How We Built A Show Stopper - The B is for Build Documentary

In today's documentary we go behind the scenes sharing what it was like building the burntacan the last 5 days before SEMA 2019.
Huge thanks to Chris Greer for filming and editing this doc. Follow him on IG at cgreer20
And if you're a young builder looking to make it to SEMA 2020, check out for opportunities near you.
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  1. Marko Polo

    Marko Polo5 일 전

    I love this Documentary! Well Done 👍😎👍

  2. Philip Walsh

    Philip Walsh7 일 전

    Great job you have all worked so hard you where falling asleep hard labour wicked peace out

  3. Mothusi Raseroka

    Mothusi Raseroka8 일 전

    Can someone please tell me what song is playing @34:10? Would truly appreciate it.

  4. Mothusi Raseroka

    Mothusi Raseroka3 일 전

    I found it. To the Top by Simple Thieves

  5. Max Freggens

    Max Freggens9 일 전

    If you don’t mind me asking what kind of metal do you use for like the sting lips you build ? Like material and thickness ??

  6. Garagem do Buda

    Garagem do Buda9 일 전

    Love the content, glad to see the crew working and talking. Only thing that could improve is AUDIO quality. Sometimes it was hard to understand. Other than that would totally watch more of this

  7. Trevor Petersen

    Trevor Petersen10 일 전

    What sort of throwaway line is that "something I've 'always wanted to do" ? So since you got off momma' titty ?

  8. Jim H

    Jim H11 일 전

    So cool to be able to see the team that made it happen!!! Dunno how the next build can top this

  9. amast9398

    amast939812 일 전

    I'm sure Motul will be glad to see you using Napa brand coolant...

  10. Quinny Boi

    Quinny Boi12 일 전

    This man the real life Mumbo Jumbo

  11. Jayson Molinar

    Jayson Molinar12 일 전

    kudos for the hard work and looking forward for your next build. .

  12. R3d Rocket

    R3d Rocket13 일 전

    this was pretty cool to watch man. good job, the car looks dope!

  13. LadydeathhawkXx ::

    LadydeathhawkXx ::13 일 전

    thank you for helping me see what I needed for my project, the negative space concept on point.lets fill the gaps 888

  14. joseph hoffee

    joseph hoffee13 일 전

    Are you gonna put this on a dyno??

  15. QLA'S AUTO

    QLA'S AUTO13 일 전

    Never have watched anything like this , no skipping watched the 50 mins all the way through , and the best thing i wanted to here you gonna be working with rob dahm .......❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Carlo Gwapo Sarmiento

    Carlo Gwapo Sarmiento13 일 전

    I watched this series from it was revealed and you guys did an awesome job with the burntacan. Really enjoyed your journey.

  17. Steven Christensen

    Steven Christensen13 일 전

    Super cool Chris! Live the concept, nice to see the back ground scenes and to met your team! Great job.

  18. Triippy

    Triippy13 일 전

    Hey Chris it would be awesome if you would come to cars and coffee in wilsonville at world of speed in Oregon. Any car of yours would be awesome especially the ls huracan. It’s every Saturday morning at 8

  19. Leroy R53

    Leroy R5314 일 전


  20. Rui Kazane

    Rui Kazane14 일 전

    Moral of the video: Friends are important. Really really.

  21. authoXN

    authoXN14 일 전

    20:41 Chris we need a wallpaper! 😍

  22. Andrej Bobrov

    Andrej Bobrov14 일 전

    go quater

  23. Feroz Khan

    Feroz Khan14 일 전

    Wats the next build

  24. Duncan Espinosa

    Duncan Espinosa14 일 전

    Next project... B is for outer space. I can help you with that

  25. Mustafa Zaman

    Mustafa Zaman14 일 전

    you guys built a pile of shit made of fucking glue plastic and body filler and ONE layer of carbon fiber with an engine that cant even fucking run well and would probably grensde itself if you revved it too high. Yall are an insult to the automotive world. An insult to the craft. An insult to all the people who took the SEMA show seriously and created something with a degree of professionalism. fuck you.

  26. Poison Motorsportz

    Poison Motorsportz14 일 전

    Excellent craftsmanship, have been watching you for awhile. God Speed

  27. Goltzhar

    Goltzhar14 일 전

    I know you are just an ordinary person like any one of us, but you are something special, no question about it. The End!

  28. Kent Little

    Kent Little14 일 전

    Hey where is your newest video your slacking!!!!

  29. Redmaster Gaming

    Redmaster Gaming14 일 전

    you should build a tesla p-100d powered gtr r34 for the next sema

  30. Terry Hollis

    Terry Hollis15 일 전

    It took me 4 days to finally watch the whole video, but totally worth it! This was an amazing summation of the months of work. Next year, budget an extra month for “unknown” on your next build. 😂

  31. ABKM

    ABKM15 일 전

    B for Build team is getting more famous day by day..

  32. DJ TinyTim

    DJ TinyTim15 일 전

    Only 6 minutes in and I’ve already seen Chris do more work than in any video since the GT-R, lol The one thing missing from this documentary is a voiceover. If you do another one, I volunteer my services. No charge; as a fan of the show, I’d be honored.

  33. Jacob Kittleson

    Jacob Kittleson15 일 전

    who is here from life of palos video

  34. Britton Guinn

    Britton Guinn15 일 전

    For your next build you should try a motorcycle

  35. Garrett

    Garrett15 일 전

    Pro tip for the 3D Printer, if you use like blue painters tape and tape that onto the print base, it makes it way easier to take the prints off.

  36. TypicalDude

    TypicalDude15 일 전

    Great job guys!

  37. Claudio Vargas

    Claudio Vargas15 일 전

    Great job ..congratulations and thank you for a real and great "B is for built"

  38. James Ferguson

    James Ferguson15 일 전

    Outstanding, thanks for bringing us all along... Such a great few months sir...

  39. Taylor Nottz

    Taylor Nottz15 일 전

    Didnt even see this in sub box smh fuck u youtube

  40. Rex

    Rex15 일 전

    So does it drive or what?

  41. Nicholas Duncan

    Nicholas Duncan15 일 전

    Do you really ever check these messages I tried reaching you on Instagram no luck