Here's Everything That's Wrong With The 240z. Now You Decide What We Do Next!

In today's episode you decide what we build next!
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  1. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey일 전

    Knowing the future (a year from now), you'll need more like >20 weeks instead of 15 weeks to work on the 2019 SEMA car.

  2. Gerry McGuire

    Gerry McGuire4 개월 전

    1. Transmission 2. Semi glass perspex carbon bonnet showing the downdrafts ejector extractors 3. Brakes 4. Seats 5.Air suspension leak Then stop and go onto new build Chris, I was really upset what Happened at SEMA and you being excluded and the SEMA old farts treatment as you put your heart into SEMA bunch of assholes I hope you never go there again. truly really.

  3. Bobbyjoe Haskins

    Bobbyjoe Haskins4 개월 전

    I would say save it for a rainy day but your in portland Oregon lol


    SKYNET4 개월 전

    You should give it away ............... To me!!

  5. Cooking Mailman

    Cooking Mailman5 개월 전

    All I have to say ONE HELL OF A CAR!!!! All the haters.. BE GONE!!! Looks bad ass! Good job my friend!

  6. Ivor

    Ivor5 개월 전

    Next build....A Datsun 280 Z w a hemi.

  7. ARDC Guru

    ARDC Guru5 개월 전

    Finish the car completely. Prioritize the repairs and just do it.

  8. yoboi01

    yoboi015 개월 전

    I loath those seats... The original seats are so much better. It's a bmw with a custom frame and a 240z shell .. Can you put anything original to the 240

  9. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey일 전

    He should get the "dragon lady"/Sue from Gas Monkey Garage to make custom seats and tell her she has 24 hours

  10. snazzyarchitect

    snazzyarchitect5 개월 전

    Umm.. I wouldn't burn cardboard, it releases toxins. Stay safe, and great work on the channel!

  11. Aaron Garrett

    Aaron Garrett5 개월 전

    "Do I put another hood on it? Why?" LOL. I personally don't like hoodless cars. Also, you live in Oregon and you can't get your intake wet.... Put a hood on it man!

  12. Mike sarky

    Mike sarky5 개월 전

    How about an clear acrylic hood?

  13. Junior Fergus

    Junior Fergus6 개월 전

    The car needs front wheel wells and that would make the front so much stronger and give the car's engine bay a cleaner look, and stop trash from getting in the engine bay

  14. Dirk Pelster

    Dirk Pelster7 개월 전


  15. Towallomee sgel

    Towallomee sgel7 개월 전

    The BIGGEST mistake with this project is that you put a BMW engine in it. You should have put in an RB engine.

  16. Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey일 전

    He might could get one from WatchJRgo

  17. radradroadbot

    radradroadbot8 개월 전

    Your frame needs some cross members. Just something to think about

  18. Alan D1

    Alan D18 개월 전

    240Z sucks 280Z is better.

  19. Rafael Frias

    Rafael Frias8 개월 전

    Sounds more like you had a hook up to get the car in on the lo lo then got caught and got kicked out. Just saying. Sema is organized and catch people a what really happened???

  20. hansa

    hansa9 개월 전

    Learn how to string the car for your alignment

  21. Keith No

    Keith No9 개월 전

    6:45 -- Welcome to unions!

  22. Scotty Chainsaw

    Scotty Chainsaw9 개월 전

    Don't lose that girl, bro. Lol

  23. Lee Fall

    Lee Fall9 개월 전

    That mobile game looks crap and just designed to earn "coins" that u buy for $$$. Here's an idea. How about make a good mobile game that doesn't have coins or micro transactions and concentrate on making it good. Hypnotise kids into spending money they have not got. Shame on these companies and anyone promoting them. #PuttingBatteryNextToFuelTank #WhatAIdiot

  24. heika86

    heika8610 개월 전

    i dont know if anyone will see this but. but when bleeding cars with abs ive had to have ignition on to bleed the brakes on all my german cars ive had.

  25. Lakers #1

    Lakers #110 개월 전

    you can put a pioneer nex radio in that hole

  26. Claudio Trajtemberg

    Claudio Trajtemberg10 개월 전

    Work on your shop.

  27. Dyson Mat

    Dyson Mat10 개월 전

    Shoot it with a minigun loaded with trasers

  28. Point made

    Point made11 개월 전

    b is for annoying bich

  29. Ben Sullivan

    Ben Sullivan11 개월 전

    so why exactly/how did the hood end up getting thrown away? Did the union guys not want to let you bring it into the convention center to put it on the car?

  30. saulns

    saulns11 개월 전

    The lovely union folks love portraits of Jackson.

