Driving The Supercharged Raptor For The First Time!

In today's episode were doing the first round of repairs on the Raptor suspension components and go for a test drive!
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  1. Bob C

    Bob C5 일 전

    Dam, stop waving your hands in front of the camera. Turn off the sound and you will see that it is annoying and also you are moving the camera way too fast. Stop drinking coffee or doing meth

  2. Kay-Arne Folland

    Kay-Arne Folland6 일 전

    2:07 That weld does not pass.

  3. Blade's Toy Shop

    Blade's Toy Shop개월 전

    Bleep-ing bird... :grin: And, IT'S A TRUCK!!! :grin:

  4. Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark개월 전

    For someone who does extensive fab work and crazy modifications , I’m highly suprised you never replaced a CV boot before.

  5. justin koegler

    justin koegler개월 전

    What an idoit

  6. Steve Montgomery

    Steve Montgomery2 개월 전

    Once you get accustomed to the Raptor, you'll drive it all the time. They are so much fun in one package.

  7. Ryan Crystal

    Ryan Crystal2 개월 전

    That dude is fast as hell, I've never seen anyone move so fast!!!!!

  8. Caleb Barnett

    Caleb Barnett2 개월 전


  9. Angel De la Cruz

    Angel De la Cruz3 개월 전

    such a nice truck for so ugly welds....

  10. Jacob

    Jacob3 개월 전

    Should of checked the oil 1st done a oil change.

  11. Dean o

    Dean o3 개월 전

    Is it a bird or a troll who knows!

  12. Armenian Patriot

    Armenian Patriot4 개월 전

    Ever heard of a Milwaukee impact? Fuck busting off anything by hand

  13. Matt Eveans

    Matt Eveans4 개월 전

    don't feel bad about calling it a car, in Australia you need a special license to drive a "truck" - this to us is at best a utility vehicle(ute), car is also acceptable since you only need a car license to drive it

  14. Vitesh Rampaul

    Vitesh Rampaul4 개월 전

    Give the camera to your buddy next time when driving

  15. Spitfia

    Spitfia4 개월 전

    aluminum wheel nuts!!! HOLY F**k

  16. ThatGuyWhoFanDubs

    ThatGuyWhoFanDubs4 개월 전

    I know this is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the current state of this truck, but just for future reference stainless steel more often than not, is non-magnetic.

  17. Martin Hanlin

    Martin Hanlin4 개월 전

    Why is that bird so fucking loud😂

  18. GabrielTVG

    GabrielTVG4 개월 전

    0:35- 1:35 song?

  19. Craig N

    Craig N4 개월 전

    You should've just gone to a frame shop. Redundancy or not (actually genius on your part), it looks kinda janky...IMHO.

  20. dirtshower250

    dirtshower2504 개월 전

    I’m a certified welder, those welds are not product of a certified welder. Fact a certified welder would have probably turned the project down due to liability.

  21. justin burleson

    justin burleson4 개월 전

    H is for Hack on that "repair" I cut sweet fab like this off trucks all the time. Scary knowing how many trucks/car are on the road with craptacular work like that.

  22. Kristofor Pinkerton

    Kristofor Pinkerton4 개월 전

    TVS supercharges like the Roush one you have are quiet and dont have much supercharger whine. There is a kit that makes the sound louder in the cabin

  23. Matt France

    Matt France5 개월 전

    You bought a truck that was in a small overlap head-on crash and you didn't expect damage to the suspension mounting points? That seems a bit optimistic...

  24. Crippleshot

    Crippleshot5 개월 전

    Check with the lift kit industry. Too do a 6” lift they cut that section out with a template and the wield there attaching points back in giving the lift . Maybe they have the the right sections for you weld back in.

  25. wil Young

    wil Young5 개월 전

    when the ford guys mentioned to pull the vucuum for the axle they were referring the the vacuum line that covers the 2 pins. You have already pulled them. its the connected double hose on the back of the hub.

  26. Craig Manning

    Craig Manning5 개월 전

    Tire wheel combo looks badass

  27. Ray lowe

    Ray lowe5 개월 전

    That fucking bird is mocking him

  28. Ted EnderPalmer

    Ted EnderPalmer5 개월 전

    Your repair is stronger than the original structure that you unfortunately sink would've been better just a straight out. Oscar did a good job

  29. lucas porter

    lucas porter5 개월 전

    You should see what I have used a tree for I had a 2000 Dodge Grand Voyager where I bet the passenger side front Axl suspension back to the fender and I used to treat to straighten it all out I hook the chain to the front been around the tree and kept on throwing it in reverse until it was straight

  30. hilham 89

    hilham 895 개월 전

    I was goung to say your will need an alignment but you said it in the video

  31. hilham 89

    hilham 895 개월 전

    Damn bird. You sure thats not a Honda down the road trying to start? 😂

  32. Keith Rasmussen

    Keith Rasmussen5 개월 전

    Weird four wheel drive clickey thingy.. 🤣🤣👍👍🍻🍻

  33. Blixem

    Blixem5 개월 전

    Sweet Christ...just cut the old section out, make a new box and weld it back in. Looks a nail/battery cable weld btw.

  34. In this day and age

    In this day and age5 개월 전

    Pocket from the 2018?

  35. mwell019

    mwell0195 개월 전

    Cool to see it come together. I would recommend painting the bare metal from the weld.

  36. Kat Wallingfordton

    Kat Wallingfordton6 개월 전

    OMG! DEATH TRAP! Go back to welding class. I would not even get in that truck at a stand still. HS! CRAzy! B is for MORON!!

  37. dafyd242

    dafyd2426 개월 전

    there is always a critic, even with feathers!

  38. pablo avina

    pablo avina6 개월 전

    Lol.... gotta love our NW. Damn, bird.

  39. Studious Realism

    Studious Realism6 개월 전

    The lineup shop se sandy pdx can help with frame repair

  40. 300zxdriver

    300zxdriver6 개월 전

    I didn’t hear any supercharger sounds. No whine !