DIY Painting The Budget Z4 Build!

In todays episode we're painting the Z4, black roof and spoilers with a silver metalic body.
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  1. Louis Koerner

    Louis Koerner4 개월 전

    Something tellz me that if I could have one, B is for BIG BOOST!!!!!

  2. Casey and Breelyn

    Casey and Breelyn5 개월 전

    That gap between hood and fender is awful

  3. Peiming David

    Peiming David5 개월 전

    this ROWEN body kit ,now we have wide body kit fit for E89

  4. Javin Jahangir

    Javin Jahangir9 개월 전

    nice supra

  5. Supra TT

    Supra TT9 개월 전

    Ask @goonzquad for some help.

  6. Satomi Fujiyama

    Satomi Fujiyama9 개월 전

    B is for Baka bitch, not even a real mechanic or engineer.

  7. Simon Friberg

    Simon Friberg9 개월 전

    No... Just no :(

  8. Topher

    Topher9 개월 전

    You can't, not, clear coat the car.... There is a special matte clear that you need to use to protect the paint. Good luck with the sun and weather in the weeks to come...

  9. 1armedguy

    1armedguy9 개월 전

    It's a terribly f**ked-up paint job that is for sure, why get lazy at the end of a build, and don't tell us you had deadlines !

  10. DSG

    DSG9 개월 전

    Thanks! Watching your video gave me OCD< and I never even had it before.

  11. wayne allen

    wayne allen9 개월 전

    Half Assed

  12. EmpireAppDesignz

    EmpireAppDesignz10 개월 전

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  13. Sammy

    Sammy10 개월 전

    Coats????? What is it like 65F in Florida?? Was -27 in Chicago last week, lol

  14. Sharif Sircar

    Sharif Sircar10 개월 전

    I got it spot on 5AM lol

  15. Holden Krom

    Holden Krom10 개월 전

    Holy shit you had me until ypu painted it. You literally have no idea how automotive paint works. Complete garbage job.

  16. Ryan Lafferty

    Ryan Lafferty10 개월 전

    How do you not put a thrice salvaged car on a frame machine?

  17. watertaco

    watertaco10 개월 전

    For some reason these vids make me feel like Tavarish powers are being abused, still enjoying the build though!

  18. Robert Jagacki

    Robert Jagacki10 개월 전

    you used 600 grit on the body it looked a lot finer just verifying

  19. Jono Willetts

    Jono Willetts10 개월 전

    He could have saved more time and money with 2 tins of gloss and a paint brush!!!

  20. Billy

    Billy10 개월 전

    1:58 Teach him how to take it off the jack stands ?

  21. Richard Hayduk

    Richard Hayduk10 개월 전

    What a hack, why bother with this nonsense.

  22. RustedZeus

    RustedZeus10 개월 전

    tell tavarish he needs a new phone lol

  23. ralphinator2

    ralphinator210 개월 전

    This is a shit paint job. Especially when changing colors, you need to take lights and stuff OFF, not tape it. And you are putting tape over fresh paint?! Yikes.

  24. Riggin Thorniley

    Riggin Thorniley10 개월 전

    Just got this new side skirt on... sooooo were gonna slam it and try to rip it off

  25. Tyler

    Tyler10 개월 전

    When is that dude gonna upload the work he did?

  26. Richard R

    Richard R10 개월 전

    looks like primer. :-\ cool looking car otherwise.

  27. Jimbo Dee

    Jimbo Dee10 개월 전

    I assume this is the 3rd video on the z4 but your KOgos titles don't help me know.

  28. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall10 개월 전

    Tavarish's phone call was from his wife... His kitchen pass expired!

  29. Soravia

    Soravia10 개월 전

    All that work and parts, and the crappy rushed paint job. Paint is one thing you take your sweet time on. You can use the best paint and waste it all by rushing it.

  30. Stanley Kiguru

    Stanley Kiguru10 개월 전

    B is for Bullshit paint jobs

  31. Julien Bouillot

    Julien Bouillot10 개월 전

    not cool. this is botched job. Poorly executed let alone unfinished. Disappointing.

  32. Rich

    Rich10 개월 전

    He ruins every car he touches. No one is rushing him, he doesn’t have a job so there’s no need to rush. I’m the idiot though since I watch these videos while this guy makes money.

  33. honorkemp

    honorkemp10 개월 전

    how do we know if suspension front damage has not allowed car to run straight ie chassis mount point distorted the red looked great why not keep same colour ,yes silver great but stone chips will probably show red paint plus engine bay ect red, i am no expert just observing ,

  34. midnightcjb24

    midnightcjb2410 개월 전

    the coments on this is sad ...... keep doing you man, your true suport wil stay :)

  35. Francesco

    Francesco10 개월 전

    I was really digging that red though

  36. Lyfan Deth

    Lyfan Deth10 개월 전

    Fuel door, door handles, weatherstrips, all not removed. So like the door sills & jams & many small things, they will make this into a quickie Maaco paint job? And a Z4 has such a poor high center of gravity that you needed to slam it? Ghetto, guys. Ghetto. Raise your game, huh?

  37. Peter Jarnes

    Peter Jarnes10 개월 전

    I see a great team coming together here give me the blue pill I want all in!

  38. John Williamson

    John Williamson10 개월 전

    In this instance B is for Butchered. Why even bother masking man. You're better than this man

  39. MGFirewater

    MGFirewater10 개월 전

    That's why the most of us cars which will import to Germany get a new paint in Germany! Why you make such a shit?

  40. Jamison Timberfalling

    Jamison Timberfalling10 개월 전

    Good idea with the paint tent.