2019 Acura NSX - Review & Road Test

A revolution back in the late 1980s, the first generation NSX made its debut at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, and Acura successfully put the sports car world on notice. Decades later, the luxury arm of Honda hopes they can rekindle the magic of that first daily driving dynamo with the second generation hybrid. Micah Muzio, you're up!
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  1. Kelley Blue Book

    Kelley Blue Book5 개월 전

    Before you ask, yes we shot and edited this before the 2020 Corvette was revealed. The C8 Corvette definitely changes the game where mid-engine performance cars are concerned.

  2. Mike Rotchburns

    Mike Rotchburns13 일 전

    yeah now you gotta factor in the great reliability that GM is known for...hahahahaha

  3. pontiacGXPfan

    pontiacGXPfan3 개월 전

    The C7 was a real sports car

  4. gabrielwhite

    gabrielwhite3 개월 전

    @MrJonnydanger absolutely! Looks so cheap!

  5. Mark Enriquez

    Mark Enriquez5 개월 전

    The body style of this NSX is a total failure.

  6. Bella  Pesina

    Bella Pesina5 개월 전

    you wish

  7. james patterson

    james patterson8 시간 전

    the nsx is hand built and limited production, the corvette is assembly line built and they will be every where.

  8. Zarina Shaikh

    Zarina Shaikh3 일 전

    Which is most AGGRESSIVE Design? Lamborghini Aventador OR Honda-Acura NSX? Please give opinion.

  9. Michael Johnston

    Michael Johnston5 일 전

    Shit looking car that looks like a new accord. What a shame! Looks like it was designed by a woman with no taste.

  10. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith8 일 전

    You can keep it.

  11. wiz kid

    wiz kid11 일 전

    Mynhonda civic 2006 has that same finger and thumb hold on the wheel, lol!

  12. matrox

    matrox13 일 전

    This is a true POS next to the new Corvette. Sounds like my Hoover vacuum cleaner.

  13. Oscar Brooks

    Oscar Brooks15 일 전

    Na bro that is a Dinka Jester.

  14. MrJekyllHyde

    MrJekyllHyde16 일 전

    When Micah said "I'll be the judge of what's Super Handling" @1:03, I knew exactly what the next "line" was ("that's pretty super"), haha; not that Micah's predictability is a bad thing.


    HELL SHIT17 일 전

    V6 why not V8 engine like c8 corvette

  16. A- 113

    A- 11320 일 전

    You know what i want. Full carbon fiber acura nsx with a w16 and 2 teala electric motor engine. With super handling.

  17. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool22 일 전

    The build quality of this car is fantastic. And you will be surprised at the cars you destroy from 60mph rolling dick measuring contests. -✌🏽

  18. shinrips

    shinrips25 일 전

    Is this better than 3 Supras? You could buy 3 Supras plus have money in your pocket for a loaded NSX.

  19. Zeaiclies

    Zeaiclies29 일 전

    I call it "The Affordable Honda Super Car" lol

  20. Jerry Cecco

    Jerry Cecco29 일 전

    WTF, too nice....sorry too expensive for the performance >>>> either make it MUCH FASTER or LOWER the price or C8 will destroy the sad sales www.autoblog.com/2019/05/16/acura-nsx-20000-discount/ #48 @ Laguna Seca fastestlaps.com/tracks/laguna-seca-post-1988

  21. imissmy oldchannel

    imissmy oldchannel개월 전

    Awesome and distinctive review of one of a kind legendary supercar, thank you.

  22. Man In The Arena

    Man In The Arena개월 전

    These manufacters are out of their minds. 170k for this? If you have 170k you are not spending it on this Acura lmao. Should be no more than 80k.

  23. My Name

    My Name개월 전

    Fantastic underrated car.

  24. Ahnaf Dragneel

    Ahnaf Dragneel개월 전

    My man Micah Muzio has an aura which is very similar to Chris Pratt, in my opinion

  25. Ahnaf Dragneel

    Ahnaf Dragneel개월 전


  26. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel개월 전

    The Orange Acura NSX looks great! Also, the NSX is one of the best looking modern supercars imo.

  27. Richard Williams

    Richard Williams개월 전

    Nice car Acura is a bad car

  28. Braden Pompu

    Braden Pompu개월 전

    The $60,000 c8 stingray does 0 - 60 in 2.9 seconds which is almost identical to the Crazy expensive $168,000 NSX.. and when the c8 zo6 or zr1 comes out well under $168,000 with much better times than the NSX, it will make zero sense to buy this car. The c8 pretty well made this car a flop based off price alone. When c8 z06 comes out for around the $100,000 mark, and has better 0-60 and 1/4 mile times than the $168,000 to $196,000 NSX, it litterally makes zero sense to get one. My first thought was this car is ridiculously overpriced. Nice try acura. If I got 200 grand for a car it wont be spent on an acura.

  29. ronald josafat

    ronald josafat개월 전

    160k Too much.. Id rather have the new corvette MidEng for 68k

  30. Saul Espino

    Saul Espino2 개월 전

    129 lbs and it is a 2 ton car?!

