Acura Type S Concept - First Look

If "Precision Crafted Performance" is part of your mission statement, you'd better have something in the line up to back that up. Welcome back the Type S from Acura. Just a concept now, Acura promises that performance products, starting with the second-get TLX, are coming. Based on how this thing looks, we can't wait.
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  1. Mel Low

    Mel Low12 일 전

    If it looks close to this with at least 300hp turbo, awd and dual clutch, im getting rid of my infiniti

  2. Luis Paniagua

    Luis Paniagua23 일 전

    Hoping Acura does not change the lock or this will be one more concept cat that look awesome and the actual released model is nothing like this beauty

  3. Gustavo Jaime

    Gustavo Jaime23 일 전

    Camaro 4 door ?😂😂😂

  4. Mitchell Dobbs

    Mitchell Dobbs29 일 전

    Type s Type of shit

  5. Shane Irwin

    Shane Irwin개월 전

    Make the front a couple inches shorter, it won't have a v8 so no need for such a long front end. Make sure the turbo v6 they put in pumps out 365 hp or better and we'll have a stinger killer. Oh don't forget the door handles and give us an awd option.

  6. Noel Sanchez

    Noel Sanchez개월 전

    Where’s the guy at? He does better reviews lol

  7. kingdele01

    kingdele01개월 전

    Why does she sounds like she's flirting with the car?

  8. franki3Ru550

    franki3Ru5502 개월 전

    That car is ugly I hope they don’t make it to production.. what happen to regular yellow bulbs on the headlights.. now they keep putting those stupid led design 🙄🙄🙄

  9. T bo

    T bo2 개월 전

    I love her

  10. GK108

    GK1082 개월 전

    Did anyone cringe when she said "elegant AF"?

  11. Miguel E

    Miguel E2 개월 전

    Lyn, tell then please to drop a Manual Transmission, Vtec and dryer sheets dipped in Peppermint Oil to protect the harnesses from rodents!

  12. Caleb

    Caleb2 개월 전

    Fucking hell, are you trying to preview the car or seduce it? Lmao

  13. Jimmy L

    Jimmy L2 개월 전

    Bring back the integra type s please!

  14. David Zheng

    David Zheng2 개월 전

    So another Euro Accord

  15. Abc Xyz

    Abc Xyz2 개월 전

    Hope they make a two door coupe. If it's going for a sports car, than it must be two door.

  16. Raythemanroe

    Raythemanroe2 개월 전

    Honda make a V8 already



    Speaking of great curves.......

  18. Alejandro Valle

    Alejandro Valle2 개월 전

    🤔 Looks a bit like the Kia Stinger GT

  19. HansDelbruck53

    HansDelbruck532 개월 전

    She misspoke at 1:34. It's Daytime Running Lights, not Running Daytime Lights, as she said. Don't worry, viewers. The production version will look nothing like this extremely sexy concept.

  20. Dhruv Kota

    Dhruv Kota2 개월 전

    I love my 08 TL Type-S. Can't wait to add this alongside it!

  21. Balla Thug

    Balla Thug2 개월 전

    Acura is always late to the party, then comes up short. This is why honda accords have better resale value than tlx's

  22. Afghan Lion

    Afghan Lion2 개월 전

    Just make it RWD and i'll be sold lol

  23. Phil Harris

    Phil Harris2 개월 전

    If they build this, and it looks like that... I'll have one in my driveway. Please Acura, build this. It's gorgeous!!

  24. 73stvray

    73stvray2 개월 전

    They need to build this exactly the same! This concept needs to become reality w/ out changing the look at all. It sucks how most of the time the production version ends up lacking what the concept looked like. This is awesome looking. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  25. Eye Project

    Eye Project2 개월 전

    Looks like a mixed lexus gorgeous face with acura futuristic taillights integra...

  26. Merry Weathers

    Merry Weathers2 개월 전

    To much front end, looks Camaro-ish. Work on that please. That grill is still not right, mesh, that's for Toyota and Lexus. I'll wait it out if that's all that's happening.

  27. Carlos C

    Carlos C2 개월 전

    I'm ready to sign on the dotted line✒‼😎

  28. Bik Boi

    Bik Boi2 개월 전

    This Acura Type S is so NICE !!!!!!...if this thing pushes more than 400hp I'm getting one for sure. This Acura should at least be able to compete with the Q50/Q60 Redsport.

