Is It Worth Spending More For an Acura? We Drag Race The Honda Pilot and Acura MDX to Find Out!

( ) On this episode we drag race and compare the new Honda pilot to the New Acura MDX. They both have virtually the same engine and ride on very similar platforms. But is it worth the extra cost for additional premium touches and features? In this video we compare the two to find out!
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  1. Mike Fyxdt

    Mike Fyxdt개월 전

    Excellent choice of competitors for a comparison. And fantastic production quality, it’s appreciated!

  2. E.J. Cross

    E.J. Cross2 일 전

    Mike Fyxdt it doesn’t change the fact that they’re both Honda period. Honda wins regardless 😂 ✌🏽

  3. Mike Fyxdt

    Mike Fyxdt7 일 전

    @Norm T - Just saw this...interesting! If I were testing volume I'd make all car manufacturers do this: driver+passenger in the front seats, and then fill all remaining space with ping pong balls. More balls = more space. :)

  4. Mike Fyxdt

    Mike Fyxdt7 일 전

    @E.J. Cross Yes! Which is why I'm glad they are being compared to each other. Apples-to-apples. Comparison reviews, like Mustang vs. Corvette, are entertaining - but don't help me make a consumer decision on which one to buy. Honds vs. Acura is very helpful, pointing out the slight differences that could steer a purchase either way.

  5. Norm T

    Norm T7 일 전

    @E.J. Cross The Passport along with Acura RDX and MDX have lost their recommended status with Consumer Reports. "The Passport two-row midsized SUV is an all-new model based on the three-row Pilot SUV. However, members told us that their Passports suffered from climate system problems, including refrigerant leaks and the AC compressor not working properly. The similar Pilot did not have these problems. When reached via email, a Honda spokeswoman told us that “a countermeasure to address the climate system problems was applied to vehicles beginning in June, and a service bulletin was issued in August. Passport owners experiencing problems with their climate system should contact their authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible to have the vehicle inspected.”"

  6. E.J. Cross

    E.J. Cross8 일 전

    News flash ppl... they’re both Honda’s period! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Star Wars 2018

    Star Wars 201813 시간 전

    Racing Crossovers? Waste of time! I don't think most people buying these care about this.... LMFAO 😂

  8. H. Ali

    H. Ali3 일 전

    Smh. These suvs are not built to race, let alone drag race. Take your kids to soccer practice, pickup groceries and then go home and cook some food.

  9. F23A4 Accord

    F23A4 Accord6 일 전

    Few crossovers are suitable for my driving style. Hence why I have 17 MDX SH-AWD and not it’s Pilot cousin.

  10. Hilario Balderrama

    Hilario Balderrama6 일 전

    So my 2gen mdx with 3.7 engine can beat the pilot and mdx 3.5 engine lol 😆😆🤷‍♂️🤔🤔

  11. Andy Li

    Andy Li일 전

    Thats a negative, they did a video of exact match up. 2g vs 3g. 3g is faster

  12. Ahmad Nasrallah

    Ahmad Nasrallah4 일 전

    nobody asked

  13. Brian D.

    Brian D.11 일 전

    No way HoMoCo was going to allow the Pilot to be faster than it's upscale cousin. . .

  14. devin houser

    devin houser12 일 전

    Both junk quit buying Japanese and Chinese junk

  15. Jorge Villacis

    Jorge Villacis13 일 전

    The push button transmisión without a lever is AMAZING. That’s the best part of the interior.

  16. Robert Mehnert

    Robert Mehnert13 일 전


  17. Ghost Mc

    Ghost Mc15 일 전

    Race the pathfinder,pilot,and highlander

  18. Pinoy Kids Toys Channel

    Pinoy Kids Toys Channel15 일 전

    Acura is better.

  19. bobthbldr3

    bobthbldr317 일 전

    Sorry but not impressed with your comparison. Good job with going over the interior features but you didn't say anything about driving feel and handling. The Super Handling all wheel drive system in the Acura is completely different from the Honda offering. Other testers have raved about how well the Acura handles and the feel of the vehicle on the road which is pretty important to a lot of us.

  20. Roman’s Garage

    Roman’s Garage19 일 전

    Or you can get a Pilot EXL for $37k, with a much more reliable 6 speed transmission and save $19k compared to the Acura. Then it becomes a no brainer.

  21. Eric Wanyonyi

    Eric Wanyonyi19 일 전

    For me drag racing a car is not really the best way to decide whether it is better than another car. There are many more other factors involved.

