2020 Acura TLX - A great value among luxury sedans

The 2020 Acura TLX’s goldilocks size makes it a great value among luxury sedans.
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Chris Wardlaw’s special PMC edition TLX combines Acura’s A-Spec and Advance Package with vibrant Valencia Red Pearl paint, black wheels, and black accents. It’s a stunning look, and will unfortunately be available to only 360 lucky shoppers.
The rest of Acura’s TLX customers will have to make do with “normal” sedans. Available with assorted combinations of the Technology, A-Spec, and Advance Package, even these mass-produced luxury sedans impress with their performance and cost-effectiveness.
The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine under the hood of many TLXs will be good enough, sporting 206 horsepower and working with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The TLX also gets an optional V6 engine with 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque.
Inside, the TLX features comfortable and supportive seats, but the infotainment system leaves much to be desired. Working across two screens-one touch, one not-the TLX’s displays look outdated and the controls feel inconsistent. That said, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will work in the TLX.
Pricing starts at $33,000 for a base-spec TLX, plus $995 for the destination fee. PMC Edition cars are shipped in single-vehicle closed transports, bumping the destination fees on those cars up to $1,995.
For more information on the 2020 Acura TLX, read Chris’ review on CarGurus: cargur.us/wSmdZ
Presenter: Chris Wardlaw
Cinematographer: Dan Sharp
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  1. Haoi He

    Haoi He6 일 전

    Acura should of at least slap a current gen rdx infotainment system into the tlx to attract more buyers

  2. Jeremy Moore

    Jeremy Moore7 일 전

    All Acura’s age well.

  3. Scott Scott

    Scott Scott12 일 전

    I drove the Acura TLX for a weekend. The problem is there is no TUNING KNOB on the radio, no TOUCHSCREEN on the NAVIGATION and no TRADITIONAL GEAR SELECTOR (push buttons only). I was glad to get my 2005 Acura TL back.

  4. Franco Loconte

    Franco Loconte16 일 전

    No spare tire,lol

  5. DJ

    DJ17 일 전

    Ppl just love to complain about graphics and what not. It is not like you buy a gaming pc on wheels. Second they have android and Apple CarPlay just use that as your navigation.

  6. Evan Sales

    Evan Sales23 일 전

    Type S or GTFO.

  7. Ben V

    Ben V개월 전

    That’s one sorry ass interior.

  8. 1matttyler

    1matttyler개월 전

    Anyone find it ironic the guy is talking about how the infotainment system isn’t up to date because of how difficult it is to use the FM radio???

  9. Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken개월 전

    Back in 2017 I was really interested in getting this car, but when you compared it feature to feature to the 2017 Honda Accord V6 Touring, the Accord beat it out in my opinion. The TLX cost an additional $14,000+ dollars for only a few feature that did not come in the Accord Touring. They use the exact same motor which is the 3.5L V6 i-vtec, but the TLX version is direct injection and requires premium fuel. Worst yet is even with the premium fuel and direct injection it only got 12 more hp which is not worth it. 300+ HP total sure. Not 12 hp more than the standard V6. Almost two years later I have absolutely loved my Accord Touring and I am so grateful I bought it and saved $14,000. I cannot recommend the TLX.

  10. saffant

    saffant23 일 전

    For that price difference, you're right, but in terms of comfort the Acura is miles ahead of the Accord. The Additional HP and torque also help and the seats are far better.

  11. Julio Sanchez

    Julio Sanchez개월 전

    If I’m paying 40+k I want a way way way better interior.... come on Acura step up the game

  12. flacko001

    flacko001개월 전


  13. Ian Alexander

    Ian Alexander2 개월 전

    That grill looks hideous

  14. TridentX23

    TridentX232 개월 전

    I rather spend my $50k for a KIA Stinger GT2

  15. Will R

    Will R2 개월 전

    how does the Honda accord have a nicer interior? You’d think it’d be the other way around... Acura need to catch up

  16. Khalil Cora

    Khalil Cora2 개월 전

    I bought it as a second car so I have no issues with the interior, yeah the redesign interior on RDX is standard for the next gen but that means more then 5Ok so I love this exclusive model. More tech means more possibilities of breaking down in my opinion

  17. Arthur E. Michalak

    Arthur E. Michalak2 개월 전

    Seemed antiquated next to the Genesis G70.

  18. optimus prime

    optimus prime2 개월 전

    When I knew it was 40k I was like no, it should be 33k to me.

  19. Honda Jon

    Honda Jon2 개월 전

    Protect your Acura kogos.info/bidio/bKdojZeZrX2Yq4Q.html

  20. brandon chiu

    brandon chiu2 개월 전

    $51K...u r kidding me...dated interior, ugly front fascia, the back looks ok, dated engine with no torque, problematic 9-speed tranny...the whole car should be designed by a Japanese design team. The Honda Accord has a better interior than the TLX, OMG...hand built with all out dated technologies...wake up Honda. I can buy a used Lexus ISF with a V8 and 8 speed automatic for way less

  21. Mo ASeven

    Mo ASeven2 개월 전

    Love the design... but that interior just ruins it for me.....

