Removing the Damaged Quarter Panel & Door From My Totalled GTR

In today's episode were pulling the rear quarter panel outer skin and door.
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  1. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey19 일 전

    13:52 Can you use a handheld 3D scanner to scan the good side, import that scanned file into a CAD software and then do a mirrored/opposite view?

  2. Gabriel Cifuentes

    Gabriel Cifuentes개월 전

    Just earned a new subscriber. Love how you go into detailed information on how to remove a panel instead of fast forwarding everything like these other rebuilding channels

  3. fars ali

    fars ali개월 전

    Video failed and unhelpful and many words without interest

  4. Project One

    Project One2 개월 전

    That’s more of a project than what I would have wanted to take on

  5. Harit Sarangi

    Harit Sarangi3 개월 전

    The amount of dedication you have given for the build is amazing. I am glad I came across your channel. Good luck :)

  6. DudeOfTheWeek

    DudeOfTheWeek3 개월 전

    What's the music at 4:43? Enjoying your channel, really entertaining and educational!

  7. Haziq Aziq

    Haziq Aziq4 개월 전

    you talk too much😂

  8. J C

    J C5 개월 전

    I would do it the same way there's no way I would remove the roof just cut around it. Nice 👍🏼

  9. turla lawrence

    turla lawrence5 개월 전

    Why you talk so much? How about you fixing your car than talking you use a lot of

  10. lee phang

    lee phang6 개월 전

    Imagine removing all the panels/ shell of the care and remaking transparent ones.... so you can see "inside" like the skeleton of the car. I qould pretty cool. And then imagine the skeleton if it can be made in different color metals and the different transparent panel/ shell of car in different tints!! Sure it will look cool.

  11. seevan maroge

    seevan maroge6 개월 전

    Lol I love how you have your safety glasses in your hands but not have them on when you are cutting out the metal on the back driver wheel.

  12. Ruben Ramos

    Ruben Ramos6 개월 전

    What's a good site for used performance parts?

  13. Eko febriono

    Eko febriono6 개월 전

    Why don't you use Part titles in each episode? a little confusing to look for video stages, that each video is very interesting to follow!!

  14. Salem Al Hamed

    Salem Al Hamed7 개월 전

    Dude you talk more than work

  15. Ian Whealton

    Ian Whealton3 개월 전

    Its called an explanation and teaching. Dont watch it if you are going to be rude.

  16. billbo1852

    billbo18528 개월 전

    Did you find out about the petrol gauge

  17. Chris Langdell

    Chris Langdell8 개월 전

    Definitely a cool build. When you cut the quarter panel by the roof you made a huge mistake only because welding and weld clean up in that area with a proper but joint will be a pain in the ass. Traditionally the quarter panel is cut in the sail panel area which is the sheet metal part of the quarter panel to the right of your rear quarter glass area. Anything is doable but you made more work for yourself in the long run. Oh well. I have seen quite a few of your builds. You will get it done. ✔

  18. Delta BoXeR

    Delta BoXeR8 개월 전

    Some ugly ass seats in that thing. Grey leather...

  19. Veronica Ward

    Veronica Ward8 개월 전

    this car is a unibody frame, right ? if so you need to support the heck out of the car so the body doesn't shift .

  20. Banned.

    Banned.8 개월 전


  21. justin benton

    justin benton8 개월 전

    late to the party but does this mean you need to get a new vin number sticker since you replaced the quarter panel?

  22. DmK2310

    DmK23109 개월 전

    that door alignment pin you can find on a 350Z too because the door is a "carrying" part of the car and keeps it stiff

  23. Jim Morris

    Jim Morris9 개월 전

    This was a fascinating episode. It was great to see how you dealt with the spot welds and the seam sealer. Were you cutting away aluminum when you were removing the sealer? It looked like the shape of the body was still formed without any destruction to material.

  24. flying347

    flying3479 개월 전

    You definitely need a new or second hand inner wheel well . The original one is completely fcked

  25. the weird channel •

    the weird channel •9 개월 전

    You saved her very inspiring

  26. Glen Randall Canlas

    Glen Randall Canlas9 개월 전

    I just noticed that youre wearing a Casey Neistat merch lmao

  27. Robert Pitcher

    Robert Pitcher9 개월 전

    What a misleading bodge repair...skillshare plug bullcrap

  28. joshua dine

    joshua dine10 개월 전

    In the future if you forget something just ask front desk at hotel and they will give you free toothpaste and tooth brush. Totally been there as a seasoned traveller. Love your videos



    Fascinating, new sub here just stumbled over your channel good luck with the rest of the build all the best from the UK

  30. Meladi M

    Meladi M10 개월 전

    Does anyone think that spot weld bit would be able to predrill into a 12mm bolt (that broke off in my engine-was holding tensioner)? I'm having a helluva time getting it out due to bolt hardness & limited clearance. TIA!

  31. richard casey

    richard casey10 개월 전

    Couldn’t you have left the uppermost part of the panel in place and cut a new seam to weld to with the new panel?

  32. icozmeq

    icozmeq10 개월 전

    great work! what is the music from 11:00m?

  33. Optimisticality Works

    Optimisticality Works10 개월 전

    please please slow the camera movement. its a great video content, great car, and really interesting but the camera movement kills it.

  34. Nic Hunter

    Nic Hunter10 개월 전

    I had to do this on my land rover for the radiator core support and right rear quarter panel twice since I just grabbed them off a junkyard car. Those cheap ass spot weld drill bits from harbor freight are garbage, they just break. Nice work.

  35. Church 87

    Church 8710 개월 전

    re is for build

  36. Church 87

    Church 8710 개월 전

    just needs a inner quarter no biggie

  37. Jim Lastenburger

    Jim Lastenburger10 개월 전

    I’m not even a car guy and I’m diggin this. Nice job!

  38. miki jovanovic

    miki jovanovic10 개월 전

    New to this chanel...i like it, great content great editor great job...keep on going

  39. T Faber

    T Faber10 개월 전

    Dude has a hard on for Z cars. Good for him ! Thanks to guys like this that this POS wasn't crushed.. I respect him. One more saved ! ( I wouldn't drive it), but to each his own. We are all car guys, and enjoying our lives, enjoying our what it is all about.... I taught my step daughter how to do a brake pad replacement....she was a big hit with her 9th and 10th grade don't want to see my cars. they have fantasies now about careful guys. My wife had to get a baseball bat and ... literally beat the guys away.... I swear true story. I have the rear view mirror of a 92 Camry as proof. Wanna come get your Mirror Mr. Dawson ? And explain to me how I found 8 beer bottles, a roach, and 3 girls in my yard ? Faces unknown...they saw my 12 gauge and all I saw ...just asses. Remember those days ? Now I'm the old guy that shot at them with rock the party of their lives. I feel honored. I'm part of a memory and a story...

  40. Katikoy Boy

    Katikoy Boy10 개월 전

    exited to see the output of the repaired portion...:)

  41. Aj C

    Aj C10 개월 전

    when cutting qtrs out drill spot welds with 8th inch drill bit then use spot weld cutter

  42. alan30189

    alan3018910 개월 전

    Wow! The Japanese sure like their rivets! I guess most vehicles are like this, though. Good work! 👍