Is this the 2021 Acura TLX Type S you WANT to BUY?

Acura is repositioning themselves with "PRECISION PERFORMANCE" as their mantra. The Acura TLX has received some exterior updates but the rest of the package has been a little lacking. Is this the 2021 Acura TLX Type S that is going to be a major hit with a twin-turbo V6, all new striking exterior, and totally redesigned interior?
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    FROMSCLA7 시간 전

    Would buy this of they had a 2 door hatchback version. In a heartbeat.

  2. Zerghouni Idriss

    Zerghouni Idriss11 시간 전

    If Camaro and Tesla Models S have a baby, it will be this

  3. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides8 시간 전

    You may be right!

  4. Lawrence Coore

    Lawrence Coore13 시간 전

    If only this could the production model

  5. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides8 시간 전

    I know right!

  6. Pinkie Love

    Pinkie Love일 전

    Stella crap Honda

  7. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides일 전

    Thanks for sharing your input and perspective! I appreciate you watching!

  8. P L

    P L3 일 전

    no stick, no sale.

  9. Freddie Bareng

    Freddie Bareng5 일 전

    Arrrghhh! As a die hard Honda fan boy what we really need is a v8 engine option, rear wheel drive and a full size truck to stay competitive. Lexus and Infiniti has us wrapped around their fingers let alone the German boys. Tired of Honda’s “earth dreams” fuel efficiency bullshit. That’s why there’s Tesla. Honda would’ve won the world over if they actually went ahead and put in the v10 that was originally planned for the new nsx. Toyota broke records with the 2jz and that motor came out over 25 years ago. We have the j series v6 engine capable of destroying the 2jz but it can’t handle boost like a 2jz and it’s platform is front wheel drive! Soichiro Honda is rolling in his grave.

  10. mrnike505

    mrnike5056 일 전

    Time for Acura to take over

  11. Dirtyfreqs

    Dirtyfreqs7 일 전

    The thing I hate about these car companies is the prototype always looks amazing then then we get the release actual version it totally loses its appeal and starts to look like a Camry.

  12. Dr-Pepper

    Dr-Pepper7 일 전

    Omg looks ugly as fuck. The rims ugly as well. Put the nsx rims on it

  13. m

    m8 일 전

    That looks sharp. I've been frustrated with Acura for a while. The quality build is there, but the premium and performance soul that needs to go with the Acura brand really hasn't been for more than a decade. With the performance wars, they have basically chosen not to participate. Crazy. In the early 2000's, 290 hp would be very solid, and in the 90's it would have owned. But that's because of such an anemic era of cars. Today, 290 is just way too low. So don't get this wrong. Maybe as a base model. But I think this thing needs to be targeting 400 hp for the Type S. Maybe a naturally-aspirated V6 going over 300, and then a solid, reliable (don't be Germany) turbo-charged V6 performance V-TEC that pushes over 400 hp. Something that would challenge the performance numbers of a 5 series BMW that isn't the M. And get all the attention to detail right...with quality materials. Definitely has to be AWD...hard stop. At least have the option. Bring this thing in under 60k at the top end of specs and options, and I think it sells. It's the right time. So many people have moved away from cars, and Germany is not fitting the just can't have their quality problems and sustain a superior status except in name only to the ignorant. I'm losing interest in them, while being a serious fan of the S6 for years. Nissan has gone blah. Toyota is decent, but not this. Lexus is a true competitor. But I think there is a place for performance luxury sedans still, and this thing could meet the mark.

  14. Jerelle Bullock

    Jerelle Bullock10 일 전

    The car is dope hope they keep it close to concept like the nsx if so definitely gonna sell like the 3rd gen did like hot cakes!! Btw does anyone know when they are unveiling the new generation tlx & type s !!

  15. Jack Sampson

    Jack Sampson11 일 전

    It needs to be real wheel drive.

  16. P99 Medina

    P99 Medina15 일 전

    "Even the rear calipers is as large as a bag of bananas" 😆😆..joe your sense of humor is the best..

  17. William Sey

    William Sey17 일 전

    #bringVTECback 😭 it would be a monster if it does

  18. kuna D

    kuna D18 일 전

    just built it no change.