  31. Dolan Kang

    Dolan Kang11 개월 전

    I noticed on one of your other videos you're complaining about nutserts. Go to McMaster-Carr and search heavy-duty rivnut. And look for the flange steel rivnuts they are bomber

  32. Dolan Kang

    Dolan Kang11 개월 전

    Get a hood. Switch to a manual. Get rid of the kirkey seat that's a stock car seat it's an upright angle, if you start cutting and reshaping the seat it's going to negate the safety engineering. QuickTrick make some nice DIY alignment tools. You might want to at least put some screens on your ITB's if you do a track day it's going to swallow a rock especially if you go to ORP, especially with no hood ;>).

  33. Felix Purvis

    Felix Purvis년 전

    Oh and by the way I totally forgot one more thing Chris rent out the house you have the house sitting there making no money there's another profitable value okay I'm done enjoy watching you bro. Keep it coming

  34. Felix Purvis

    Felix Purvis년 전

    And no Chris don't put a damn Tree on the aston Martin LoL

  35. Felix Purvis

    Felix Purvis년 전

    The only thing that I feel Chris is that you should see the Z all the way through to finish because if you don't finish them to spec how are you ever supposed to sell them to make your money back ain't that the whole point of you starting the new career of only in your garage and being a car builder if you don't get them finished and you've already invested $50, 000 into the Z and need to sell it at least for 70 so you can make your money back how do you plan to do that with bundles of wires hanging out in the back error codes popping up on the computer carpet not even talk down dashboard not finished do you need to get the Z done to completion that way you can sell it the car should have been done right when you got back and it's next trip 2 auction no way you could have made your money back on it for the next builds if you build them half-ass and don't get rid of them I don't see how you plan to make this a future for yourself of course unless your pockets of that deep but to have a good business a good clientele that has you build custom supercars I would think you would want to finish them too perfect and sell them I was really impressed with the young guy that had the Z at Sema because the Z was finished flawlessly there was not one thing wrong with that car he could sell that today no problem and that's what you need to do Chris I really enjoy your show I think you are very talented great attitude great personality but personally I think you need to stay focused if you're going to make a career out of this people will never call you to build a custom car for them which I would think is your goal if you don't ever finish them that car is a beautiful car with ugly blemishes I say finish the Z to completion then start a new vehicle that to me is how you're going to make-b for build a profitable business sure it's very interesting to watch I watch every one of your videos that you post but I also see a lot of the time your cars are just going to waste what's the sense in putting 50 thousand dollars into a car that you're just flushing down the toilet I would think that your goal is to OptimEyes on getting as much money back from the vehicles that you customize of course only my opinion and my foresight you are totally able to do what you feel that you want to do I would just think from the way that you were talking after getting laid off that this was going to be your new career and just on a personal note I would start paying attention 2 things more in detail so you're not burning unnecessary money like buying five different types of seeds four different types of Wills throwing the hood away in the trash I mean of course unless you got it like that to just throw it away but I could have sworn that is one of your first things that you talk about most videos is trying to make some type of profit from building cars sponsorship d is for drift which is your video game app your clothing line. If you do not take yourself seriously how would you expect people to invest in you seriously you are trying to make Penney's off of side gigs like your game sponsorship viewers and likes which don't get me wrong that is all secondary profit definitely helpful definitely wise indefinitely part of the road that you need to take to be successful but I don't understand why you're investing yourself in secondary lucrative set ups when your Main meal ticket is the cars. So please once again don't take what I am telling you as jumping on you or disliking your setup I actually rather enjoy you and would love to walk in your footsteps it is also one of my passions that I would like to do just food for thought I see you and you really enjoy what you do and I see it being very profitable with the talent that you got but only if you see it. Keep up the great work all you need to do is to refine your way of doing things I think if you do that b is for build we'll go to the next level then who knows maybe you can put a Lamborghini engine inside a old Nova LoL.

  36. Randy Pullman

    Randy Pullman년 전

    Dyno it

  37. Randy Pullman

    Randy Pullman년 전

    Have you never heard of UPS? Geez

  38. L C

    L C년 전

    Tune those rear toe adjustments! You might start with "stock" settings. An alignment shop can handle most of that. Great build, I have to say! awesome work!

  39. David Pita

    David Pita년 전

    How much for the airbag cover my bro how you find the???? Or front where

  40. FlankyFrankie

    FlankyFrankie년 전

    Finish the 240!

  41. N31L Zombie Hunter

    N31L Zombie Hunter년 전

    Doesn't want to drive the Z in the rain, lives where it's always raining... :(

  42. FrankiZmo

    FrankiZmo년 전

    Finish the Z...I do understand you being tired with the Z project after all that work....worst case, take a short break from the Z and then finish it later