. Royce Han

    Royce Han6 일 전

    When u mentioned the small revision to the 3rd gen with some *changes you failed to mention it being a huge revision being that the Type-S was brought back and not only did it come with new everything from front to back it came with an all new motor, the 3.5 liter beast at that time. The new motor is like the biggest thing you could’ve mentioned imo and it wasn’t just *new gauges* like you said. Also, IMO the 4th gen should be talked about since it’s the last gen we’ll ever see of the TL, sadly to say. The most well equipped, most expensive 4th you could buy was more expensive than the cheaper and smaller and slower best, most equipped TLX that later came to replace both the TL and TSX. Prob ones of the Biggest mistakes ever made by Honda of North America. I bought the 2002 TL Type-S brand new back when it first released in early 2001 and you were right about it cuz I went through 3 new trannies before it even hit 100k miles, I then bought the 2004 TL with A-Spec option and 6 speed manual and loved it so much I bought the 2008 TL Type-S with 6 speed manual which was my fav of all time and I’d still have it today if it weren’t for a drunk driver hitting me and totaling out my car. I then bought my last TL I’ll ever buy which is what I’m still driving now and it’s a 2013 TL SH-AWD with yet again, a 6 speed manual tranny and it’s actually a car I had to grow to love but now I like even more than 3rd gen because it’s a better car. So when it comes to the TL, having driven 4 of them I think I know what I’m talking about. Just thought I’d share my 2 cents with y’all.

  3. Travis Scott

    Travis Scott16 일 전

    Can you do a review on the Acura TSX?

  4. rylan short

    rylan short17 일 전

    I have a 2011 TL with the 3.7L tech pack and sh-awd. Bought used around 65000 km close to 130000 km now very happy still.

  5. bigkarl24

    bigkarl2425 일 전

    Actually not a bad car 2nd gen or 3rd gen but get the manual trans

  6. Quinn Crux

    Quinn Crux28 일 전

    Cant forget about my orange seats and door trim. Stock too. Pops so much.

  7. Cain Guzman

    Cain Guzman4 시간 전

    CL>TL curse your shitty 2000's transmissions Honda!

  8. Criss Castro

    Criss Castro10 시간 전

    "So you want a acura rl" highly recommend!! This car is amazing

  9. Jennifer Jones

    Jennifer Jones3 일 전

    Loved my 02 Acura TL S-TYPE

  10. Gabriel Cruz

    Gabriel Cruz3 일 전

    I love my 4th gen,, and dont get it twisted the 3rd gen is 🔥🔥🔥. If you know what you doing on the 4th gen it will look bad ass

  11. Kraig Hunter

    Kraig Hunter3 일 전

    I'll help him out. 04-06 autos are trash (not all) but most do, 07-08 they fixed it. Get ready to replace lower ball joints, they love to fail. Get ready to have cracks in your dash (i still dont, Counting the days). Do not use the Bluetooth, will kill your battery its faulty. Other then that, beautiful car to drive, looks good in the summer and is a tank in the winter. Cough cough Acura legend is still better. Real classic

  12. Nasim Wehbe

    Nasim Wehbe3 일 전

    Please do one on the TSX. Would love to see your take.

  13. YCGaming

    YCGaming4 일 전

    Can you guys do a Honda CR-V video

  14. michoacano15

    michoacano154 일 전

    Owner of a 2008 TL .... love this car....

  15. Big Mike Beasley

    Big Mike Beasley5 일 전


  16. Big Mike Beasley

    Big Mike Beasley5 일 전

    I luv my TL

  17. Fresco Beatz

    Fresco Beatz5 일 전

    ❌❌❌❌DO AN EPISODE OF THE 05-09 LEGACY GT!!!❌❌❌❌

  18. Jonathan Simmons

    Jonathan Simmons5 일 전

    What your take on 90's Honda Accord ex coupe in the tuner world? Can you make a video about that?

  19. Marcos C

    Marcos C5 일 전

    “So you want to own to own an Acura TL” time: 6:45

  20. Yadiel López

    Yadiel López6 일 전

    You guys should do a tsx video

  21. That's boofer

    That's boofer6 일 전

    Do one one on the ACURA TSX!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE⚠️

  22. Rafael Delgado

    Rafael Delgado6 일 전

    I loved my TL, I wish the owner I bought it from took better care of it. Sold it last summer and I miss it

  23. Legion of Gamers

    Legion of Gamers6 일 전

    I traded my 99 EK sedan for the '07 TL. Definitely have an 8-8 but I see your point. lol

  24. FE Bagga

    FE Bagga7 일 전

    I got a ua7 (TL Type-S). Daily that bitch. Runs decent. Fast. Convenient. It’s a really good overall car.

  25. The_Solution

    The_Solution7 일 전

    Wait this isn’t donut media

  26. 302 Creeker

    302 Creeker7 일 전

    I daily a TL... it blows

  27. Keston Leader

    Keston Leader8 일 전

    Ive got an 05 TL. Had a few issues with the Automatic transmission but other then that I love this bad boy! Wouldn't get rid of it ever, even after my I get my next vehicle. Its also in great condition!

  28. DJ Yahtta

    DJ Yahtta9 일 전

    Update: I have learned how to drive manual and now regularly take the TL to school. Now if only I could kick my fear of stopping on hills in heavy traffic.