  31. Mark S

    Mark S2 개월 전

    3x the price of the new Vette for the same 2.9 0-60 🤔

  32. Skyllr Takeri

    Skyllr Takeri2 개월 전

    Honda should follow suit with the C8: build a V6 gas engine with a manual transmission for $60k :)

  33. Nick Raphael

    Nick Raphael2 개월 전

    $159-196,000 lol and the C8 will still keep up with it for a mere $65k.....Bwahahaha!

  34. Nick Raphael

    Nick Raphael2 개월 전

    And every time you get passed by a C8 you’ll be green with envy!

  35. fiiy ferio

    fiiy ferio2 개월 전

    also 581HP too....and the top speed can be more than 191mph💪😎

  36. Hi! How are You?

    Hi! How are You?2 개월 전

    Fck this, if I had the money I’d buy Lexus lc 500 in a heartbeat.

  37. Awesome Vids

    Awesome Vids2 개월 전

    I’m in love 🧡

  38. Awesome Skeleton

    Awesome Skeleton2 개월 전

    Azusa Canyon rd is awesome in California but could be scary at night

  39. Eman Emanrus

    Eman Emanrus2 개월 전

    it's quite similar to audi R8: maybe they share some body elements or panels?

  40. Kokot Picus

    Kokot Picus2 개월 전

    It isn't similar to Audi R8.

  41. Reverend Liberal Avenger

    Reverend Liberal Avenger2 개월 전

    The maneuver the presenter used DOES NOT prove super handling, it resulted in an immediate loss of credibility.

  42. ARAM RasMikael

    ARAM RasMikael2 개월 전

    Lebih ideal daripada audi r8..kemas dan cantik

  43. GaLoS

    GaLoS2 개월 전

    I'm a big honda fanboy, this car has me wet.

  44. Daniel W

    Daniel W2 개월 전

    Micah should have reviewed the 2020 corvette :(

  45. clobbyhops

    clobbyhops3 개월 전

    I’ll get the new stingray or Porsche Carrera for the price of the NSX

  46. Fire Heart

    Fire Heart11 시간 전

    It's way better than Carrera. And if you actually look at it, a Honda nsx will turn heads like no porshe 911 can.

  47. hochhaul

    hochhaul2 개월 전

    I don't blame you. The current NSX is a failure.

  48. Sucks2beU

    Sucks2beU3 개월 전


  49. Pun Jab I

    Pun Jab I3 개월 전

    Who will pay $200,000 for Acura?

  50. pontiacGXPfan

    pontiacGXPfan3 개월 전

    More interesting to look at than to drive

  51. ronaldo moreira

    ronaldo moreira3 개월 전

    Look good But not worth the price

  52. Mr. Holbrook

    Mr. Holbrook3 개월 전

    Huh -Lane Assist? -------------------> You don't need that bullshit in a car like that -either you know how to drive or you don't -most don't. The NSX is for the RAW DRIVER.

  53. Milkyguey 0001

    Milkyguey 00013 개월 전

    100% better a Tesla than this crap...

  54. cuteboysss

    cuteboysss3 개월 전

    Yea but how much is an oil change?

  55. DnB4sure

    DnB4sure3 개월 전

    Honda the power of dreams! too bad i could only could afford a Rsx type S...even that puts a smile on my face :) ... I could only imagine This NSX...

  56. Fail Zero

    Fail Zero3 개월 전

    This is such an underrated car.

  57. Bob Farris

    Bob Farris3 개월 전

    the volume knob is a knurled rotary knob under your left thumb on the steering wheel, read the book!

  58. Dino Cruz

    Dino Cruz3 개월 전

    There's NO Blind Spot Monitoring??? Whaaaaat!!!

  59. Joeven Yacub

    Joeven Yacub4 개월 전

    Powerful NSX

  60. Young Simba

    Young Simba4 개월 전

    160k should be the price for a fully loaded one.

  61. Jerry Gidayawan

    Jerry Gidayawan4 개월 전

    Its so sad that in my country some of the roads are broken and rocky The car might broke That why i bought the mustang instead

  62. THTT Productions

    THTT Productions4 개월 전

    The only flaw in my eyes with this car. It doesn't break 200 mph. And that's just a minor gripe. This car is nuts.

  63. DumbledoreMcCracken

    DumbledoreMcCracken4 개월 전

    I'd buy it tomorrow if I could get it new for $60k.

  64. WarriorVinyard

    WarriorVinyard4 개월 전

    lol same here

  65. Ernest Wilcox

    Ernest Wilcox4 개월 전

    The carbon fiber alone cost more than my damn car. Smh! 😩

  66. Melissa Waters

    Melissa Waters4 개월 전

    Seems super steady!!

  67. Marcel Wolf

    Marcel Wolf4 개월 전

    LOVE THIS CAR.........deserve more credits than it normally gets. It looks stunning......

  68. Cole Slaw

    Cole Slaw4 개월 전

    thinking about picking one up next week. we'll see

  69. Rene9ade559

    Rene9ade5594 개월 전