I Drive Tavarish's 900HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo

In todays episode I take Tavarish's home built twin turbo lamborghini gallardo out for a test drive.
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  1. G DUB

    G DUB19 일 전

    Wow I'm surprised he didnt crash it

  2. Nicolas Boivin

    Nicolas Boivin개월 전

    Watching this late October 2019. Because of the Z4 build with Tavarish I got to know of you Chris... what a great find. And your first lambo drive... and now you own TWO... great work

  3. Nesta M

    Nesta M개월 전

    Adam Lz needs to drive this lambo

  4. masskilla469

    masskilla4692 개월 전

    Too bad you and Freddy cannot drive stick lol

  5. Maurice Warfield

    Maurice Warfield4 개월 전

    Says less hp then later goes 1500 capable hehe love it

  6. 50 Shades of GAINZ

    50 Shades of GAINZ5 개월 전

    This guy: wow!! Clutch: * Screams in manual *

  7. Gillis

    Gillis7 개월 전

    yo lamif

  8. Ron Kirkland

    Ron Kirkland7 개월 전

    You’re a pro!!!!

  9. Christian Buczko

    Christian Buczko8 개월 전

    It doesn't need bigger tyres, it needs its 4x4 restoring...

  10. Tim Waite

    Tim Waite8 개월 전

    Didnt make anywhere near 900 RWBHP did it...

  11. Dystar 924

    Dystar 9248 개월 전

    "The best clutch ever synced, nobody's doin' that again..." 🗨😘♨️🌌⛩💫

  12. simone marian

    simone marian8 개월 전

    oh god pls put both hands on the wheel!!!!!!

  13. Caddy Guy

    Caddy Guy8 개월 전

    Me! I'll drive!

  14. Flibbertigibbet

    Flibbertigibbet8 개월 전

    Lame driving! open the damn thing up!

  15. Jakee Clouse

    Jakee Clouse9 개월 전

    The bmw turned out sick. I love that grey and black combo. Looks mean as hell.

  16. DanielDaniel1

    DanielDaniel19 개월 전

    Finally extended footage of it driving

  17. Legolas

    Legolas9 개월 전

    He has done amazing work!

  18. DeviouS

    DeviouS9 개월 전

    How did i miss this?

  19. corivian

    corivian9 개월 전

    Best gallardo in the country imo

  20. Roberto Acevedo

    Roberto Acevedo9 개월 전

    Proceeds to dump clutch

  21. Michael Sorensen

    Michael Sorensen9 개월 전

    Make it 4wd again dude!!

  22. 1bes

    1bes9 개월 전

    First time driving manuel

  23. The_Legend_Of_Kira

    The_Legend_Of_Kira9 개월 전

    you need to drive with two hands on the wheel with something that fast or your gonna crash

  24. Inspired Enough

    Inspired Enough9 개월 전

    I drive or I drove? Hmm

  25. Banna Monster Studios

    Banna Monster Studios9 개월 전

    It should be wide bodied for bigger tires

  26. Orlando Santiago

    Orlando Santiago9 개월 전

    Hahaha , If him make a video in the Dyno showing the 900 HP hit 1 million views ,

  27. Itsme Yepitsme

    Itsme Yepitsme9 개월 전

    I didn’t know it had 850-900 bhp thats is amazing!! I love this car and watched the build from the start 👌🏻👌🏻

  28. Mats Nijhuis

    Mats Nijhuis9 개월 전

    why do you have your watch on the wrong arm?

  29. Mike DeClue

    Mike DeClue9 개월 전

    Yeah he’s not trying to work on the traction issue hes tuning the car that’s why the front drivetrain is disconnected it’s all wheel drive car there is no traction issue

  30. chris 2018

    chris 20189 개월 전

    Yanks and manual gearboxes 🤣🤣🤣 thick cunts

  31. Lv7

    Lv79 개월 전

    Dude just burned the clutch

  32. Dean Walker

    Dean Walker9 개월 전

    God those gear changes are awful..........

  33. daniel elbazTM

    daniel elbazTM9 개월 전

    This guy is stupid

  34. ScumbagKratos

    ScumbagKratos9 개월 전

    Holy hell that turbo spool sounded wicked



    So do you have to pay more insurance when you increase the horsepower ? 😎😎😎

  36. Chris R

    Chris R9 개월 전

    Was the AWD hooked up?

  37. pukpukpuk

    pukpukpuk9 개월 전

    It's a giant V10 AUDI

  38. Funny Felines

    Funny Felines9 개월 전


  39. LongTimeAgo

    LongTimeAgo9 개월 전

    That poor clutch... That poor jerking on the gear shifter... That poor tavarish watching this... I know the amount of experience on manual supercars might be a bit on the 'low' side as you said but c'mon...

  40. LongTimeAgo

    LongTimeAgo9 개월 전

    Also, the shifter is gated and you need to look at it when you shift gears...?

  41. Jlove

    Jlove9 개월 전

    Tavarish watching this thinking about his clutch