  22. yi su

    yi su2 개월 전

    and the central infotainment is still same as 2016

  23. FSAPO

    FSAPO2 개월 전

    Calling this pile a "luxury car" after looking at that interior is a complete joke. Just like the rest of Acura's near-luxury cookie cutter line-up. You can spend upwards of $50k to load this thing up, or get a Stinger GT with a much nicer interior, more modern tech and FAR more performance. I know which one I'd choose.

  24. Dmajor Le

    Dmajor Le2 개월 전

    lmao ok. My family has a 2016 Acura tlx and a 2018 Lexus GS350 and the Acura is smoothier, quieter, has better steering wheel handling, more comfortable seat, less noise cabin, etc everything is so good that we forget about the dated interior design.

  25. tee2701

    tee27012 개월 전

    They should add more horsepower to this car at least 320hp or 365hp like the g70 or Kia stinger

  26. asdfkqq

    asdfkqq2 개월 전

    I drive a 09 TSX and the interior looks the same, it is dated as hell, wouldn't buy it.

  27. Mr. C.G.O

    Mr. C.G.O2 개월 전

    I’ll take this car over that awful Lexus IS especially considering IS horrendous infortainment system. Forget the fact that this car has 290hp because it’s very fast. Yes the TLX infortainment layout is Old Testament but at least I get apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. Oh and better AWD system. I can go on all day

  28. xskugga

    xskugga2 개월 전

    3:40 I want to point out the Google Maps app when connecting by USB is much better, and it works very well. I had access to features that I wished I had in my 2013 Sentra. Don't bother with integrated nav, nothing compares to big tech nav.

  29. Brian Abongan

    Brian Abongan3 개월 전

    I call this PMS edition.

  30. S K

    S K3 개월 전

    ILX and TLX look good from the outside but interiors are painful.

  31. fw3nyc

    fw3nyc3 개월 전

    Yeah ok. 50k for some extra trim? No thanks. I'll wait for the type s to come out

  32. לאון אשורוב

    לאון אשורוב3 개월 전

    Sexy exterior but not worth it the interior is reficuls

  33. Denis Reyes

    Denis Reyes3 개월 전

    Acuras look like any other car. They don't look like luxury cars. I'll rather get a full equipped Avalon.

  34. El Nieto PR

    El Nieto PR3 개월 전

    I think the exterior design is one of the best looking in the market, but that infotainment system is, well, not good. Type S needs to hurry!

  35. Agent Assfart

    Agent Assfart3 개월 전

    Apple carplay is available, who would care about the navigation that the carmaker has???

  36. 93remix

    93remix3 개월 전

    This is an OVERPRICED HONDA ACCORD!(even w/ a V6) @ $38K my 2012 INFINITI G37S SEDAN (6SPD) IS BIGGER BETTER STRONGER & FASTER. ACURA or HONDA should make their luxury cars eclipse the lower model brand

  37. Miko_Pure

    Miko_Pure2 개월 전

    93remix my 2017 Chrysler 300 s // 300 horses , 264 lb ZF 8 speed transmission one of the best transmissions available will beat your 12’ genesis that’s of course stock vs stock .

  38. Emon Khan

    Emon Khan3 개월 전

    I wanted this car so bad, my dealership has one in stock...but man that infotainment is so bad!

  39. Dexter King

    Dexter King2 개월 전

    You can get used to using it but the quality, resolution and features of the infotainment are severely dated. Luckily newer models have Apple CarPlay.

  40. Khalil Cora

    Khalil Cora2 개월 전

    I got use to it even though I always hated that dual screen setup from Honda to Infinity. But this being a limited production vehicle I smile every time I take the cover off because of that paint job

  41. Andy Jacobs

    Andy Jacobs2 개월 전

    I have a '16 TLX Advance. The infotainment system gets a bad rap in my opinion. Could it be better? Absolutely but it's far from being awful. A couple of days getting used to it and it's second nature. I have no problems with it whatsoever.

  42. Mark Limjoco

    Mark Limjoco3 개월 전

    Thumbs down for this 50k Acura TLX but maybe a thumbs up at 30k just saying Acura

  43. Talons X

    Talons X3 개월 전

    So does Acura have no hybrids? I would love this with a mated electric engine. But bad infotainment

  44. orange vs apple

    orange vs apple3 개월 전

    I think the mdx and rlx both have hybrid versions available

  45. aboriginal lone wolf

    aboriginal lone wolf3 개월 전

    Il keep my 2014 TL sh awd. Hopefully the type s will be better

  46. M D

    M D3 개월 전

    Please Acura get rid of that awful dual screen layout

  47. Aaronix4

    Aaronix43 개월 전

    Love your reveiws! Sounds like a nice uncle explaining

  48. Faisal Albugami

    Faisal Albugami3 개월 전

    Price as seen 25k

  49. saucysoviet

    saucysoviet3 개월 전

    50 grand????? you could get a nice audi for that price... no thanks.

