Hacking the Lamborghini Air Lift System, Building Reservoirs, & Testing Electric Water Pumps!

In today's episode were doing all the stuff in the title!
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  1. B is for Build

    B is for Build2 개월 전

    Join my alliance in Rise of Kingdoms on iOS and Andriod: bit.ly/2kNLDDq Thanks to Lilith Games for sponsoring this video #riseofkingdoms #ROK

  2. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood2 개월 전

    @IvelLeCog Thank you =]

  3. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood2 개월 전

    @MeeshZ28 Yes sir =]

  4. H Azur

    H Azur2 개월 전

    B is for Build Time to first start

  5. wan zamzuari wan mukhtar

    wan zamzuari wan mukhtar2 개월 전

    Wheres the next episode?almost 2 days I watch your video series..

  6. Mr G

    Mr G2 개월 전

    B is for Build I already have the game is there anyway I can join your alliance anyway?

  7. TJ's Practical DIY

    TJ's Practical DIY20 일 전

    Like I said, new channel name: O is for Oscar.

  8. Blade's Toy Shop

    Blade's Toy Shop개월 전

    Cardboard Aided Design is cool, and way cheaper than the other CAD, for the most part.

  9. dojo

    dojo개월 전

    Channel: B is for Build Sponsor: D is for Destroy

  10. NCR Trooper

    NCR Trooper개월 전

    >puts American engine in an Italian car >I already hate you, that's t a s t l e s s people who LS swap all say the same shit. its easier to work with. right. if you can afford to rebuild a Lamborghini fucking huracan, you can afford a lambo engine. idiot.

  11. A Ruggs

    A Ruggs개월 전

    O is for Oscar Builds

  12. Tan-tan Rayo

    Tan-tan Rayo개월 전

    let's call this whole thing as "Oscar Builds". hahaha

  13. Richard C

    Richard C2 개월 전

    At a minimum at least put a timed relay on the pump. Like a 5 second one would do. So you hit the switch, pump will run for 5 seconds then turn off. The last thing you want is to accidentally leave it on too long as there’s nothing to stop it blowing the bags. A pressure switch would be a good idea too. So it’ll run for (for example) 5 seconds or until it hits the pressure switch cut off. Just do a little testing/reading to find the appropriate pressure. It’ll also be easier to use that way. And safer.

  14. Real Mart

    Real Mart2 개월 전

    Oscar is a metal work genius and his TIG welding is superb

  15. Mr E.W.

    Mr E.W.2 개월 전

    Cold water supply and dry ice right next to the exhaust and cramped area next to the block hmmm maybe move it some place cooler to help 😂😂🤣🤣

  16. Vincebond 007

    Vincebond 0072 개월 전

    The welding from oscar is really satisfying

  17. Michel Larson

    Michel Larson2 개월 전

    What the fuck you actually doing W/O Oscar..... nothing....Dude....🤣🤣🤣👊🏻

  18. Robert Aki

    Robert Aki2 개월 전

    I still can't believe you installed a counterfeit body kit on youtube. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  19. Dillon240sx

    Dillon240sx2 개월 전

    Aluminum is prone to corrosion right? Are you gonna paint all of that?

  20. 501 N 503

    501 N 5032 개월 전

    Whether this works or you Flinstone this Lamborghini can’t wait to see it on the streets.

  21. Far Reach Engineering

    Far Reach Engineering2 개월 전

    Maybe a simple blow off valve to keep you from going overboost and blowing the airs suspension accidentally.


    EZOPERATOR2 개월 전

    Oscar did a great job........ doing everything!

  23. Renaud Latournerie

    Renaud Latournerie2 개월 전

    Don't cut suspension it is the best way to have an accident

  24. Alexandru Radu

    Alexandru Radu2 개월 전

    In many time lapse videos that big and dusty windscreen is taking space in the shot, maybe decorate it with some funny finger designs? Sell commercial space on it? Such big unused space... :)

  25. Valentine Lynam

    Valentine Lynam2 개월 전

    Fine welding great job guys

  26. Samuel Hearn

    Samuel Hearn2 개월 전

    Your content blows.... the way you shoot your videos is terrible. The whole POV shot with you pointing at things and saying “right here, over there, over to here” is so triggering.

  27. Alan Spangler

    Alan Spangler2 개월 전

    B is for Build... O is for Oscar

  28. J25X

    J25X2 개월 전

    Where the boat at

  29. Eduard Tsipan

    Eduard Tsipan2 개월 전

    Cash money. That’s what’s in my wallet.

  30. Donald Simms

    Donald Simms2 개월 전

    You need a reservoir. And since you've figured that out, it wouldn't be hard to add in a tank and a switch valve to pressurize the tank. Add an automatic release valve to the tank so when it gets a certain psi, it'll release so it doesn't explode. Or it'll make the pump stop, whichever.

  31. Jordan Barnsley

    Jordan Barnsley2 개월 전

    Maybe add some fins on the inside of the top cap to help with the heat transfer of the dry ice to water... Bigger thermal mass and greater surface area for convection.

  32. 7 77

    7 772 개월 전

    Is this the cheapo tavarish copycat? Lol

  33. Tom Glasson

    Tom Glasson2 개월 전

    'O' is for build?


    EL DIESTRO DIY2 개월 전

    Love where this lambo it's Goin


    EL DIESTRO DIY2 개월 전

    Music @ 10:00 stink not your style in an og sub and i know that's not you

  36. matthew mahaffey

    matthew mahaffey2 개월 전

    Thank you!@

  37. I don't know.

    I don't know.2 개월 전

    Grounding to Aluminum?

  38. Rutger Derksen

    Rutger Derksen2 개월 전

    If you T both the airshoks together and you go through a corner you shift the air from one shok to the other. You should put a elektronik check valve in between the shoks. Withs openedes when you put air in to the shoks.

  39. wan zamzuari wan mukhtar

    wan zamzuari wan mukhtar2 개월 전

    Is there new episode after this video bro??I search not found and what happens to the car finally?

  40. Vlad G

    Vlad G2 개월 전

    Oscar is the man

  41. Glenncrx

    Glenncrx2 개월 전

    Am i the only one that think it’s weird that his exhaust manifold isn’t temporarily capped off? So much shavings of grinding and such can fall in that tube and ultimately in the engine........

  42. James Hirst

    James Hirst2 개월 전


  43. Stephen Lett

    Stephen Lett2 개월 전

    I have been following this series, fantastic! One thing about that tank is that you will run into metal fatigue cracks with it. When you pressurize a tank it wants to expand. Typically a tank is a cylinder for this reason. A tank with flat sides will swell under pressure and contract when the pressure subsidies. Repeated cycles will lead to failure. Hopefully the pressure is too low to hurt your tank guys. Great series

  44. TheMatrixcube

    TheMatrixcube2 개월 전

    It would have been great if the schelf had fins on the bottom acting like heatpipes in the water... the transfer would be faster Also i would insulate the outside of the reservoir being so close to the block

  45. Piteng

    Piteng2 개월 전

    I used to play with computer overclocking and stuff and used alot of dry ice to cool down the processor, one of the method to really distribute the coldness of the dry ice is to mix the dry ice with acetone, the acetone's temperature will drop nearing the temperature of the dry ice, because the contact surface of the acetone is a lot greater than the dry ice alone, you will have the cooling effect so much better now. just be careful with the amount of dry ice you're playing with, it might cool the reservoir a lot lower than you expect and freeze the water, not something you want to see.