  29. &Fierce& *

    &Fierce& *2 개월 전

    OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! HELL YEA lol. I'll keep my 08 TL-S and add this one to the crew! How could you not get excited!. I understand why she's so excited lol that's how I was when I first drove my TL S!!!! I'm for sure going to be getting so speeding tickets with this loooooool :) I hope it's not all talk though let's talk about Power!!!!!!

  30. Omar Majano

    Omar Majano2 개월 전

    Does anyone knows how much this will cost ?

  31. Dhruv Kota

    Dhruv Kota2 개월 전

    Guess I'm gonna get this to be alongside my 08 TL Type-S!

  32. A.J. Sosa

    A.J. Sosa2 개월 전

    “Mom, stop saying AF; you’re old”!

  33. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader3 개월 전

    She didn’t sell me on the car the car sold it self to me

  34. caz bantu

    caz bantu3 개월 전

    Acura finally has a car with the looks to compete with other luxury vehicle. Last vehicle only the front looked good the side and back where plain boring.

  35. Von

    Von3 개월 전

    is there any new update regarding this car? like the very latest news or the possible price and date release? im interested.

  36. tim m

    tim m3 개월 전

    She seems like she should be at church praising the lord af


    PETRAKOV13 개월 전


  38. Lunch Please

    Lunch Please3 개월 전

    HP and torque in the high 300’s and you got my money

  39. Sur Dee

    Sur Dee3 개월 전

    Hope more HP then Lexus gsf if not don't make it!😉

  40. Leslie

    Leslie3 개월 전

    It looks like a mixture of a Camaro and a Lexus. Nice.

  41. Sam K

    Sam K3 개월 전

    beautiful I will definitely buy

  42. Steff

    Steff3 개월 전

  43. Civic Hatchback Fan

    Civic Hatchback Fan3 개월 전

    I want one!

  44. f581474x

    f581474x3 개월 전

    Acura camaro

  45. degoek

    degoek4 개월 전

    Wont look nothing like this most likely....



    ماااااااااااااااااااا اروووعك..😍🤩

  47. Geo H

    Geo H4 개월 전

    Just make this in production and you will see huge increases in sales

  48. Tristan Diaz

    Tristan Diaz4 개월 전

    Acura needed this years ago around when they dropped the TL for the TLX. It's too late in the game for this platform for them especially going after the M Series, Lexus SC, even the genesis coupe blew this concept. People like myself who had a 04' TL and 02' RSX Type S gave up on Acura cause they didn't want the "younger crowd" they wanted to be more of a "luxury brand" lol they introduce the ZDX to compete with BMW X6

  49. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis4 개월 전

    I can hardly with for the real thing.


    TINO__THE__KING4 개월 전

    Please make it a V8

  51. Richard Xiong

    Richard Xiong4 개월 전

    Still waiting for the Integra concept comeback!

  52. Sean L

    Sean L4 개월 전

    You are hot af girl.

  53. frisco

    frisco4 개월 전

    The front design is too busy in my opinion. Superfluous. Acura might take some pointers from German designers.

  54. Thomas Kinkade

    Thomas Kinkade4 개월 전

    Elegant AF. That would be a good name for a Lexus sports sedan variant of the new Supra.

  55. John Carson

    John Carson4 개월 전

    How much will it be?

  56. Hassan Abdullah

    Hassan Abdullah4 개월 전

    It was all good until “ elegant af”

  57. Blue Xiong

    Blue Xiong4 개월 전

    Make it a v6 turbo charge awd or rear wheel drive and I'll be the first person to order one

  58. joseph Marra

    joseph Marra4 개월 전

    1:46 she strikes a muscular and classy profile too

  59. GTarHeros

    GTarHeros4 개월 전

    It better not come with the 2.0 T and Zed-F transmission...I'll wait for the power train story before I get too excited ...but no doubt it looks better standing still than anything from Acura in 20 years. Confused by "...Acura promises...first application will be seen on the 2nd generation TLX..."

  60. EvilqueenTracy

    EvilqueenTracy4 개월 전

    I still have people asking if I'd sell them my 05 RSX-S (and a few guys surprised a girl let alone one my age drives a manual lol) please please please let this be something akin to that and not another grandma-mobile wanna be boring 4 door under powered sedan by the time it comes out.