  29. Ian Above

    Ian Above10 일 전

    " So you want a KIA Rio. ". 😂

  30. VictorTea

    VictorTea10 일 전


  31. Insider Approach

    Insider Approach10 일 전

    UASquad Car Club nice :P

  32. Captain Carlos01

    Captain Carlos0111 일 전

    I wish there were more 2012-2014 manuals. I actually really want one but I havent been able to find one close enough to where I live 😭

  33. Tim E.

    Tim E.11 일 전

    I have an acura RL and love it. Out of all the vehicles I own it's been the best so far. Handles really good. You could steer corners with your pinky finger if you wanted too. Great on gas for a v6 too.

  34. DustPlayz YT

    DustPlayz YT12 일 전

    Best car Ik de tho I own one and I want to put a loud exhaust on it look so dope

  35. Josue Lopez

    Josue Lopez12 일 전

    I have an tl type-s nice sedan cars.. 3.5 v6 motor with short ram intake.. it’s a nice car 💯

  36. Josh Lamb

    Josh Lamb12 일 전

    Tlx (5th gen) ...

  37. MacDonald Auto

    MacDonald Auto13 일 전

    So you want to subscribe to my channel, because I also own an '07 Acura TL-S 6MT!!!

  38. 1lamborghinimercialagoSVfan

    1lamborghinimercialagoSVfan13 일 전

    I turned 17 and got a 2009 White diamond pearl TL FWD, love the thing to pieces. Already got wheels and a tint on it, exhaust is next

  39. Ivan Clark

    Ivan Clark13 일 전

    Sounds like u don't know Acura what about negative

  40. Ivan Clark

    Ivan Clark13 일 전

    Owned 2 of these Acura 2007-2006 tl and a 2001 cl type s

  41. James Anastasia

    James Anastasia13 일 전

    I have a 2nd generation TL S type with 180k+ miles..Must be 🍀 lucky because I have the original transmission and no problems!!!🙏🙏🙏The 2nd gen is cool,but I prefer the 2nd.(looks wise) And yes it’s definitely a reliable vehicle 🚗...👍👍👍

  42. Tyler Muccio

    Tyler Muccio13 일 전

    Ayee I got a TL with 273976 only had a thermostat issue

  43. Mark Sieg

    Mark Sieg13 일 전

    What do I think? Accord 6-6 and you get everything the TL has except the pig fat

  44. Richard Mckoy

    Richard Mckoy14 일 전

    I have a 06 TL n sorry to say son!! No Bluetooth or even a aux cable wtf but i do love my car best car i ever bought on my life but where's the Bluetooth son?

  45. Fast Cash

    Fast Cash14 일 전

    I love my 07 type s💪🏾💪🏾 got me from florida to Michigan🤹🤹🤹🤙🏾 smooth and cheap on gas 🙌🏾

  46. TheShangralaaaa17

    TheShangralaaaa1714 일 전

    Lmao it didn't have bluetooth that was worth a shit tho

  47. ShaKYGT

    ShaKYGT15 일 전

    Love my 2007 TL. I’ve had a couple small problems over time like an altinator go bad causing my battery to die and a coil plug go bad but that’s been it. I daily it and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  48. Michael Toeur

    Michael Toeur15 일 전

    I’ve owned a 2006 Acura TL base automatic. The worst Honda/Acura I’ve even owned. So many things went wrong from suspension, sensors, electrical, transmission (twice)!

  49. MoriMoriDoriDori

    MoriMoriDoriDori15 일 전

    I wonder what this dude drives..

  50. JindSing

    JindSing17 일 전

    Only doug demuro is allowed to say "quirks and features"

  51. morsfielder

    morsfielder18 일 전

    Love my 05 6mt. Added short ram intake as well as tsudo jpipe. Powerful comfortable and turns heads. 3rd gen is definitely the best in my humble opinion.

  52. LeHand James

    LeHand James19 일 전

    Can someone let me know the reliability on these tls? Looking to get a 2006-2008 model or a g37. Undecided..

  53. Delete_85

    Delete_8520 일 전

    2nd gen tls are fun as fuck and cheap tho

  54. Jose Luis Robles

    Jose Luis Robles21 일 전

    So you want to own a 1996 Acura TL 2.5 liter with 5 cylinders

  55. mack cummy

    mack cummy21 일 전

    You forgot to say there was a a Type-S.

  56. Almighty Levi

    Almighty Levi21 일 전

    Man tl is a awesome car i have 190k on mine and still running 💪 just keep your oil changed and trans oil changed and ur good

  57. Helson Ly

    Helson Ly22 일 전

    Love my TL

  58. ProjectTL

    ProjectTL22 일 전

    I have a 2004 Acura TL 6MT 135k Miles and It drives outstanding for a 15 year old car !

  59. Frank V.

    Frank V.23 일 전

    I honestly wouldn’t recommend a 04-08 Acura tl I owned one and it honestly was a complete headache I owned it for 5 years and the first 3 was awesome but then it just started falling apart slowly I basically rebuilt the engine and it still had so many issues

  60. Henry Pacheco

    Henry Pacheco23 일 전

    One of Acura’s best creations. They never got it right again after 3 gen

  61. Silas Bishop

    Silas Bishop23 일 전

    Plz talk ab maximas

  62. john ruvalcaba

    john ruvalcaba24 일 전

    Follow my Instagram if you want exhaust pops coming out of your 2004-2008 TL I figured it out

  63. maju khan

    maju khan24 일 전

    See my ig if you wanna see a dope 4g @ma.g_tl

  64. one forty six AM

    one forty six AM25 일 전

    I have a second Gen. 2003 acura TL type S 6 speed manual.I don't think I'll ever buy another car.

  65. KushPizzaSleep

    KushPizzaSleep25 일 전

    Second Gen Acura RL is a way better car