  19. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides17 일 전


  20. J G

    J G18 일 전

    Very nice. I'll take the yellow one in back😎

  21. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides18 일 전

    The NSX is sexy!

  22. Time To Wake Up

    Time To Wake Up19 일 전

    Love your channel. I want one of these when they come out next year. Quick correction. You stated that Acura began selling cars in the US in 1989, when in fact it was 1986. Thanks for the video and keep up the great work.

  23. Tien Do USA

    Tien Do USA20 일 전

    Yeah the Lexus GS350 is almost dead in the US. I hope this can replace the Lexus GS

  24. MurderMostFowl

    MurderMostFowl21 일 전

    I’m hoping for a 6 speed manual transmission option.

  25. Eric B

    Eric B22 일 전

    Acura has been around since 1986. Honda was the first to start a luxury brand in the States. Infiniti and Lexus just made a bigger splash when they debuted in 1989.

  26. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides22 일 전

    Thanks for sharing your input and perspective! I really appreciate you watching!

  27. Gustavo Jaime

    Gustavo Jaime23 일 전

    This is unreal if it were tru bmw audi and mercedes wouldve already build something like this for the public , if they do put it out there wouldnt be anyone at a honda dealer or toyota anymore 😂😂

  28. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides23 일 전

    Thanks for sharing your input and perspective! I appreciate you watching!

  29. SuperBob

    SuperBob27 일 전

    This car is such a beauty!

  30. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides27 일 전

    I am so glad that you like this one!

  31. Seven Williams

    Seven Williams29 일 전

    Yes!!!! If it looks just like this without any false hope making it smaller or less aggressive, I would buy this over the 350 gt mustang I plan to get!!!! This is very sharp. Make it strong Acura

  32. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides29 일 전

    I am so glad that you liked this one!

  33. Fade K

    Fade K개월 전

    Let’s do a swap 😂

  34. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Thanks for sharing your input.

  35. Jey Chow

    Jey Chow개월 전

    Make it an EV!

  36. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전


  37. Kyran Caines

    Kyran Caines개월 전

    Acura should make the A spec a mild performance car with about 350-380hp to compete with c63, S4 and 340i. Then make the type S have around 450hp with SHAWD and DCT. A car that looks this aggressive, should have the performance to be taken seriously against other respectable sports cars. I.e BMW M, Mercedes AMG, Audi RS, Camaro SS, Mustang GT.

  38. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Thanks for sharing your input and perspective! I appreciate you watching!

  39. Brandon The Great

    Brandon The Great개월 전


  40. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Yes sir!

  41. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I totally would love for that to happen Brandon!

  42. Brandon The Great

    Brandon The Great개월 전


  43. miachevydude

    miachevydude개월 전

    Needs to be a 2 door coupe.

  44. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전


  45. Theodrick Davis

    Theodrick Davis개월 전

    That is one impressive looking ride, that’ll never see production. Oh well.

  46. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Fingers crossed!

  47. dante Paige

    dante Paige개월 전

    I’m glad they went with a smaller grill

  48. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I am glad that you like this one!

  49. Rey Miami

    Rey Miami개월 전

    Release that one My Goodness

  50. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I know right Rey!

  51. Jason Bostrom

    Jason Bostrom개월 전

    How about bringing back the integra and dumping the lame ilx.

  52. alBURRto

    alBURRto개월 전

    Jason Bostrom ilx is essentially the integra, they just need a coupe version and an entirely new platform

  53. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전


  54. Азат Шарипов

    Азат Шарипов개월 전

    Пожалуйста выпустите её в реале такой, как этот концепт

  55. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Thanks for watching!

  56. Ty Hayden

    Ty Hayden개월 전

    Why are we not talking about engine sizes horsepower ok we see the body of the vehicle I want to no what engine is gonna be official in this looks good but I want it to perform up to its looks..

  57. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Because that info has not been released!

  58. Ocean Man

    Ocean Man개월 전


  59. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Don't hold your breathe!

  60. Random Videos

    Random Videos개월 전

    They should bring back the CL as the CLX

  61. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    It will be interesting to see that happen!