  22. mymusic101

    mymusic10122 일 전

    The Acura MDX drives more smoothly and comfortable even with 2 people in the car while the Pilot with 2 people in it feels bumpy, probably because it needs to put some more load

  23. Alej C

    Alej C22 일 전

    Acura better

  24. Chris

    Chris28 일 전

    I never cared for Acura’s. To say they are a “luxury” vehicle the interior is very outdated and cheap looking.

  25. Fields Carlisle

    Fields Carlisle28 일 전

    The MDX and Pilot both suffer from cheap interiors. The Pilot is horrendous. It’s just loaded in cheap shiny black plastic trim and the center console lid is some scratchy feeling plastic that wouldn’t look out of place in a Mitsubishi Mirage. The MDX on the other hand is just looking OLD and it never looked or felt luxurious. The last Acura interior I really actually thought was acceptable for the class was the 04-06 TL. At the time it felt more modern and high quality, whereas everything Acura has released in the last 10 years has been a poor badge engineered Honda interior transplanted into an Acura body. The double screen in the MDX is so identical to the last gen Accord. I hope when the new MDX, TL/TLX, RLX, etc. is released they really work hard to make the interior feel and look modern, and I really hope they don’t use the asinine infotainment system they developed for the RDX because it is TERRIBLE. And please dump ZF’s 9-speed transmission. It has been nothing but problems from the getgo. I would like to see an Acura EV sedan and crossover that competed with Model 3 and Y. I’m done buying ICE vehicles.

  26. Adam M.

    Adam M.28 일 전

    Same conclusion here. I would much prefer the Acura, but the Honda is much more practical for my needs and usage.

  27. GTLS -

    GTLS -29 일 전

    I love the Dual Screen on Acura's Who Agrees! *I have an Acura TL*

  28. Freddy C Luffy

    Freddy C Luffy29 일 전

    Pilot looks better in the inside 👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  29. noobtoob nooby

    noobtoob nooby개월 전

    Sorry I hate Nathan and will never give a thumbs up on any video with him in it

  30. urbieta

    urbieta개월 전

    We need a model x tug of war vs all the trucks you can get to finally settle the cybertruck power fiasco

  31. KYoss68

    KYoss68개월 전

    What you really need to explore is which is more boring.

  32. jay ly

    jay ly개월 전

    Acura Engine very stronge! Drive before u notice... Anyone never own Acura cars! u dont know how stronge Acura it.

  33. hershp

    hershp개월 전

    I bought a Touring Honda Pilot a couple of years ago. i didn't it was worth to pay more for the same car.

  34. Tommy Darracott

    Tommy Darracott개월 전

    Why wouldn’t you compare warranties and service advantages ( Acura )

  35. Wisb _

    Wisb _개월 전

    Acura still has the same beep sound when ur memory seat is in position

  36. Wisb _

    Wisb _개월 전

    Why does TFL call every SUV a crossover?

  37. Luke Emerson

    Luke Emerson개월 전

    Wisb _ SUV is technically a body on frame vehicle(i.e. Ford Expedition from an F150) while a crossover is unibody. So they are correct in referring to these as crossovers.

  38. Vince McK

    Vince McK개월 전

    if they ever redesign the MDX, I'll buy it because luxury

  39. Larry Bui

    Larry Bui개월 전

    Acura MDX is for the winner even it costs more. Acura is entry luxury SUV class while Honda is economy SUV class.

  40. Kartboarder22G

    Kartboarder22G개월 전

    You did not talk about the fuel type at all, am I right? The Acura is tuned to use Premium and that is mainly why it gets the performance increases over the Honda. What fuel type did you use in both? And now lets see premium put into the Honda and see what the difference is in perfromance there, if I'm right I bete that .09 seconds goes to .04.

  41. Cedric Bench

    Cedric Bench개월 전

    that rdx needed a V6! total flop

  42. jacobyo 99

    jacobyo 99개월 전

    Acura’s interiors are terrible

  43. Mark Leon

    Mark Leon개월 전

    Why would you look over your shoulder and out that window? It has a backup camera...

  44. Yelapa

    Yelapa개월 전

    Yeah. Because drag racing is the highest and best use for these. Don't you feel bad that you can't get the time it took to create this back?

  45. Quake Rome

    Quake Rome개월 전


  46. Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken개월 전

    What would you buy? Personally, I would go with the Acura MDX.

  47. 김동준

    김동준개월 전


  48. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown개월 전

    Freakishly Tall jokes . I like .