  50. SageoftheSixPaths

    SageoftheSixPaths3 개월 전

    @Ron Cadorette that might be partially true. But when the car has no issues it drives 10x better than any Honda. I've owned an Audi S4, and 5 different Honda cars. The way the Audi drives, it's more than worth giving up a little reliability. It's about what's more important to you. Saving every dollar, or enjoying every dollar. No right answer.

  51. Ron Cadorette

    Ron Cadorette3 개월 전

    I suggest you should buy the Audi, and good luck with vehicle reliability and your exorbitant repair bills. As PT Barnum used to say, there's a sucker born every minute!

  52. Wil Woo

    Wil Woo3 개월 전

    That front is ugly as fudge

  53. GTS300

    GTS3003 개월 전

    Overpriced sedan when you can get the Kia Stinger GT2 for the same price as the A spec

  54. John Boy

    John Boy3 개월 전

    GTS300 A Kia?!?!?!?😂 😂 😂 😂

  55. Á Coruña

    Á Coruña3 개월 전

    This is a nice Honda Accord, is this the Japan market Accord?

  56. dimension7623

    dimension76233 개월 전

    Exterior is amazing, but that dual screen infotainment system is absolute garbage! They should be ashamed.

  57. Crx018

    Crx0183 개월 전

    Still think the third gen was the best TL

  58. Ilir Cami

    Ilir Cami3 개월 전

    Same...but this one was pretty good in the A spec trim and I'm sure the Type S will be solid...m

  59. Dueng Design

    Dueng Design3 개월 전

    the rear design looks outstanding. Very elegant.

  60. Error Error

    Error Error3 개월 전

    Might as well get a Honda Accord for cheaper the price and similar horsepower depending on the trim

  61. mitch20003

    mitch200033 개월 전

    but acrua is built with better materials. Drive both and you will see the difference. TLX is very quiet inside.

  62. Manuel Rodrigo Ramirez Melendez

    Manuel Rodrigo Ramirez Melendez3 개월 전

    Que horrible frontal

  63. Jeff Rourke

    Jeff Rourke3 개월 전

    “Acura will only build 300 of these.” thanks for the helpful review!

  64. Cruz Soto

    Cruz Soto3 개월 전

    this is NOT a 2020 TLX

  65. J & J

    J & J3 개월 전

    I love Acura but it’s time for a major redesign of the interior. And... maybe the exterior too!

  66. jacob lifore

    jacob lifore3 개월 전

    This car is way underpowered and way far behind in performance level, for 50 grand i will take Q50 Red Sport 400 that has tons of power, i have no idea what Acura was thinking when making this car, its a luxury family sedan only, not a sport sedan, it lacks in power a lot, cosmetic changes doesn't make car a performance one, shame on Acura!

  67. Mike Lesesne

    Mike Lesesne3 개월 전

    My issue with Acura is that they've always lacked a true competitor to the BMW 7series and Mercedes S class. It's always been one notch below. The TLX competes with the 3 series. The RLX should compete with the 5 series. Then, there's nothing above that. Acura has been stubborn from day 1 and I feel like it's cost them sales and brand cache.


    NOFATCHICK13 개월 전

    The Acura RLX is a full size luxury car that competes with the audi a7, bmw 6 series, genesis g90 & so on... the S class & bmw 7 series are on their own league.

  69. Hugh

    Hugh3 개월 전

    I had an Acura Legend Coupe back in the 90’s. That’s the last time/only time Acura had good looking cars. They’ve stunk it up for the past 20 yrs!!

  70. Quý Trung

    Quý Trung3 개월 전

    Nice ride👍

  71. AR S

    AR S3 개월 전

    I hope Acura (Honda) will put a “longitudinal “ engine instead of a transverse one - you found in their Honda counterparts.. Liked what Cadillac (GM) did on their new sedans and SUVs 😑🤦‍♂️

  72. Audilife

    Audilife3 개월 전

    I wish their leather was better. That’s it’s only flaw imo. Acura leather is the worst I’ve seen.

  73. NonchalantJo

    NonchalantJo3 개월 전

    Pay $50k for a 2020 TLX that has the same dual screen infotainment setup as a 2017 Honda Accord??? I think not. #WaitForTheTypeS

  74. 김동준

    김동준8 일 전

    Get 2018 tlx for 25k

  75. jaykrausbcful

    jaykrausbcful개월 전

    Not the same as the Accord..

  76. Ian Andrews

    Ian Andrews2 개월 전

    Frank Furt The new TLX will be out in the spring of 2020 and the Type S 2021.

  77. Bill Corben

    Bill Corben3 개월 전

    Will they ever release a type S though

  78. I.E. Guitar Reviews

    I.E. Guitar Reviews3 개월 전

    Well let me tell you it handles way better then a regular Honda Accord to me. The handling does not compare.