  62. William Hinliz

    William Hinliz개월 전

    Finally a challenger to the stinger! I really hope they offer AWD otherwise don’t bother to make it

  63. Patrick Olmedo

    Patrick Olmedo개월 전

    Hope it makes 350+ hp

  64. AverageSuscriber17

    AverageSuscriber17개월 전

    Hopefully they won’t be shy with performance. It’d be nice to see the car look exactly like this with a V6 TT 400hp SH-AWD w/ DCT and 0-60

  65. Alex Neil

    Alex Neil개월 전

    Its ac yer uh

  66. Jj Long

    Jj Long개월 전

    LIKE if its a bad ass car 😱😱

  67. Zack krohn

    Zack krohn개월 전

    You had me until Front-Wheel drive 😂😂😭😭

  68. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I know how you feel.

  69. Alex S

    Alex S개월 전

    Front looks better than rear. Trunk needs to be a little further out to give nice proportions like BMW 3 or 5

  70. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.

  71. D-Money

    D-Money개월 전

    It has to be faster than a STI. I'm hoping 0-60 in under 4.8 seconds.

  72. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Fingers crossed! Maybe even faster!

  73. blakrootz

    blakrootz개월 전

    if they will copy it as is, they've got a sale from me...door handles should pop in and out like Tesla...would have been great to see a sample of the interior.

  74. Sean Malcolm

    Sean Malcolm개월 전

    It looks like a cross between the Rcf and audi S5. They should've made it RWD or AWD. With a body like that it would be FIRE...

  75. KrUciaL619

    KrUciaL619개월 전

    Keep up the good work

  76. Oldophe Romulus

    Oldophe Romulus개월 전

    Since 86....not 89

  77. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Thanks for the info!

  78. zyou8er

    zyou8er개월 전

    350hp with 170 torque, lol jk.

  79. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I see what you did there!

  80. YoungMan4Quickie

    YoungMan4Quickie개월 전

    Nice copycat of the Camaro ZL1 wheels by Acura... I doubt the production version would look anywhere near as good as the concept

  81. Tim Dawg

    Tim Dawg개월 전

    Tesla nuff said

  82. J. Morris

    J. Morris개월 전

    Beautiful car. My hopes were dashed though when I clicked on the video and saw "concept" in the background. Hopefully Acura keeps most of the design from this concept car, especially the headlights. One thing I'd be curious about is the price of it. Maybe $40K-$50K? Regardless of the price, I think it'd sell well due to its sporty looks. I'm sure the interior would be on point as well. And the fact that it's a sedan helps as well; someone who wants sporty but also practicality would consider this without a doubt.

  83. Cesar Batista

    Cesar Batista개월 전

    If it’s intended to be a sports coupe it should be rear wheel drive please and a AWD option

  84. Neil J

    Neil J개월 전

  85. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    Thanks for sharing your input and perspective! I appreciate you watching.

  86. Chris C

    Chris C개월 전

    Car looks great hope it looks like this

  87. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I totally agree with you!

  88. GeronimoBiggles

    GeronimoBiggles개월 전

    Honda please dont fuck this up.. keep the engine high displacement NA with a manual transmission and 90s honda reliability.

  89. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    I totally agree with how you feel!

  90. Richard HART

    Richard HART개월 전

    I hope it’s all wheel drive.

  91. Raiti's Rides

    Raiti's Rides개월 전

    That will be an option.

  92. Patrick Pavia

    Patrick Pavia개월 전

    Anyone know when this might come out?

  93. Sharon Gorham

    Sharon Gorham개월 전


  94. Mark Piccarreto

    Mark Piccarreto개월 전

    I believe Acura has been around since 1986

  95. Mark Piccarreto

    Mark Piccarreto개월 전

    Acura is Honda's luxury car division, launched in the year 1986. It took Honda ten years of research and development to introduce to the world the first ever luxury automotive brand from Japan. The Legend and the Integra were the first Acura models to be launched in the US and Canada in 1986.

  96. Dan Mora

    Dan Mora개월 전

    I've been waiting 13 years to buy a TL or RSX. And they're giving us both

  97. Block Busterz

    Block Busterz개월 전

    U right a Type S in the RSX blue. You know something. I must say I got a TLX shawd and it's pretty fast. Sport plus really makes that car feel like u drive something other than a TLX