3D Printing Our First Car Parts!

In today's episode we are 3d printing a custom designed vent for the wide body Huracan.
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  1. Napolitanke Kras

    Napolitanke Kras20 시간 전

    3d plastic printer, my motivation: 1. Design and sell parts 2. Design whatever I need and keep it 3. experience Purchased 3d plastic printer 1. Whatever keep on dreaming 2. Don't need much 3. Yup that's all, I am down $500 Going back to my cnc f 3d printer, need metal printer to make some real money. There is like thousands of guys doing reviews on these printers o look at this o look at that, I made this I made that and In our design community we call them TI'S Tech Influencers and they are most hated group. These guys learn on the go with no previous experience and they tend to drag in young crowd who after while realize that this is all bogus then they become influencers. And so on and on and on...

  2. craig rethorn

    craig rethorn4 일 전

    You need to change your supports as some are easier to remove and look at how much support that you use

  3. Jackson Reel

    Jackson Reel4 일 전

    Fusion 360 and cura?

  4. B C

    B C4 일 전

    Man I would love to 3D print my door panels. I have a 1999 Trans am WS6. Trans Ams a known for getting a crack on top of panel near window. Would love to replace.

  5. Юрий Барвинок

    Юрий Барвинок8 일 전

    Немец твою мать

  6. Suman Neupane

    Suman Neupane21 일 전

    F kyle

  7. The working Dude

    The working Dude22 일 전

    With all the amazing tech available, why can't a printer recognize when a print fails and stop? Surely it's possible?

  8. GamesInspector

    GamesInspector23 일 전

    You should of made a model of the Lamborghini

  9. Dang that’s Evil

    Dang that’s Evil24 일 전

    Any idea when you will be posting vids of the F80 being printed/built? looking forward to seeing how it comes along.

  10. 3D Models & Toys

    3D Models & Toys26 일 전

    It would be cool a 3D Printed custom small RC car, i might do one further on.

  11. Kuya Woody

    Kuya Woody26 일 전

    are u using carbon fiber?

  12. JAY DRAW!

    JAY DRAW!28 일 전

    You have more sub then you should

  13. Venom

    Venom29 일 전

    Did anyone hear the train?

  14. Edward Traxler

    Edward Traxler29 일 전

    why is the fill showing in the print? shouldn't do that.

  15. Janek Winkelmann

    Janek Winkelmann개월 전

    F to kyle

  16. daniel feil

    daniel feil개월 전

    in the slicing software, use the setting tree support. it's much easier to remove

  17. Holieocorneious Gerhart

    Holieocorneious Gerhart개월 전

    B is for blood. Hope his hand heals fast

  18. chinolock D

    chinolock D개월 전


  19. Brian Dunn

    Brian Dunn개월 전

    PETG would be perfect for in the car, but I don't think your nozzle can go that high a temp...

  20. Andrew Chinnick

    Andrew Chinnick개월 전

    That was a fun one to watch

  21. xTheLoyalDutchx

    xTheLoyalDutchx개월 전

    If you have never done this before, how hard is it? And how costly is it?

  22. Pak Neger

    Pak Neger개월 전

    Glue them together and then cover them in thick lauer of stucco

  23. jithin raj

    jithin raj개월 전

    Buy a 3d printer Print another 3d printer with that printer And give it back

  24. GuitarManiac197

    GuitarManiac197개월 전


  25. Soo natubie

    Soo natubie개월 전

    Is there anyway to put a release between the piece and the support so they split apart like a part from mold can you was the part before t he support is made or vice versa

  26. James Latimer

    James Latimer개월 전

    Total rubbish as you can SEE

  27. A Serious Musician

    A Serious Musician개월 전

    Next time just rotate the part 90 degrees and print it vertically so you don't waste a ton of plastic on supports, no gouged hand, 1000x less sanding required, and your vent won't look more terraced than a Japanese rice field

  28. Tom's Reef

    Tom's Reef개월 전


  29. Max Rudy

    Max Rudy개월 전

    F for Kyle

  30. Stephen-TheLightSpeed! !!

    Stephen-TheLightSpeed! !!개월 전

    Design Prototype Test is by far one of my favorite printing channels! Tells things how they are from his perspective. Long videos that you never skip through

  31. Andrew Beaver

    Andrew Beaver개월 전

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it. Check out Tree Supports in Cura's experimental setting. I've found that it generally is pretty good at reducing print time, while printing with supports.

  32. Andrew Beaver

    Andrew Beaver개월 전

    Also in regards to the tree support. It makes the support removal process quicker/easier, and more importantly cleaner.

  33. Dr Edward Druschitz

    Dr Edward Druschitz개월 전

    for car parts you should really try to use nylon or ABS not PLA. Even the high temp PLA will get soft and warp in a hot car.... Also a coating of purple glue stick on the base helps with adhesion. Also, it looks like your software needs to make the outer layer that is solid thicker so you don't see the infill. try 1 mm

  34. Kerry Lane

    Kerry Lane개월 전

    I'm trying to print a vehicle, I'm using Makerbot Replicator + 3D printer and Slicer Fusion 360 but it's not sending the file to my printer

  35. aytunch

    aytunch개월 전

    You printer is huge. so you can print the separated parts vertically. so that the straight separation line touches the build plate. This way you can have less support and less sanding.

  36. Beloved Lover

    Beloved Lover개월 전

    Remember to have good ventilation in the room where you're 3D printing.

  37. Chris Mayhew

    Chris Mayhew개월 전

    It would be easier to print them upright, no need for supports then.

  38. Santa Dragon

    Santa Dragon개월 전

    Lucky dude ... living in the US everything that way is possible ... making his own car parts without any certificates. That would never work in Germany. Everything what goes in to the enviroment has to be proven. We cant work just like that.

  39. WildRoseBuilds

    WildRoseBuilds개월 전

    Awesome stuff! subbed!

  40. Mark G

    Mark G개월 전

    Good one. 3D Printing is a game changer.

  41. Russell Cozens

    Russell Cozens개월 전

    Is it just me or did Chris look down a lot whilst saying how great the printer was? (That typically means something!)