Driving the GTR on the Road for the First Time!!

In today's episode doing final installation and getting the GTR on the road!
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  1. Gnapig

    Gnapig22 일 전

    You forgot to set a turbo in it D:

  2. Freddie Slaughter

    Freddie Slaughter23 일 전

    How do you like those custom seats?

  3. Gabe

    Gabe29 일 전

    How big can that wing get....I would of put a duck tail spoiler

  4. angel barrera

    angel barrera개월 전

    You live in aloha/Beaverton area?

  5. Jeremy Lloyd

    Jeremy Lloyd개월 전

    You're in my neck of the woods, you did the burnout and in the old Kmart parking lot. I'll keep an eye out for you, I'd like to check the car out. If you see a crazy guy trying to get your attention while driving a lifted black Jeep, it's me, no need to panic. 😂

  6. X J

    X J개월 전

    Can you do a public reaction video?

  7. Jordan Rapp

    Jordan Rapp개월 전

    RIP Kmart

  8. Project One

    Project One2 개월 전

    Not only is that wing about to fly away like an unstrapped mattress on the roof of a Honda Civic but that goose neck style is hideous. Would look better if you drove everywhere in reverse.

  9. Sean Cahillane

    Sean Cahillane2 개월 전

    Had to keep fastforwarding past his blabbering...

  10. R-A-H_-

    R-A-H_-개월 전


  11. Steve Rodriguez

    Steve Rodriguez2 개월 전

    That’s is awesome


    LUIS MENDOZA2 개월 전

    How many times did he say "Shake Down"...

  13. Talha Adams

    Talha Adams2 개월 전

    u talk toooo much

  14. andrew gillis

    andrew gillis2 개월 전

    OK the treetops looked like rae onboard camera leaving the pits at Monza - unreal - they blurred out like the special effect on Star Trek

  15. andrew gillis

    andrew gillis2 개월 전

    man you are as good a TV broadcaster as many who have degrees from J school - excellent stuff

  16. Unsafe Velocities

    Unsafe Velocities3 개월 전

    Nice Win7 -- almost the perfect Microsoft OS. If it's a 64-bit machine I'd never upgrade it; I'd rather buy a new machine for Win10.

  17. Genly Crosky Olorosisimo

    Genly Crosky Olorosisimo3 개월 전

  18. Ash

    Ash3 개월 전

    I wonder how much he paid for this entire rebuild after the 20k he got it for on Copart

  19. Hobiyd Kooh

    Hobiyd Kooh3 개월 전

    How much did the whole thing cost u

  20. Tama Gage

    Tama Gage3 개월 전

    This is awesome

  21. KAnE3o1

    KAnE3o13 개월 전


  22. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury

    Mrittunjoy Chowdhury3 개월 전

    Godzilla wants to say HELLO!!

  23. samuel das

    samuel das3 개월 전

    what an amazing build u are wonderful man with great learning skills i really loved how u build a scrap into a glory and u told us each and every details thanks man god bless u

  24. Deden Syarief

    Deden Syarief4 개월 전


  25. Mike Wong

    Mike Wong4 개월 전

    After watching a bunch of your builds, it drives me crazy that you don’t vacuum the floors when you have the seats out lol

  26. Pablo Deivin

    Pablo Deivin4 개월 전

    16:40 is the spoiler bouncing or???

  27. Jason R

    Jason R4 개월 전

    Hey I know that parking lot! =)

  28. TJOBrienRC

    TJOBrienRC4 개월 전

    Your wing is WOBBLING A LOT when you are driving.

  29. nMeX Trapstar

    nMeX Trapstar4 개월 전

    Boy fortnite ain’t dead

  30. Crazycraigy

    Crazycraigy4 개월 전

    All that and the inside hasn't seen a vacuum, no love whatsoever...

  31. Erik b.

    Erik b.4 개월 전

    Food for the mice

  32. M Smith

    M Smith4 개월 전

    Im so happy there's tears in my eyes .lol

  33. Barry Fields

    Barry Fields4 개월 전

    I’m a big fan of GTRs but that body kit looks like something BillyBob would have put on his 1985 FoxBody Mustang.

  34. Dan Robinson

    Dan Robinson5 개월 전

    That was so badass dude!!! How long did it take to finish?



    give it a new paint bro

  36. wilsonryder

    wilsonryder5 개월 전

    3:57 awd burnout ? are you autistic?

  37. Nuclear Space Force ØNot!całØ

    Nuclear Space Force ØNot!całØ5 개월 전

    You should put a half cave in it and finish it off with a harness

  38. Fiondo

    Fiondo5 개월 전

    ruined with wing....

  39. astonmarjo

    astonmarjo5 개월 전

    What's your take on the seats? 1-10 on overall comfort. What is your height and weight. I'm trying to get a good idea of the feel. Thanks

  40. kevin rast

    kevin rast5 개월 전

    I'm crying

  41. Paradesi Jyothi

    Paradesi Jyothi5 개월 전

    Ur spoiler is dancing 💃

  42. paul evans

    paul evans5 개월 전