Raptor Instantly has Engine Issues, Off-Roading

In todays episode we're fixing a major engine issue and going off-roading!
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Details: In today's episode we are diagnosing a PB606 error on our Ford F150 Raptor, this is an error with the PCM circuit communicating with the knock sensor. In the end we found this was caused by the spark jumping out of the coil boot and grounding on the block. The fix was to replace the coil boots and internals to improve conductivity. And then were waterfall chasing and off roading at Abiqua Falls outside Silverton Oregon.
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  1. Biggs4Life 530

    Biggs4Life 53011 일 전

    I wish California had better laws and regulations for CoPart cars. I would definitely go for something like this but instead need a broker. My family needs a car badly and I see 15-16 Honda Civic EX cars that I feel confident enough in rebuilding for dirt cheap but instead it is required to have a damn broker. Can't catch a break.

  2. Kirk Sides

    Kirk Sides17 일 전

    Love that waterfall. What’s the name of it? Where’s it located?

  3. Christopher Moya

    Christopher Moya19 일 전

    Should of just put that smokin hot red head on the the opening for click bait, prob get twice the views lol 🤣

  4. jack robson

    jack robson21 일 전

    Definatley clickbait BUTT i did rewind to check out the chick in the video a few times so were even!!!

  5. Mike B

    Mike B개월 전

    The thing about Salvage is just because it doesn’t look broke, it doesn’t mean nothing will ever go wrong.

  6. Curtis Francisco

    Curtis Francisco개월 전

    Did you already loose your spare tire

  7. I will eat you’re liver

    I will eat you’re liver개월 전

    Forget raptor, this thing sounds like a trex

  8. DemonSpeed713

    DemonSpeed713개월 전

    can you clean that engine bay please also i subscribed lol

  9. Stephen Dee

    Stephen Dee개월 전

    Good job learning how to use a wrench. I see you had adult supervision but that's the way to do it safely.

  10. Geoffrey O'Brien

    Geoffrey O'Brien2 개월 전

    Link to song at 12:08?

  11. Lion Heart

    Lion Heart2 개월 전


  12. Sean L

    Sean L2 개월 전

    B is for bull-shit 👎🏼

  13. frances alaric

    frances alaric3 개월 전

    you rather introduce your companions than click baiting...

  14. a tribute to Yeah, Sure

    a tribute to Yeah, Sure3 개월 전

    C is for Clickbait.

  15. element 115

    element 1153 개월 전


  16. jason jonilionis

    jason jonilionis3 개월 전

    knuckle busters, waterfall, backseat eye candy, off-roading. Looks good to me, but where'd the spare go?

  17. jim blair

    jim blair3 개월 전

    Typical Ford

  18. Dave Woodmancy

    Dave Woodmancy3 개월 전

    Awesome show. Keep them coming

  19. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith3 개월 전

    12:11 You said earlier, you installed the spare tire, not there..

  20. Emma CN

    Emma CN4 개월 전

    To the girl, it must be hard dating that guy LOL😂😂😂

  21. MoonEDITS

    MoonEDITS4 개월 전

    Most click baiters don’t even get nudged about clickbait, even though everyone knows them and that they’re click-baiting. When this dude does it ONCE, possibly an accident, the comments go fucking ballistic

  22. Jason Mercer

    Jason Mercer4 개월 전

    Driving fast in water never good idea.It will bite u in the ass one day...

  23. Lonestar Bassin'

    Lonestar Bassin'4 개월 전

    Wheel specs?

  24. Reid McPherson

    Reid McPherson4 개월 전

    Does he even wash it?

  25. Benji1982 Zhuang

    Benji1982 Zhuang4 개월 전

    I love it

  26. Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo4 개월 전

    That growl!

  27. eric reanzares

    eric reanzares4 개월 전

    He’s begging for viewers. Poor f*tso

  28. HydroCarbons p

    HydroCarbons p4 개월 전

    there is a weld underneath i saw on a previous video that scares me when you are trying to jump the thing

  29. Max'd Out

    Max'd Out4 개월 전


  30. Zendail

    Zendail4 개월 전

    I feel bated

  31. M. Thee

    M. Thee4 개월 전

    Why not change all sparkplugs while you're at it? But other than that.... that's a really great car!

  32. Sam Weyer

    Sam Weyer4 개월 전

    That a Minecraft waterfall?

  33. mijo mcgyver

    mijo mcgyver4 개월 전

    Add me to the list of folks kvetching about the misleading title. That being said, congrats on having a pretty damn cool Raptor. One of the last of the big V8s with a Roush supercharger, to boot! BTW, you haven't even come close to finding its off-roading limits. Have a good time finding out exactly how kickass that truck is (both on AND off-road).

  34. kathleen long

    kathleen long4 개월 전

    You never showed us the license plate you talked about in #7

  35. Hhvx Sueus

    Hhvx Sueus4 개월 전

    It’s the worst car

  36. Carl Mason

    Carl Mason4 개월 전

    Abiquia Falls, beautiful hike!

  37. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill4 개월 전

    If you have to use Massive click bait! To get people to watch this then you don't deserve my time so I unsubscribe you.

  38. Kenneth James

    Kenneth James4 개월 전

    watch out for Edward and Bella n Werewolves n shit out there.

  39. Bill Sheley

    Bill Sheley4 개월 전

    Is this a 2wd Raptor? WTF?

  40. YooTooobJeff

    YooTooobJeff4 개월 전

    Looks like the spare wasn't installed...