  49. Arman M

    Arman M개월 전

    Really great video, nobody really compares Honda's and Acura's of the same class.

  50. Mentally Challenged Viking

    Mentally Challenged Viking개월 전

    Where is the Highlander? It would win

  51. RileyCoyote

    RileyCoyote개월 전

    Mentally Challenged Viking you didn’t watch the whole video did you? Haha

  52. Mark Johnston

    Mark Johnston개월 전

    They are built at the same assembly plant

  53. ADP

    ADP개월 전

    Who cares about the Volume Knob... That is why there is one on the steering wheel... Less chance of passenger messing with the volume.

  54. ADP

    ADP개월 전

    As I have the Honda Version EX-L 2016, which has the regular shifter. (which I like way better). I think the Honda Is bigger with more room. Even though they have the same engines, I can care less what is faster, As i dont drive that way. Acura is just a more "Sporty looking" as compared to the Pilot. Who cares...

  55. Seiko Watch

    Seiko Watch개월 전

    Acura MDX maybe but Honda Pilot? No way.

  56. Chaseordieofficial

    Chaseordieofficial개월 전

    Why are you guys raving these cars... It's pointless

  57. roguedogx

    roguedogx개월 전

    right off the bat, before watching the video, I can tell you i'd spend the extra $1500 and get the super hybrid which would beat everyone in a drag race.

  58. Mark Corbett

    Mark Corbett개월 전

    Drag race the MDX sport hybrid (I own one) in sport +. Dual clutch active dampers etc! Only $1,500 more! That would be a race!

  59. dchawk81

    dchawk81개월 전

    If kids are gonna lose fries between the seats, go cheap. It'll be destroyed by the time it's paid off regardless.

  60. NG Platinum

    NG Platinum개월 전

    they are racing a Honda with another Honda 😂😂😂 I love it

  61. Jay Scribe

    Jay Scribe개월 전

    MDX all day! I just hate that every new MDX has less and less cabin space

  62. Jonathan Riker

    Jonathan Riker개월 전

    50-56k? I’ll keep buying my 10yr old cars in the case

  63. Max B

    Max B개월 전

    Still a great used car for you to buy in 10 years, will you go with Acura or Honda? I picked up an MDX, was exposed to sh-awd on it, i love the sport mode, i chose the 6spd zf transmission version. I am not a fan of the button transmissions, and Finally glad honda put the volume button back on the info system. I was shopping for a new honda fit 7 years ago, and went with a mazda 2 because of hideos info system in the fit and no volume button for passangers.

  64. Alex Zutes

    Alex Zutes개월 전

    Mdx slow af. My2017 x5 35i with mppk will smoke this LOL.



    The MDX has more standard features, that includes Turn Signals

  66. Yuan Zhao

    Yuan Zhao개월 전

    Honda's reliability is going down a lot recently.

  67. Abraham Amado

    Abraham Amado개월 전

    Love the drag race, hate the winner. Idl if I should like it or dislike it ? Acura is far much better than the Honda. I thought this video would be about something else. Showing how Acura is far much better than Honda. For 6k more is worth the extra spend for luxury, technology and performance. I would pick Acura as the winner. Not because of this better “space” for the dog 🐶. Relax family man, people in Japan ain’t having kids over anymore. Acura themselves shouldn’t have given you there vehicles, so there luxury brand vehicle can lose to there economy cars. For what ? For having Little bit of space, being 6k higher and totally ignore the fact value is has for the price over the Honda. Now a guy whose a family man but the company is from Japan and there having the lowest birth in history. I don’t think there thinking about space. You pay for the economy aka (Honda) for the all that. People your selling yourself short if you go for the Honda for space and being 6k less than the Acura 💯 your already put yourself 40k under might as well get the luxury car.

  68. Pitu Q

    Pitu Q개월 전

    Third rolls are builder for kids or short people

  69. MrShanewayzFilm

    MrShanewayzFilm개월 전

    Honda Pilot and Acura MDX both are TRASH 🗑

  70. Angellou Sutharsan

    Angellou Sutharsan개월 전

    My dad used to have an Mdx and the interior is extremely outdated

  71. Snippetmaster3000

    Snippetmaster3000개월 전

    50k$ SUV’s with the same motor for the past 10 years lol what a joke

  72. CS

    CS개월 전

    pilot has way more cubic space

  73. e v

    e v개월 전

    You don't buy any luxury vehicles because they are a better value.